Abortion, what are your thoughts?

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff lately. What do you think of abortion? Do you think there is no right or wrong to it? Do you think its a good cause for younger woman? What about older woman when THEY do it? What are your thoughts?

Answer #1

In my opinion, abortion is fine for several reasons. It’s the woman’s choice, and for everyone who claims abortion is wrong is saying that the rights of A CLUMP OF TISSUE come before the rights of a woman, who is ACTUALLY A FULL HUMAN BEING. How silly, right? The unborn child isn’t a human being at conception, it’s a clump of tissue with the possibility to become a human being. Life is not human life, there’s a whole difference. Now let’s looks at economic issues and social issues. What if someone accidentally got pregnant? Let’s say the parent’s are young AND used protection. Using protection isn’t always full proof. There’s NEVER a guarantee. So you can be mature enough to have sex and still not be ready for a baby. the two don’t go hand in hand. Would you want that baby to have to grow up with parent’s that aren’t ready to raise it? Even with adoption it’s hard to have a baby live in you for nine months only to give it to someone else. Your family could judge you (and yes families do judge, don’t tell me they don’t), they may not want the child with strangers. See there are multiple reasons why a woman would choose abortion over having a baby or adoption. It’s important to look at it from all angles. I know people who were against abortion until they were in the situation. Think twice before you scold people for their mistakes AKA BEING A HUMAN BEING.

Answer #2

I believe in abortion this is because I think it is better not to have a child than to raise one that you don’t want it could ruin their life

Some rape victims go into shock when they are raped and that prevents pregnancy.

My cousin is catholic and was raped by someone at a party she was at but since she is religious she thought it was only right to have the child and I am proud to say that not only is she ok but so are her beautiful children

I don’t think that people should always get abortions though I know this girl that got 9 now at the point someone needs to slap her and say “grow up” if you are ‘mature’ enough to have sex then you should be mature enough to raise a child

I think people should just use protection birth control or condoms are always available I am on birth control and my doctor told me to still use condoms

love ~alwaysmy420

Answer #3

I think for young teenagers it may be their only choice. but when the women gets to like 20 I think it’s completely wrong. If the women has a job and will be able to raise a kid they should. She shouldnt just get an abortion because she wasn’t trying to get pregnant.

Answer #4

well I think that abortion is a stupid decision. what about the women who adore children and try and try with no luck? what about the women who run around with other guys and have unprotected sex? and these women are allowed the right to have that child aborted like nothing ever happened? they have the right to get rid of child and continue screwing around with other people? they have the right to choose whether they dont want it or do want it? I dont think its fair to that child. I am antiabortion.

Answer #5

well I think that abortion is a stupid decision. what about the women who adore children and try and try with no luck? what about the women who run around with other guys and have unprotected sex? and these women are allowed the right to have that child aborted like nothing ever happened? they have the right to get rid of child and continue screwing around with other people? they have the right to choose whether they dont want it or do want it? I dont think its fair to that child. I am antiabortion.

Answer #6

My opinion, it’s up to the women. It’s their body and they do what they got to do. If the woman is 6 months and over it’s like killing a baby and it’s not right. try to tell anyone you know that is thinking about having one, don’t let your parents or a boyfriend decide that decision. Antwan

Answer #7

I’m 50/50 about it . If you r in an unsuitable enviroment and couldnt support having a baby then yes. But ONLY if its really unsuitable! But I think if someone is like”This baby will just take up my life and I will just abort it “ then I DISAGREE STRONGLY. XXXxxxXXXxxx

Answer #8

Ok, I respect our military and im all for them and proud and stuff, but most of them went into the war knowing they would kill children and mothers and all kinds of people. I’ve spoken to some, who’ve just enlisted for the “excitement” so lets not compare whats going on in iraq, to abortions.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Its a womans body and she should be free to make her own personal choice. its not up to us to decide whether is immoral/moral right or wrong.

its just one of those things that unless your some religious junkie, and have nothing better to do then judge and condemn people. you’ve just got to let me.

Answer #11

Well, yeah, there are situations with abortion is right. I think abortion is okay to do at times, like when the child may be abused, beaten, and whatever else there is. It’s better getting an abortion than having that happen, right?

Answer #12

Of coarse they should be able to make their own choices. But, if they do choose abortion, its just one more life being taken away. one more life not being able to be loved\cherished. Because, if they dont want the baby, they can always give it up for adoption. I dont know, this stuff just bugs me.

Answer #13

ok im only 14 but I say its killing a life and there is enough killing in the world its just adding to those 4,000 killed in iraq and all other deaths so im totally against it.

Answer #14

I believe that abortion is murder. It has been proven now in several studies that the group of cells that forms even when you first get pregnant is a living life form. For people who say it is not killing are in denial. They have not done their research. And I’ve heard the rape pregancy excuse a hundred times. I am not degrading this act in anyway, I too have been raped. But I am just saying if you were raped and you got preganant are you going to abort this innocent being? They didn’t rape you, they didn’t cause you pain and are you going to be selfish so as not to let this child live, if not with you but with another family that could love it and give it a good life? Those are my thoughts on the situation.

Answer #15

It’s your choice, I don’t think its stupid to get an abortion its not like you’re murdering someone, your just removinga bunch of cells that look like a bag of marbles from YOUR uterus…also lets face it, there are already more than 7 billion people on earth, why give birth to an unwanted child and give him or her up for adoption, It doesnt make any sence. He or she is going to wonder all his life why his parents didnt want him…so its really a personal choice you can’t juge people for doing whats best for them, like if your really young and you want to have an education, or if you dont want to be a single mother in a world where its already hard enough to survive as a woman…well thats what I think.

Answer #16

it depends on the person…if they are too young or cant have a baby in there life then they have there reasons…they should be judged for it …there is no point bringing a child into the world if it aint wanted …and even if you give your baby away for adoption…sure some 1 gets a baby …but the child may want to find there parents later in life…I was adopted and it aint that easy loving new parents hen you have 2 others out in the world somewhere…im always wondering what if…it there choice

Answer #17

Personally,I don’t agree with abortion,but at the same time,there are a few situations I might consider it,like if the mother was raped,or if both the parent and the child were in danger for the birth.Other wise,I think I’d choose adoption over abortion,then they at least are given a proper life style.I think It is kind of stupid when teens have sex,get pregnant,and then abort their babies.I think they should put them p for adoption instad of killing them completely,its not THEIR fault that their parents were young and stupid.

Answer #18

To me, it is practically murdering someone. your taking a life away.

Answer #19

Abortion takes the life of an unborn baby - Many more variety of answers here:


Answer #20

So am I, I so agree tictac04. Its like murder. It is pratically a living being.

Answer #21

I’m pro-choice.

Here’s my view point: Every woman should know if she were to get pregnant if she would want an abortion or not. Then at the earliest sign of pregnancy they shouldtake action if they plan on abortion. Medical abortions are an induced miscarriage basically. (the abortion pill is NOT the same thing as the morning after pill. Once a fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus the morning after pill will do nothing.)

Abortion shouldn’t be used as a birth control. If a woman plans on not having children and being sexually active then she should be on some type of birth control and should only result to abortion if birth control methods fail.

Abortion late in pregnancy is just irresponsible in my opinion.

The whole abortion debate stands on whether a fetus is murdered by abortion - it’s life taken away. But if “”life”” is the issue then why is it morally ok to squash bugs because they are simply a nuisance, cut down trees for lumber, slaughter cows to eat them, and demolish the bacteria on your chair by sitting on it? They all had life! Then other people will say it’s the possibility of a “”HUMAN life”” that determines abortion being murder. Then male masturbation and female menstruation are also murder because there was a “”potential human life”” there.

Next time you see a group of anti abortion protesters, ask them how many kids they’ve adopted.

I also don’t agree with the whole “punish them for having unprotected sex” argument. Alright, so people make mistakes. That’s why we should all stop arguing about abortion and spread the word about birth control and help our countries get better funded reproductive health programs. If we prevent unwanted pregnancies in the FIRST PLACE then this topic wouldn’t be controversial. (it would very significantly decrease the number of abortions.)

xox Sika

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