Will pregnancy weight gain go away after an abortion?

If you gain weight from being 2 months pregnant…will it go away after an abortion??

Answer #1

yes it should do! its only water as your 5-6weeks im 6 wks and having a abortion! and gained 4pounds and im a healthy eater so no its not from junk! and for those who say give it up - have you tried carrying it for 9 months then giving your child away? NO well shut up! there are options for everyone just because you dont agree with some doesnt mean you can make people feel bad for doing something you couldnt! and yes its not a baby yet so im killing anything!!! I think you are rude and insentive

Answer #2

It’s your body and your right to have an abortion. You must be 5-6 weeks before you can have an abortion. They need to verify there is enough “yoke” to terminate pregnancy.

For those of you, who say “keep the baby”…it’s not a baby its an organism. And to those of that opinion, I hope you do not eat eggs or another meat product…you should practice what you preach about all “Life”

Answer #3

My friend was two months when she did it and she almost die she had to go back to the doctor to get treatment for her blooding because she was going to blooding to death, so I don’t think it is safe, it is safe when you days and you take the morning after pill.

Answer #4

you will lose weight with or with doing abortion but the thing about abortion it can kill you. If you decide to have the baby all you have to do is execise and the weight will go away. It take a while but it will come off.

Answer #5

ok well im a nurse and it sounds like they did not completely remove the contents of the uterus. thats what causes hemorrhage. maybe next time she should research what doctor she is going to. statistics show that abortions are actually much safer than giving birth. there are always risks with any type of surgical procedure…its just a risk you have to be willing to take. shes just one of the few people who had severe complications….doesnt mean every person going to get an abortion is going to die. im perfectly fine.

Answer #6

I don’t think any of you negative speakers are in the position to judge nor look down or anyone. For many years I studied and did essays on prolife vs prochoice and never have I came across info that supports that there are people out there who are capable of alianating one human based on a decision that harms only one person not the economy or the enviroment. I think it’s rather cruel for a being to get such responses and even harsher to turn a weight loss question into a you were wrong for getting an abortion which may have lead her to suicide or to harm herself so who’s the real murderer you spineless one sided uneducated jerks so I pray for you and hope that you pray to god everynite after you put those words and thoughts into peoples minds and heart the sin starts with having sex before marriage not aborting the organism the only thing in moral about abortions is prolife you who don’t offer the oppurtunity to give yourself a second chance so prolife you say no keep the baby we rather here about your tragic story on fox 5 news woman stuffs baby in trash vs female student graduates from college to become a sex educator/ doctor … Prolife your words are offensive, demonic and discouraging

Answer #7

Weight loss after pregnancy either aborted or full term is like any other weight loss. Eat right and excercise! :) As for you pro lifers: Everybody has the right to choose what they will do with THEIR OWN bodies. If you are so concerned with killing an unborn, undeveloped organism why don’t you use that energy to help and protect the millions of children who are abused, neglected, starving, uneducated, raped, murdered and oh the list goes on! There are enough young children who could ACTUALLY use your help through volunteering, fostering, sponsoring and adoption. Why don’t you join a real cause!

Answer #8

I am a Christian and I am about 4 weeks and considering having an abortion I looked this question up because I was curious if I would lose the extra 4lbs that I put on but in reading this I agree with pro-choice. I will admit that before I was on the other side people should not have sex if they don’t want to keep their child, women step up and grow up take care of your responsibility. I have done a complete 360 you never know what you’ll do unless you’re in the situation and being 19 jr. in college good summer job but my boyfriend doesn’t have a job his parents wouldn’t help im not ready and strongly considering abortion. so to all those “you’ll die” “its wrong” “your killing” people SHUT the H E double hockey sticks up you’ll never know unless your in that kind of situation

Answer #9

I honestly do not care what you guys think of my opinion. If a women feels like she wants to have an abortion, it is her decision. There are many women in this world that would love children, there are plenty of children that are left behind for years at adoption agencies, that never have a chance of getting adopted. For the women that cannot have children, it may not be your time to have children. Sometimes people have to maje tough decisions, but it is sad that you cannot come to a website to get an opinion of “How much weight do you lose after the abortion” with out getting the third degree. I hope all of you women grow up and mind your own business, instead of approaching people to beat up on because you have nothing else better to do. To all of the others that believe in a women’s right to decide, thank you for being supportive. Have a great day!

Answer #10

To answer your question…Just keep on exercising and watch what you eat. I think from personal experience it was hard for me to loose weight at first. I think the extra hormones work against you in keeping it on. I have been running 4 miles 4 time a week and watching what I eat. I have to take my own advice and say just give your body time to re-adjust and your hormones to go back to normal. It sucks and I have wanted to give up because I felt like what is the point of working out and eating right with little results but give it time and you should loose the extra weight. Breathe deeply and know your body and your mind need time to heal.

Answer #11

well although I was only pregnant for ten weeks, I know that you do lose the pregnancy weight but it takes a few months and you have to keep your a healthy diet, because of course if you eat junk food you’ll gain weight. So I hope this helped :]

And to all those stupid religious folk I suggest you get a life! seriously! you don’t have a say in anything unless you are the pregnant woman. Also, I don’t understand why you would say to keep it and then give it up for adoption! That is obviously idiotic because you don’t know the emotional stress the mother might get from having to carry a child and then have to give it away like nothing. Also, what if the child evnd up going to a family that will probably give it a worse life than if it would have been aborted. So hun, don’t listen to them, it’s your body and your choice. :D

Answer #12

The original question was concerning weight lost post-abortion after 2 months. I’m just wondering why others felt the need to come here and use this as a forum to dispute and demonize abortion. What’s even more sad is you people are spending time on the internet finding out who needs advice about post abortion weight loss or other such health questions and using it as a way to frighten or demoralize those women who have every right to choose what they want for their future in terms of having a child or not. All in all, I say: BACK OFF! TO answer the question, I was in the same situation after having an abortion after 8 weeks and gained about 3 or 4 pounds that only through healthy dieting and exercise could I get rid of. Good luck and don’t let any of these bible-thumpers get in you way!! Pro-CHOICE means options, unlike those who would rather be judgmental concerning a topic they have never experienced. Ok, I’m done venting,just thought all you people who like to play both judge and jury need to learn to grow some real balls and try to say the same comments you have written anonymously to someone face to face.

Answer #13

do what is BEST for YOU. and no the weight will not magically come off with an abortion, you will still have to eat well and exercise it off, but it will be much easier than the weight you would have gained with a full term pregnancy.

Answer #14

DON”T have an abortion! Do you have any clue how many people there are in the world who would love to get pregnant but can’t? Just because you have the baby doesn’t mean that you have to keep the baby, give it up for adoption.. Stop being so selfish and think about the little life that is growing inside of you.

Answer #15

having an abortion can kill you! Having a baby can kill a mother far more times than an abortion could. Whoever said that having an abortion could kill you and giving birth cannot is ignorant

Answer #16

I totally agree with you I am 17 and my boyfriend is a guy ive loved since the first time i met him. we finally started dating last year in may and hes everything ive ever dreamed of i wish we wouldve dated sooner since we both were too bashful to ask one another out. Well we had been dating almost a year and we were both ready we were both each others first….and we continued to have sex and just two weeks ago i find out im two months pregnant and we both believe in god and love kids and wanted to keep it but we neither had jobs or were ready for a job so we had to have an abortion….and when we went to the clinic there was protesters there screaming at us like they knew what we were going through……well they dont know what none of us are going through so girls you guys stay strong it makes me feel better to read more posts similiar to mine so thank you girls i feel more relieved that i didnt make an awful mistake.

Answer #17

unless you are in our shoes and have had an abortion due to financial issues or whatever you are in NO position to judge us and the decisions we make in our lives.Why in the hell would someone carry a baby for nine months and feel it grow see its heartbeat on the ultrasound, feel it kick and then have it look at how beautiful it is just to give it up??!! think about what your askin for a spare second…..it is not being selfish either there are real emotional issues when going through an abortion

Answer #18

i couldnt agree with you more they dont know what we r going through it is a tremendous amount of stress put on both you and the father of the aborted child….i couldnt give my baby up for adoption either….it was hard enough going through to get the abortion..

Answer #19

wow thank you for taking a stand on this!!! i agree with you 100 percent!!

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