What is this weird seed that comes out of my pimples?

err...sometimes there will be a weird bump on my face and if I squeeze it out its kind of like a weird seed >_>...its not that big but not that small either...maybe around twice thesize of a fullstop?...and also sometimes if my pimple accidentally pops there will be a weird seed that comes out too..what is that weird seed?

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the seed that comes out when you pop a zit is called a "culprit." If this seed is not removed, be prepared for another visit from the same zit; same location.

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It's commonly refered to as the core of a pimple. It's made up of things like dirt and oil and it cloggs up pores. After a pore has been plugged up for awhile It forms a pimple.

Hope this helps!

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oh thanks...I thought the dot/seed thing wasweird

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ya thats what I noticed too if I dont remove it but why does it form a pimple again?

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