A strange but curious question

June 25th my friend took a bunch of stuff, she started getting dizzy and sweating like crazy and she felt sick, when we went inside her sisters work she was sitting beside me and her legs just went nuts, like seriously they had a mind of their own, they were flaling all over her arms not as much. I asked if she was ok and she mumbeled a bunch of stuff, she said it was like something was crawling up her legs and she couldnt relle control it then eventually the ambulance got there an so on and so fourth.

My question is what was with the leg thing? I mean it wasent a seizure, she had that later on… was her body having a breakdown because of what she took?

Answer #1

my mother said im too young to have an ulcer

Answer #2

no, the tube is the best way, and most accurate…and you get sedated during it..it makes your throat a bit sore, but ice cream is REALLY good for that!

she has to address this, really, if it perforates (if it is an ulder) she could die. it means blood in leaving the circulatory system and entering somewhere it shouldn’t be - hence the blood pressure dropping and her going dizzy…although when it perforates…there’s no dizzyness, you just go down (as such)

OD’S are difficult more because of the after effects as appose to the immediate ones…there was going to be damage to the body, it’s not supposed to sustain that kind of ambush…

but she needs to see a doc, explain that since the od she has been getting these symptoms, they will probably have to admit her for a day (because of the sedation) but finding out or eliminating that as a problem is important…as I say, give her some gavison..it’s more effective that anti-acid tablets (as I say the liquid lines the stomach)

but the docs is the first port of call…just re-assure her that they do it all the time, she probably won’t remember it (the sedation)…they don’t knock you unconcious becuase when it goes down, it’s better to help it go down by ‘swallowing it down’ you get a moment where you feel sick, but once it’s past the epiglotis, it gets better…

but they NEED to see the stomach to see if there is any blood in it, she probably won’t be able to eat for 12 hours…but it’s relativly quick and just be there when she comes out :)

Answer #3

yes she’s very lucky. but dependent on how long it was from taking the first tablet to having the actions taken to remove them, her body would have absorbed some of the drugs…the problem with stomach pumping is

  1. it means that her stomach is completly empty, which increases the bial production, which is damaging to her stomach lining…and also, any drugs not ‘pumped’ would be absorb easier…
  2. they don’t often ‘pump’ anymore - the charcoal is more efficient since it absorbs and neutralises any medication still in the digestive system, there must have been a considerable time difference between her taking them and her getting to hospital if they were focussed more on absorbing rather than getting it out. you can only pump the stomach but the dugestive process starts very soon, and would have already started breaking down the drugs in her system..

she needs to speak to her local A&E department, they should be able to advise her…

but she needs to speak to a mental health nurse or psychiatrist…sorting out her problems is the most important thing right now, and getting her to cope with her bodies recovery from this very traumatic event…

Answer #4

I think she needs to get it checked out, she may have an ulcer. an ulcer is where the acidity in the stomach starts eating into your stomach…its uncomfortable and can be painful…if she doesn’t get it looked at, it could get worse…

signs of one are; you can hear the juices in the stomach churning… you’re always hungry, because the stomach lining has been damaged, the only way to stop the acid burning your stomach is to have food in it to burn instead… *it’s uncomfortable, and you egt stomach pains…like a deep ache..

problems become more serious when. someone has blood in their feaces.. they keep getting dizzy *or the ulcer becomes perforated…

the point is, she may well have damaged herself, and she NEEDS to have something like a laparostomy…where they put a camera tube down the oesophagus and have a look at the stomach…it’s uncomfortable but they gives meds to help with that…

the doctor will know more than I do though…but what she did was going to have some effect on her body. and if someone didn’t want to ring the ambulance that was very foolish…OD’s are always serious!

in the mean time she should take something like gaviscon…it’s an anti-acid liquid that will help line her stomach and neutralise the acid…but she should see a doc asap…

Answer #5

it is about that kinda thing…I mean you get people who leave pointless comments lol and I just looked up ulcers and saw the YUCKIEST pictures! O,O lol and whats up witht the redness, its like when veins pop out on your face XD

Answer #6

yes she is lucky she didnt die* opps

Answer #7

This is a question for a professional.

Don’t underestimate thos party pills if thats what she took. Just one is enough. 2 and your going mental. 3 or more and it’s clear you have no idea about them. They are stronger than you would think.

Answer #8

she does, she did before all of this too, she talks with a theorpist guy (whoses also a nurse) and I think it was an hour or two after she took the pills that she finally go to the hospital (her friend didnt want to call an ambulance and she couldnt relle use a phone)

Answer #9

so is this question legitimate? or was it you trying to find out about it?

and some people are ignorant…people who leave those kind of comments have obviously been very fortunate in their own lives..

Answer #10

yes its legitimate (providing I know the definition of the word correctly lol)

Answer #11

when people leave comments envolving suicde or doing something stupid, usually you get those kind of comments

Answer #12

now I’m convinced that your ‘friend’ isn’t a friend…if its’ you, you should just say. there’s no shame in needing help or advice.. :)

Answer #13

and her appitite changed a lot too, shes always hungry, her stomachs gurgles and feels empty a lot, but she eats enough, did the pills maybe do that?

Answer #14

doesnt sound too exciting, I was just hopin to die and be done with this mess

Answer #15

she took 71 anti depressants in counting, I dont relle know if her bodies better now or not :( she still has chest pain

Answer #16

she REALLY needs to get this checked out,,,

anti-depressants block the neural pathways to the brain, you know, stopping someone feel sad / angry etc, they act to balance the bodies chemistry out, depression is where the balance in the hormone / chemical levels in the body if off a bit, anti-depressants level it out again.

if she took 71 then her bodies chemistry would have been totally off whack…and she should get it checked out…she’s lucky she didnt’ die!! seriously!

wgat was she thinking or going through to take that many?

Answer #17

they arent going to stick that thing down her throat are they O.O…or did you mean up the rear hahaha XD im only fooling…do they have to use that? I mean wouldnt they be a machine, like you swallow this glowing green goop, stand in front of a machine witht he lights off and you can see the organs or something?

Answer #18

without knowing what she took it’s difficult yo comment…if you’re refering to recreational drugs, then that’s a risk…don’t get me wrong, I know many people take them with no ill effects, but that is a risk, and somewhere down the line, a person will have an adverse reaction to something…

if it is recreational drugs, you don’t know what’s in the stuff, our bodies have their own chemistry, and drugs interfere with that balance…hence ‘getting high’ but sometimes the effects can be unpredictable and frightening…

I hope she’s ok now :)

Answer #19

her life was falling apart and she was being pushed into a lot of sitiations that terrified her, but it twas life so she had to and things were just getting worse,yes I am lucky I didnt die, she could have gone into cardiac arrest, but when she was at the hospital they cpuldnt pump her stomach, just gave her charcole, wouldnt it all be outta her system tho? I mean everything shud be fine now shouldnt it?

Answer #20

it was 71 anti-depressants lol

Answer #21

ok…then off to the docs!

Answer #22

there was sumthing else too, well shes not the skinniest girl and doesnt know when it appeared but on both her sides its red, I dont mean a spot or stretch mark or whatever buts its these reds things, like little lines kinda (not straight)

Answer #23

how am I suppost to do that tho, my mom just says im fine blah blah blah isnt there something I can take or eat to subside it for awhile, the stomach and chest pain I mean, and wouldnt it be rather expensive to get that kind of checkup? I mean she wasent to happy to get the ambulance bills, I dont think she’d be too happy if there was nothing wrong

Answer #24

‘it is about that kinda thing’…

what kind of thing?

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