A riddle?

A riddle that will kill your brain:

There are only three words in the English language that ends in “gry”. One is ANGRY and the other one is HUNGRY. Everyone knows what the third one means and what it stands for. Everyone uses them everyday and if you listen to me carefully, I’ve given you the third word already.

What is it? _ gry!

Answer #1

‘Three’. The question never asks for the third word ending in ‘gry’. “I’ve given you the third word. What is it’ The third word of the statement is ‘three’.

Answer #2

There is no good answer to this riddle.

But my answer is ‘the third one’

Answer #3

Wait! I reread it && its


Answer #4

what’s the answer

Answer #5

According to Wikipedia here is a list of words ending in gry:

A list of names and words ending in -gry, many of which are obsolete, archaic, or simply uncommon.

  1. affect-hungry [OED (see “sado-masochism”)]
  2. aggry [OED:1:182; W2; W3]
  3. agry / Agry:
    1. Agry [OED (see “snappily”)]
    2. Agry [GNS]
    3. Agry Dagh (Mount Agry) [EB/11:15:682 (as “Agry-dagh”); Partridge/2 (as “Agry Dagh”); Stieler:49 R18 and Stieler/Index:3 (as “Agry-Dag”)]
  4. ahungry [OED:1:194; FW; W2]
  5. air-hungry [OED (see “Tel Avivian”)]
  6. angry [OED; FW; W2; W3]
  7. anhungry [OED:1:332; W2]
  8. Badagry [Johnston; EB/11; GNS; OED (see “Dahoman”)]
  9. Bagry [GNS]
  10. Ballingry [Bartholomew:40; CLG:151; GNS; RD:164, pl.49]
  11. begry [OED:1:770,767]
  12. Bellangry [GNS]
  13. Beregovyye Langry [GNS]
  14. bewgry [OED:1:1160]
  15. Bol’shiye Tugry (GNS]
  16. “boongry maugry” [Partridge/2] — created by Partridge, for purposes of satire, from bongre maugre, willy-nilly; cf. maugry
  17. boroughmongry [OED (see “boroughmonger”)]
  18. bowgry [OED:1:1160]
  19. braggry [OED:1:1047]
  20. Bugry — cf. Chistyye Bugry, Golyye Bugry, Peschanyye Bugry [GNS; Times/IG]
  21. Bungry — see Hungry Bungry
  22. Chagry [GNS]
  23. Changry [GNS]
  24. Chistyye Bugry [GNS]
  25. Chockpugry [Worcester]
  26. Cogry [BBC]
  27. cony-gry [OED:2:956]
  28. conyngry [OED:2:956]
  29. cottagry [OED (see “cottagery”)]
  30. croftangry / Croftangry:
    1. croftangry [OED (see “way”)]
    2. Croftangry — Mr. Chrystal Croftangry, fictitious editor of The Chronicles of Canongate, by Sir Walter Scott, 1827–28. The Chronicles of Canongate is an inclusive title for Scott’s novels, The Highland Widow, The Two Drovers, and The Fair Maid of Perth, to which the author attached the fiction that they were written by Mr. Chrystal Croftangry, who draws on the recollections of his old friend, Mrs. Bethune Baliol, a resident in the Canongate, Edinburgh. Mr. Croftangry’s own story, notable among Scott’s shorter sketches, forms an introduction to the Chronicles. [Barnhart:1:1134; Freeman/1:101; Freeman/2:109; OCEL/5:241,197,461; Scott:2:234-329; Walsh:110] — “a pseudonym of Sir Walter Scott; the name of the imaginary editor of his “Chronicles of the Canongate.” [Wheeler:88]
  31. culture-hungry [OED (see “culture”)
  32. de Pélegry — see Pélegry
  33. diamond-hungry [OED (see “Lorelei”)]
  34. dog-hungry [W2]
  35. dogge-hungry [OED (see “canine”)]
  36. Dygry [GNS]
  37. Dshagry [Stieler]
  38. Džagry [Andrees:43 (141 L 7)]
  39. Dzhagry [GNS; OSN/42:2:325; Times/7:61 (44 G8); Times/IG:233 (44 G8)]
  40. eard-hungry [CED (see “yird”); CSD]
  41. Echanuggry [Century:103-104, on inset map, Key 104 M 2]
  42. Égry [DNCF:376; France(?); GNSl; OSN/83:1:335; Times/IG:239
  43. euer-angry [OED (see “ever”)]
  44. ever-angry [W2]
  45. fenegry [OED (see “fenugreek”)]
  46. fire-angry [W2]
  47. Gagry — cf. Novyye Gagry [EB/11; GNS]
  48. Garrynagry [GNS]
  49. girl-hungry [OED (see “girl”)]
  50. Golyye Bugry [GNS]
  51. gonagry [OED (see “gonagra”)]
  52. gry / Gry / GRY:
    1. gry (from Latin gry) [OED:4/2:475; W2]
    2. gry (from Romany grai) [W2]
    3. Gry (given name: Gry Bagøien, alias Gry, a female singer from Denmark) [Wiki]
    4. gry / GRY acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations:
      1. GRY — Granada, Spain (airport symbol) [AIAD:1403]
      2. gry — abbr. gray [ADA]
      3. GRY — Gray Drug Stores, Inc. (New York Stock Exchange delisted symbol) [AIAD:1403]
      4. GRY — abbr. all cap. Grayling Air Service, Grayling, Alaska (TAH [The Airline Handbook] code) [TAH:281]
      5. GRY — abbr. Greymouth, New Zealand (seismograph station code, United States Geological Survey); closed [AIAD:1403; Poppe]
      6. GRY — abbr. Greystoke Exploration (Vancouver Stock Exchange symbol [AIAD:1403]
      7. GRY — abbr. all cap. Grimsey, Iceland (airport symbol) [AIAD:1403; OAG]
  53. haegry [EDD (see “hagery”)]
  54. half-angry [W2]
  55. hangry [OED:1:329]
  56. heart-angry [W2]
  57. heart-hungry [W2]
  58. higry pigry [OED:5/1:285]
  59. hogry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD]
  60. hogrymogry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD (as “hogry-mogry”)]
  61. hongry [OED:5/1:459; EDD:3:282]
  62. hound-hungry [OED (see “hound”)]
  63. houngry [OED (see “minx”)]
  64. huggrymuggry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD (as “huggry-muggry”)]
  65. hund-hungry [OED (see “hound”)]
  66. hungry [OED; FW; W2; W3]
  67. Hungry Bungry [DI]
  68. hwngry [OED (see “quart”)]
  69. “igry” [Partridge/2] — from “… igry slov of the Slavs.” — created by Partridge for purposes of satire
  70. iggry [OED]
  71. Jagry [EB/11:23-874 (II. D4)]
  72. jingry [OED] — additional source needed; not found in full-text search of OED Online
  73. job-hungry [OED (see “gadget”)]
  74. Kagry [GNS]
  75. kaingry [EDD (see “caingy”)]
  76. Kiegry [GNS]
  77. land-hungry [OED; W2]
  78. Langry — cf. Beregovyye Langry, Novyye Langry [GNS; Times/7; Times/IG]
  79. leather-hungry [OED]
  80. ledderhungry [OED (see “leather”)]
  81. life-hungry [OED (see “music”)]
  82. Lisnagry [Bartholomew:489; GNS]
  83. Longry [GNS]
  84. losengry [OED (see “losengery”)]
  85. MacLoingry — surname, of Irish origin; e.g., Flaithbhertach MacLoingry, bishop of Clonmacnois (1038) [Cotton, Phillips:613]
  86. mad-angry [OED:6/2:14]
  87. mad-hungry [OED:6/2:14]
  88. magry [OED:6/2:36, 6/2:247-48]
  89. malgry [OED:6/2:247]
  90. Malyye Tugry [GNS]
  91. man-hungry [OED]
  92. managry [OED (see “managery”)]
  93. mannagry [OED (see “managery”)]
  94. Margry [Indians (see “Pierre Margry” in bibliog., v.2, p.1204)]
  95. maugry [OED:6/2:247-48]
  96. mawgry [OED:6/2:247]
  97. meagry [OED:6/2:267]
  98. meat-hungry [W2; OED (see “meat”)]
  99. Megry [GNS]
  100. menagry [OED (see “managery”)]
  101. messagry [OED]
  102. music-hungry [OED (see “music”)]
  103. Myagry [GNS]
  104. nangry [OED]
  105. Novyye Gagry [GNS]
  106. Novyye Langry [GNS]
  107. “nugry” / Nugry:
    1. “nugry” — regular readers of the Usenet newsgroup rec.puzzles coined this word to describe a (presumably) new reader who posts a frequently asked question
    2. Nugry [GNS]
  108. overangry [RH1; RH2]
  109. Pélegry [CE (in main index as “Raymond de Pélegry”)]
  110. Peschanyye Bugry [GNS]
  111. Peshungry [GNS]
  112. pigry — see higry pigry
  113. Pingry [Bio-Base; HPS:293-94, 120-21]
  114. Podagry [OED; W2 (below the line)]
  115. Pongry [Andree (Supplement, p.572)]
  116. pottingry [OED:7/2:1195; Jamieson:3:532]
  117. Povengry [GNS]
  118. power-hungry [OED (see “power”)]
  119. profit-hungry [OED (see “profit”)]
  120. puggry [OED:8/1:1573; FW; W2]
  121. pugry [OED:8/1:1574]
  122. red-angry [OED (see “sanguineous”)]
  123. rungry [EDD:5:188]
  124. scavengry [OED (in 1715 quote under “scavengery”)]
  125. Schtschigry [GNS; LG/1:2045; OSN:97]
  126. Seagry — cf. Upper Seagry [EB/11:28:698a; GNS; Times/IG:762]
  127. Ségry [Andrees:152 (87/88 B 3); GNS; Johnston]
  128. self-angry [W2]
  129. selfe-angry [OED (see “self-“)]
  130. Semibugry [GNS]
  131. sensation-hungry [OED (see “sensation”)]
  132. sex-angry [OED (see “sex”)]
  133. sex-hungry [OED (see “cave”)]
  134. Shchegry [GNS]
  135. Shchigry [CLG:1747; GNS; Johnson:594; OSN:97,206; Times/7:185,pl.45]
  136. shiggry [EDD]
  137. Shtchigry [LG/1:2045; LG/2:1701]
  138. Shtshigry [Lipp]
  139. sight-hungry [OED (see “sight”)]
  140. Sillegry [GNS]
  141. skugry [OED:9/2:156, 9/1:297; Jamieson:4:266]
  142. Skugry [GNS]
  143. Ssemibugry [GNS]
  144. Suchigry [GNS]
  145. Sygry [Andree]
  146. Tangry [France; GNS]
  147. Tchangry [Johnson:594; LG/1:435,1117]
  148. Tchigry [Johnson:594]
  149. tear-angry [W2]
  150. th’angry [OED (see “shot-free”)]
  151. tike-hungry [CSD]
  152. tingry / Tingry:
    1. tingry [OED (see “parquet”)]
    2. Tingry [France; EB/11 (under “Princesse de Tingry”); GNS]
  153. toggry [Simmonds (as “Toggry”; but all entries are capitalized)]
  154. Tugry — cf. Bol’shiye Tugry, Malyye Tugry [GNS]
  155. “ugry” / Ugry:
    1. “ugry” [Partridge/2] — from “… white ugry of history.” — created by Partridge for purposes of satire — probably a reference to “Ugri Bielii, tribe : see Khazars, race.” [EB/11:15:774b, 23:525a, 23:883d]
    2. Ugry [GNS]
  156. ulgry — modern form of Vlgrie (word form not actually found, but the existence of which is inferred), an animal (not specifically identified): “a coat made of ulgry’s hair…” [Partridge/1 (as “ulgry”); Scheetz (as “ulgry” and “Vlgrie”); Smith:24-25 (as “Vlgrie” and “Vlgries”)]
  157. unangry [OED; W2]
  158. Ungry [GNS]
  159. Upper Seagry [GNS]
  160. vergry [OED:12/1:123]
  161. Vigry [CLG:2090]
  162. vngry [OED (see “wretch”)]
  163. Wągry [GNS]
  164. war-hungry [OED (see “war”)]
  165. Wegry:
    1. Wegry [GNS]
    2. Węgry [GNS]
  166. WGRY — all cap. call letters of a radio station in Grayling, Michigan. […]
  167. Wigry [CLG:2090; GNS; NAP:xxxix; Times/7:220, pl.62; WA:948]
  168. wind-hungry [W2]
  169. Yagry [GNS]
  170. yeard-hungry [CED (see “yird”)]
  171. yerd-hungry [CED (see “yird”); OED]
  172. yird-hungry [CED (see “yird”)]
  173. Ymagry [OED:1:1009 (col. 3, 1st “boss” verb), (variant of “imagery”)]
  174. Zygry [GNS]
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