What's a good nickname for jennifer?

what are nicknames for jennifer leigh besides jenn?

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I have a friend named Jennifer and they call her cow D: and she is like a stick. I never understood why. But I called her Jenny sounds cute.

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jaley, thats one of my friends name. :) I love it

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Omg Or Jelly? Hehe I Have A Baby Cousin Named Jaline And We Call Her Jelly. But I Guess Its A Little Kidish Name? Well Goodluck!

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good nicknames for a guy named cody?
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Whats a good nickname for the name Nathan?

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your nickname could be something that is an inside joke with your friends. We call one of friends hairy and her real name is stephanie.

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I dont know lol

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j leigh

lol I dont know but these are the ones I thought of

What's a good nickname for alyssa?
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JLeigh? Haha Kinda Like JLo, Bit Lame. But So Cute!

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Dah JenStA

Jenny on dah block

Jeeky girl



Jay any

Jay jay

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I call my friend Jennifart. Ahaha, ((:

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killuh jay (:
ahaha I like calling my friend that

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my names jennifer and I have had a lot of nicknames. Jenjen, jen, jenpee, jensie ,jelly, malteaser, slinky, chatterbox-belly, dappy, giggles and smiles mostly tho but the last 4 are kinda a pj :) ... personly I hate being called jenny... :)

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Some good nicknames for Jennifer are:


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Jenny the Fur

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I have another one...my name is Jennifer btw, these are what my dad called me when I was little.

The Furski
Jenny the Fur (above answer)

Nowadays, people mostly call me Jen, but I also have people that call me JJ or JRob - part of my last name.

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