A dog for my kids

Can anyone tell me what kind of dog is good with kids

Answer #1

I have a cocker spainel. There cute and cudly. Thaey do need execise. They need a lot of care. Hair brushing AT LEAST once a week, but daily would be good. Cockers love 2 run. Walks 3-4 times a day. They can pee in your house at first so if you choosea cocker dont be supriseed if they pee in your house. Training pads are a good idea. Cockers only grow to be around 30 lbs.. They love to sleep in a comfortable and quiet corner. They also like to sleep with people on there beds. They are protective of there loving family. Whenever a stranger aproches you are home they will bark, a lot.

Answer #2

american staffordshire, most people confuse them with american pit bulls, they are a terrier. they are wonderful with kids, they are nick named the nanny dog. I have one that thinks my 2 1/2 year old is her puppy. they are very smart dogs too. my am staff loves to play, and jump, but never jumps on kids, or older people. they are med. sized dogs. they get a bad rep. cause most people think they are pit bulls, and pit bulls get a bad rep too. but they really are wonderful dogs, and great with kids. boxers are great with kids too.

Answer #3

Anything depending on the training, the only bad experience breed I have found so far, would be dalmations, they like to dominate one member of the family, and no one else can touch them.

Answer #4

•Beagle: He is very pack-oriented and sociable.Beagles enjoy attention, rough-housing, and playing ball.They are patient with children, but children must be taught not to leave doors and gates open – beagles LOVE to roam! •Bernese Mountain Dog: This sweet, gentle dog needs companionship; he can be your child’s best friend.However, his size is a concern, especially around very small children. His tail alone can wag hard enough to knock over a toddler! •Bloodhound:This kind, patient dog loves the attention children provide.You must teach your children not to pester the dog, because the bloodhound will just sit there and take it.Make sure the dog gets some alone time to decompress. •Boston Terrier: Though the breed was originally developed for dogfights, this dog has since been selectively bred to be a less aggressive breed that is great with children.The Boston is very intelligent and will love to play with your child. •Boxer: This breed is very people-oriented and craves the human companionship your child can provide.However, young boxers are VERY rambunctious and may be too much for a young child to handle. •Collie :Collies are intelligent, sensitive and gentle.In fact, they are almost never used as police dogs because it is so hard to get them to bite someone! •Foxhound: Both the American and English varieties get along very well with children. •Golden Retriever: The quintessential family dog.Goldens are known for their patience and tolerance to just about anything a child can bring.Their extreme need for constant attention usually matches a child’s need to constantly play with them. •Great Dane: If you have a lot of space in your home, you might consider a Great Dane.This mammoth dog (think Marmaduke or Scooby Doo) is very gentle, but just because of his size, care should be taken around young children. •Labrador Retriever: The most popular breed in America, the Lab is excellent with children.Young Labs are VERY rambunctious – you might not want to take on a Lab puppy while your children are very small. •Mastiff: Another gentle giant.If you have room in your home and your children are old enough not to get caught underfoot, the Mastiff may be a good choice for you. •Newfoundland: The Newf is very gentle and loves children.His patience and tolerance for being pestered actually led to a clinical study using this breed in therapy for hyperactive children. •Old English Sheepdog: This playful breed has been nicknamed the “babysitter” because they are so good at herding children, a trait passed down from the old days when the Old English was used to herd sheep. •Pug: Very fun-loving and playful, the pug always loves a good romp with the kids of the house.He is likely to walk away rather than lash out when he’s had enough. •St. Bernard: Another massive breed that is great with children.St. Bernards are very affectionate and love to give big, sloppy kisses. •Standard Poodle :In contrast to the toy and miniature poodle, the standard, or big, poodle is excellent with children. •Vizsla: This lesser known breed is very active and loves to play.He is a great companion for your child.

Answer #5

Labs and golden retrivers. But if your wanting something bigger you might want a great dane. Grean danes are emtreamly gentle. But you mike want to have one as a puppy. It’ll be easier.(: If you want something smally I suggest a $hit-zu sorry it wouldent let me put the real word XP or a poodle. They love to play but grooming might be a issue. If you want something that small, and dosen’t need a lot of grooming I suggest a welsh corgi or just a corgi. I think there the same thing though. XP Corgis are short haired most of the time short, and active. Or ofcourse theres the pugs! I love tose little guys. (: They do have some health issues because of there short face, but otherwise they are active, cute, and fun. (: Funmail me for anymore questions! (:

Answer #6

Lab or Golden retreever or a pug I think

Answer #7

depending on age of children.. but a labridour is a very gentle + kind dog the only thing is they are very strong + quite big

8+ for lab ii think

Answer #8


Answer #9

My Shih Tzu is very playful and loves the kids and vice versa. He is a mid-sized dog. He is sweet and he doesn’t do much bad just barks at strangers once in a while. He’s pretty laid back. They don’t shed hardly any but they do need a hair trim once a month at least. They are very furry and their hair won’t stop growing.

Answer #10

Labradors and golden retrievers are great with children, but they themselves need lots of spaces and walks.

I have a basset and they are EXTREMELY gentle dogs and mine doesn’t even know how to bite…they also like attention so children usually gets along brilliantly with them. The downside though…a basset is difficult to housetrain and a stubborn listener.

Also a beagle as the lady at the top said is also a good choice.

All in all, you can raise any dog to be good with children, rather look at the space the dog needs…if you have a smaller home, get a dog that doesn’t need to run around a lot etc.

Answer #11

a sausage dog

Answer #12

sure, not too big, not too small. Don’t have to worry about him pushing down a kid unless they are young… Lot’s of energy, relatively long life for medium size dogs

Answer #13

beagle for sure, not too big, not too small. Don’t have to worry about him pushing down a kid unless they are young… Lot’s of energy, relatively long life for medium size dogs

Answer #14

and dog thats a puppy as long as their played with a lot the dog will be very friendly

but you must have a super young puppy and must make lots of time to play with it or it will be mean

Answer #15

Definitely a lab or golden retriever.

Answer #16

A saint bernard or a cocker spaniel

Answer #17

um yeea a lab would be cool or medium sized dogs because little ones are like the most vicious I think

Answer #18

Any dog, really, if you train him right. I think maybe a lab or golden retriever are pretty good dogs, though.

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