A dance Question.?

Should dance be considerd a sport? Like ballet, jazz, modern, brake dance, lyrical and ect.

P.S suck at spelling.

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Yes definately, I do ballet and believe me it ceratinly requires strength and stamina whcih is what a sport does too. It annoys me went people say its not, its more of a sport that darts or snooker!!!

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I am a dancer and I don’t think it is a sport,but it is very athletic and physically challenging.And for some reason,people expect professional athletes(baseball,soccer,football,hockey,basketball etc.)to mess up,but when a dancer messes up,people don’t get as mad,but they get disapointed.People expect more of dancers.Plus,my theory is,if you can’t play it then it isn’t technically a sport.Say”I play softball.”That works.Now try”I play dance(gmnastics,cheerleading,horseback-riding etc.)”That doesn’t fot,does it.But all of those things are really hard work.And when someone tells me dance is easy,I ask them if they can spin on their tip-toes or hold every muscle in their body completely still in spread eagle while being lifted into the air by a guy.You need a lot of muscle control.Wow,I really babble when I get mad.

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Because Im in dance and we are not consider a sport not a performing arts thing..we are considerd and organization..But we still have to take physicals ike any other athletic person…and we have UIL and have insurance…and we are still not consider a sports nor a athleti or fine arts..

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No. I mean, it does require strength, stamina, flexibility, etc but it is most of all an art form. It’s physically demanding, but you are performing.

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Take a look at the bodies of dedicated dancers. I think they are more fit than most baseball or basketball players.

Watch a professional quick step and tell me they aren’t working.

The downside is that dancing is also an art. You can have someone technically hit 100% of a dance routine, but if they cannot ‘perform’, then the dance will not connect as well with the spectators.

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