What are tips for planning a wedding on a budget?

What are your tips for planning a wedding on a budget? What do you consider to be priorities for a wedding and what are excesses that can be cut out of the ceremony/reception?

Answer #1


Rent, borrow or make as many items as possible!

Some items to borrow from a friend or relative are a cake knife and serving set, toasting glasses, jewelry and the bride’s shoes. You can make several items or enlist a few friends to help with ribbons, pew bows, veil and headpiece, church programs, bridesmaids’ dresses, bridal purse, ring bearer pillow and the cake top to reduce costs.

Instead of hiring a florist, make items or contact a local floral design school and hire them to provide your flowers. Carry a small bouquet or one flower and have your attendants do the same. The bridesmaids’ bouquets can double as flower arrangements on the head table.

Rent a Cadillac or other luxury vehicle just for the bride, groom, maid or matron of honor and best man to save on the expense of a limousine.

When setting the wedding date you may want to consider choosing a Friday rather than a Saturday as it usually trims off about $3 per guest at your dinner reception.

When choosing your wedding invitation, select one that will only require one stamp. Another great tip is to have your reception information added on the ceremony invitation to eliminate the expense of the reception card.

Hope these tips help!

Answer #2

Avoiding “wedding season” - getting married during “off season” or having your wedding on a Friday night can literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Limit the wedding’s guest list. - My husband and myself made about 10 wedding guest lists, we decided to invite just close friends and family since everyone we talked to said they havent seen about half the people from their wedding since that day! They were right!! There were still people at our little wedding that we havent seen since. Ask other people what they did and get a good idea of wheather or not its worth the big blow out wedding.

Instead of a multi-course wedding dinner, consider a wedding buffet, wedding luncheon, wedding brunch, or a wedding dessert reception. We ended up just having an appatizer buffet and cake with punch. Several people I know just did a cake and snack type reception. There are many great ideas online for this.

Location, location, location. Local or national parks, as well as your own or your relative/friends’ back yard are low-cost wedding locations.

Flowers and décor are 8% of an average wedding expense. Bond with other brides to share decorating costs at catering halls, which usually use the same decoration for several brides, but charge them separately. Also, make sure to use the flowers that are in season since they will be cheaper. Avoid Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and other holidays when flowers are in high demand. Check out local grocery stores since they usually change significantly less for flowers. You might also consider the wedding to take place in a garden or an art museum, to save on decorations’ expense all together. Also, consider doing flowers and decorations yourself. Check Sams club! I was surprised to see bulk roses so cheap!

Attire is 10% of an average wedding expense. Consider renting a gown and a tax for your wedding. Also, you might want to check out sample sales, department stores and outlet stores. Consider cheaper fabrics. Remember that you will wear that gown only ones (your wedding day)!

Music is 8% of an average wedding expense. You might want to go for a DJ instead of a live band.

Order wedding invitations that will only require one standard stamp and standard envelopes. Include the reception information on the wedding invitation instead of sending a separate response cards. If your relatives/friends are internet savvy, you might even send a wedding invitation by e-mail. There are many different cards on internet cost-free. Also, you might design your own wedding invitations.

Reducing the number of bridesmaids or letting them wear attire of their choice that they will personally pay for will also reduce wedding’s expenses. Let men wear nice suits instead of tuxedos.



Answer #3

Planning a wedding on a budget might be a daunting task, but there are numerous tips on how you would be able to successfully plan one. Choose a simple venue and control your guest list. Make it a simple and intimate event. Instead of paying professional wedding planners, why not ask your family and friends to help you decorate your venue? Moreover, before getting your makeup done at a salon which can cost you hundreds, why not ask a friend who knows how to put on makeup? This will not only save you money but will also allow you to choose from different makeup looks.

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