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There is this boy in my class and I've liked him for a while. Last year we sat next to each other in some of our classes ans talked. But this year I dont have any classes with him and don't talk to him a lot. There is also this other girl who always hangs around him and talks to him and I get jealous because I wish I could talk to him like that. I havent had the greatest past with boys and I am not perfectly skinny I have an athletic build but I am still pretty. I would like to tell him I like him but there are to problems-1)his mom is one of my teachers, but she likes me. 2) I am afraid of what he and all the other people in our class would say. Please help!

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Start talking to him again! when you see him around go up and say hi! there is no rule that just becos you dont have any classes together doesnt mean you cant be friends. When you see him go say hi and maybe start flirting with him a lil and see how he responds. Start things off slowly like that first before you think of coming straight out and telling him you like him becos that may scare him away.

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