What do you think about the 9/11 conspiracy?

Answer #1

You’re probably going to get arguements being such a controversial question, just warning you. I’ve seen the documentary and read about all the things that didn’t add up and I believe George Bush did it. That’s my opinion.

Answer #2

Anyone who thinks that America attacked themselves needs to have a phych evaluation.

Answer #3

I definatly think people think too much into things.

Answer #4

I think it was unfortunate. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. That’s about it.

Answer #5

I think most of the people behind it have been illegally killed or captured without trial - along with hundreds of innocent bystanders - by U.S. military and intelligence forces.

Answer #6

I sorta agree with you on this..But Bush’s bodyguards have a higher IQ then him.Hard to amagine :)

Answer #7

I don’t think that all investigations about 9/11 went as they should have gone. People needed a guilty person and Bin Laden was a good personification or evil.

Also, some people in the government and US-army used this very sad incident to ruthlessly further their own goals. And to break loose wars for their buddys profits.

After all, arms industry is the only US-American industry that really has any economical force at all. America needs war to keep its only remaining successful industry running. Everything else, other than weapons is “Made in China”. America has got weapon industry and agriculture. You’d be all farm land if there was peace in the world.

But, honestly, all the conspiracy about some American organization purposely demolishing that other building next to the twin towers. All the other conspiracy stuff. It sounds paranoid. Just paranoid.

And having a conspiracy of that size would definitely be extremely hard to keep secret. Some whistle blower would anonymously have send info to wikileaks by now. They’d have needed to kill off everyone who knew about it all at once. Or someone would have blown the cover. No. I do not think that America attacked America.

Answer #8

The buildings colapsed from more then just planes I know that for sure..And you can’t know how desperately they wanted to achieve their goals for profits.

Answer #9

Yeah, more than just planes… The towers collapsed from the Kerosine firet that softened the steel.. That is credible. The main dispute in the conspiracy theory was about a smaller office building WTC 7 that collapsed very fast and almost symmetrical. But I would consider whether it may have been bad architecture, instable ground, earth falls after the earth was shaking fom the collapse of the tower building next to it and so on BEFORE I point at people and shout “You blew it up with dynamite!”. Unless there are very solid hints towards such a crime. I still insist that somebody would have found it to be his personal profit or his whatever moral responsibility to tell the truth and would have blown the cover. I mean, if you demolish a building, then you have to drill large holes into the supporting pillars and you have to wire the place and everything. Ever seen photos of how a building looks inside, before a planned demolition? I just don’t think that could be hidden.

Answer #10

PNAC, The Project for a New American Century, called for a new Pearl Harbor, and they got one. Coincidence? That signatories held many positions in govt to effect this very outcome suggests otherwise. Coincidencists argue that there were no whistle blowers, when in fact Sibel Edmonds, a Turkish language translator for the FBI broke a gag order to come forward with her testimony of covert liaisons between Al Qaeda members and CIA agents. Emad Salem, the would be fall guy for the 1993 WTC bombings can attest to the compartmentalization of undertakings such as these. Google him if this is the first time you’ve encountered his name. Only the highest echelon conspirators would be privy to command level knowledge. Coincidencists favorite argument is that a conspiracy would be too large to keep clandestine. This is speculation, however, and when taken with the contravening evidence, it is classic psychological denial. There are a few outlying facts that coincidencists simply ignore. That kerosene does not burn hot enough to impair the structural rigidity of steel. That nano-thermite has been discovered in the debris. Buildings do not collapse this way unless their supporting structure is compromised, symmetrically and perfectly timed. Why NORAD stood down. Why D!ck Cheney, a PNAC signatory, took direct control of Norad exercises four months prior to 9/11, and that on 9/11, some 21 wargame exercises were being conducted, taking responders away from their bases, allowing for the success of the strikes. The “coincidences’ are truly too numerous to enumerate here in a succinct manner.

Anyone who has taken the time to explore revisionist history is not paranoid in suggesting that conspiracies occur. Diocletian famously enganged in them. The Trojan Horse, and the axiom to beware of Greeks bearing gifts predate him. False flags have been carried out throughout history regardless of their acknowledgment in the tomes of the status quo. It’s a tired canard to suggest that those of us begging the question are all paranoid delusionals… and I am tired of it. We’re skeptical people who have done what most do not… critically analyzed what we are told. We know our history books inside and out, and we know when we’re being fibbed to. We’ll still be here when the rest catch up. Hopefully before the next false flag. People are dying because of lies, to shore up the bloated coffers of the banking elite.

Yes, Virginia, conspiracies can happen, do happen, and did happen.

Answer #11

Here is a speculative undertaking from Jim Hoffman, who has tirelessly researched most aspects of 9/11. This speaks directly to the execution of demolishing the buildings. Please consider his musings here. He acknowledges it’s only conjecture, but I think the official take that the conspiracy would necessitate too unwieldy a group to carry out is unfounded. He also illustrates why kerosene could not have caused the collapses, if you delve further into his site. http://funadvice.com/r/15kivim18j3

Answer #12


Answer #13

There are high profile public tokens and then there are those doers behind the scenes far more powerful, who dictate… have the masses look to the right hand so focus is not put on what the left hand is doing. Have to agree with you miscegenymiser more things go on in this world with more questions then answers even when addressed and published. Only the blind see nothing wrong because we tend to believe all governments and what is written is truth. The reality is …it’s more about the need to know and who or who isn’t included.

Answer #14

Anymore then Bush’s decision, after it was published Bin Laden responsible…. To immediately declare marching into Iraq and pull out Saddam…Nope if I believed everything the government reports on and is written ….I wouldn’t question I’d have no reason to question anything….Because they told me so.

Answer #15

Anyone ever learn where all that gold under Bldg 7 went to?

Answer #16

It is truly astounding… the level of cognitive dissonance engaged in by coincidencists [as opposed to conspiracists]… in order to maintain their paradigmatic world view. Speaking to people in person… most rejoin that they simply choose not to believe any factual evidence I offer or provide. Even as their livelihoods are being depleted.. as so many “conspiracists” accurately forewarned. Having been bona fide through accurate forecasts… providing admissions from those involved with evidence to corroborate… nothing is good enough to satisfy the demands of ‘true believers’. The reality of reality… requiring those to modify their worldviews the least little bit is asking too much of them. They would rather remain in their blissful ignorance. Thought is too taxing for some.

Answer #17

I am one of the Majority of people who know for a fact that there are Muslim extremists who are waging a Jihad against the west and any non-muslims. Take a look at the history of Islam. Look at all of the Countries where islam has taken control. Dont be a part of the ‘Blame America First Crowd’. We aint perfect, but we are not all asholes either. i used to try to believe everything is a conspiracy too. it would be easier to blame a few efil white men, than to believe a religious group could hate us that much. it is easier to blame a corrupt government for the bad stuff, rather than look at our own humanity. Pretty soon we have see things as they really are. There is no illuminatti. Freemason’s are good been trying to be better men. Anglo-Saxon though despised and loathed by many, have more human compassion that most other tribes of people, and are resposible for enacting great liberating documents such as the magna charta, the English Constitution, and the U.S. constittuion, all of which gauranteed rights to all humans for the first time in history. Look at the failed prophecies of some these conspiracy theorists on youtube. Nothing they predict ever comes true. it is all BS.

Answer #18

-.- Conspiracy theorists on youtube don’t try to predict stuff,they just suspect that events are controlled by many powerful people that can arrange the events…People desire POWER! Power-thirsty people can help eachother. Can’t the Muslim extremists have been inspired by those kind of “people”? I don’t want to argue,I’m just asking questions.

Answer #19

it is good to ask questions, so long as keep an open mind,, and you are not trying to connect dots that arent there. Youtube conspiracy theorists have been wrong about so many things, from Niribu to 11/11/11. To say that people who have alot of power and wealth will keep attracting more. . . ya, most likely. Not a conspiracy, just how the universe works. i dont think it is esoteric symbolism or a special club, i just think wealth and power attracts more wealth and power.

Answer #20

I’m about as Anglo-Saxon and American as they come. This isn’t about denigrating either group… I have always pointed the finger at the people whom I think deserve the spotlight… the international banking cartel. If you wish to muddy up the pot by throwing in the odd crackpot conspiracies you find anywhere on the web… this is called poisoning the well. This question isn’t in regards to whatever the heck Nibiru is or 11/11/11 is or freemasonry or the illuminati… This question stands alone. However… I think a cursory primer in false flags of the past sets a precedent for 9/11. The attacks on the USS Maine… the USS Lusitania… the USS Liberty… The Gulf of Tonkin… Iran/Contra… The first WTC attacks back in 93… and the very recent Fast and Furious scandal can all shed light that this government has engaged in fabricating events as a means to the ends that serves those people who pay the govt for their service… namely… the international banking cartel. The many interconnections… through business partnerships… familial relationships etc…. illustrate that there is a cartel of bankers in the west who seek total global hegemony. Are you suggesting that there is no banking cartel? Are you suggesting that no one has ever conspired to effect an outcome they so desired… or just not during 9/11? Your post is vague… but divining what I can… you seem to be saying that any and all dissident opinion or… at least those opinions differing from governmental approved theories [as if all governments are in agreement] is wrong headed. Is it only the American government that is always correct?… or every government throughout the entirety of human civilization? What about those conspiracists who warned of this government using the threat of Islamic terrorism to trample the Bill of Rights you rightfully extol? Are you aware that the National Defense Authorization Act just passed the Senate with only seven senators objecting? The bill that gives the President the ability to detain American citizens indefinitely… without ever bringing charges against them… to protect the “homeland?” Are these the same conspriracists who never predict anything that ever comes true?… Or perhaps it is only your subjective view of conspiracies that seems to entail only the esoteric windowdressing and is biased by neoconmen buzz slogans like “the blame America first crowd.” I like America… I am American… my ancestors stood up to tyranny to create a country in which the common people could prosper. If it is anti-American to stand up against those who wish to bleed me and the rest of the country dry… fighting perpetual wars against countless interchangeable enemies… then by your standards.. I am truly unworthy of the label. I have a different label for people who fall for the same gimmick… over and over and over… Either fools or Americans… but I’ll let others decide which one fits them best… we can no longer suffer them being synonymous.

Answer #21

They capitalize on these events, but I dont believe they created them. Unless of course the cartel bankers plan was to indoctrinate the west into materialism and excessiveness 9both of which are contrary to true muslim values I think. . .), then i woul say yes, that The banking cartel created the friction between Muslim extremists and western culture. I dont have a love for bankers as you have seen from previous posts. i just dont like people blaming America for everything that is wrong with the world, I think that is BS. America is a scapegoat. We should do like Ron Paul said and pull all of our troops home. We shoul also pull all of are humanitarian funding and supplies as well. Cut off trade and then we would see who wins.

Answer #22

I disagree. I believe this is the apology provided by the banking cartel to explain away their ability to prosper while the rest of the world is plunged into despair… which is actually not much of an explanation… The universe just seems to favor them?… not buying it! That this government is willing to sacrifice the livelihoods of its citizenry to maintain the affluence of the elite members of the cartel is made perfectly clear with the untold trillions of dollars it has borrowed in advance… to bail out the banks across the west… even while those same banks hold the debt of the people who bailed them out over the heads of the people like a sword of damacles… demanding them turn over everything to repay it. The debt that they benefited from. This is not divine providence… it is establishment cronyism and nepotism run amok to hellish ends. It is no coincidence that the cartel bought up over 90% of American media and publishing outlets just before their covert cartel went overt with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank. They had been playing their games through London and Berlin before they grabbed Wall Street. According to establisment media… WWI resulted after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand… Serbia being the tinderbox that exploded the entire west into pandemonium… and the banks just happened to be there to reap the benefits from the turmoil. Nevermind that the London Bankers were peddling their war bond wares to no avail in America before the Fed Reserve. Nevermind that with the creation of the Fed Reserve… the federal government began buying up these war bonds thus necessitating the establishment of the first National Income tax. Following the highly suspicious attack on RMS Lusitania… killing over one hundred Americans aboard… the newly acquired media outlets began ratcheting up the war propaganda… and the banking cartel had 200 million more people turning ploughshares into swords… indebting themselves to the western banks. The bankers were financing both sides… except for Russia.. one goal of the war being to bankrupt Tsar Alexander allowing for the banker backed Bolsheviks to oust him. Interestingly… those purveyors of perpetual war… the ones who like to label any diplomatic advocates as the “blame America first crowd”… the neocons… are ideological and blood descendents of Trotskyites and the fourth international he proposed to spur glorious rebellion across the globe… ostensibly for the workers… in reality… to unseat sovereigns and implement a western banking caliphate. This makes immensely more sense. It has been repeated for two centuries… the War of 1812 was simply an attempt to bring Americans back under the yoke of the Rothschild’s Central Bank of England… after Madison abandoned the Rothschild’s First Bank of the United States in 1811. This is the same modus operandi… over and over and over. Whenever the bankers don’t have popular support for aggressive wars to expand their base of operations… they simply engineer an attack… or foment revolutions and use the cover of their complicit media to hide their tracks. With 9/11… they went too far. Buildings do not collapse the way they did naturally. The internet has allowed for individual investigation to discover that Bin Laden’s dad was instrumental in the creation of the CIA’s Bank of Commerce and Credit International. That Bin Laden himself was the CIA pitchman for the mujahedeen… and that this was just another CIA operation of deceit to do the banker’s biddngs… You know… the same banker signatories of PNAC who wished to go into the Middle East but who lamented that the national sentiment was anti war before 9/11. You Know… the same bankers who have done this over and over and over.

Answer #23

*Tsar Nicholas… I meant to say

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