90 day visa

hi everyone, I am visiting america on a 90 day visa, but if I find a small job, I want to stay longer, I know you have to leave the country when that time is up but instead of going all the way home to ireland could I just go 2 canada for few days and come back into america for another 3 months?

Answer #1

My husband was on a work visa from the UK for about 6 years before we married which resulted in a green card, last year. With a work visa he was able to visit the Consulate in Vancouver, BC to renew his visa. That was a work visa, and unless you have a specialized skill (my husband’s a power conversion engineer) they aren’t super easy to get.

Answer #2

No, you cannot. You need a work visa, which is a very difficult thing to get. There is a limited amount they give out each year, and you have to find a job that is willing to sponsor you (that is expensive). Oh and yes, technically country hopping is possible, my dad flew back and forth while he was getting chemo treatment, but you still cant work legally…

Answer #3

You can’t work in America unless you have a Work Visa.

To enter Canada you would need to apply for a Canadian visitor’s visa as well…so, the short answer is no - you can’t just skip from one country to another.

Answer #4

I can’t answer that for you as I’m not familiar with the American visa system, but I’m sure if you visit the American embassy, call Legal Aid, or your local Immigration Department, they will be able to give you free advice on how to stay on in America for a longer period legally. :)

Answer #5

thanks for your answer, its a visitors visa, but if I wanted to stay longer? I know you have to leave after the 90 days but would going to canada count? as I would be out of america, someone told me you can do that, but I dont know if there right or not,

Answer #6

WHat kind of visa are you on? If you are on a tourist/visiting visa, there may be restrictions on working and/or the types of work you can get.

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