Advice for 8th Grade?

Anyone have any advice on being in 8th grade?

Answer #1

ok dont listen to what anyone says about gr8 it is a fun year I think for my gr 7 what the one that had more drama ever !!!

Answer #2

btw, its funny that you would actually take the time to change your picture. ahahaha

Answer #3

8th grade!!! ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew no. everything about it sucks. try just not talking the whole year just be the kid who doesnt talk. trust me you’ll benifit cause it doesnt give people a reason to hate you =]

Answer #4

Eight grade was great, I just got out of it. The only bad things is all the prep talks you get about highschool. They suck… It is the exact same as 7th grade except with more pressure about high school.

Answer #5

leahlechelle is a dork and a loser I would never hang out with somone who wants to smoke weed ever!!!

Answer #6

Lol Leahlechelle And Charla.. Take Your Fights Elsewhere? Lol!!!

Answer #7

happy freak it not a donkey anymore

Answer #8

if I were you, I wouldn’t be worried, I loved my eighth grade year, because it was my last year of middle school. it was my favorite year of middle school. I knew where everything was, I knew most of the teachers, and the 6th and 7th graders look up to you, so set a good example. (:

Answer #9

haha thats good for you. you would think that the stoner was the one making the judgments since she is such a loser and a dork. but no, I don’t care that you don’t like waht I do . and im not going to try and retaliate by calling you a silly little girl that puts pictures of donkeys on her profile.

Answer #10

oh and btw, no one who smokes would want to hangout with you anyways. because you don’t seem to be open minded and also becasue once again you put up lame pictures. don’t call me a loser, becasue I don’t do it to be cool. and don’t call me a dork, because that is a whales pens and clearly im not a whales pens. thanks.

Answer #11

8th grade sucks.that was the year I had the MOST drama,it was lame.Find out who your real friends are,don’t all of a sudden hangout with them one time and bam! your best friends,pay attention to what they say and do.They might just try to start drama,and find out your secrets or whatever to tell them.

Answer #12

alrighty, I will tell you right now to just be yourself. you wont know who your real friends if your anyone else but you. I know you probably hear that a lot, but thats because its the truth. and I would just pay attention to your grades, and not be so obsessed with friends, music, the latest fashion, and all of that stuff. because honestly, the best jeans arent going to get you into college. I’m not saying to not talk to anyone, but know you your real friends are. and dont go talking to every single person ever, because thats straight up ANNOYING. also, NEVER do assignments last minute because it will always end up a disaster. never copy anyone as well. and be careful what you do and say, because nasty preps might twist your words and start rumors. other than that, its a fun year. have fun!

Answer #13

hahaa. luckily im perfectly fine with my weight. im hot and I know it. my pictures are cute, and so am I. maybe you should take another look at them, maybe get some tips on how to be hot. go ahead I don’t mind. I work out everyday. and am captain of my soccer team. so I must be in shape huh? yeah nice try but insulting me isn’t going to work. and im pretty sure that when I posted an answer on here, I wasn’t talking to you in the first place. now was I ?

and get this I DON:T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WEED. got it?

Answer #14

AHAHA!! im going to grade 8 this year..and im super SUPER excited!! but then im nervous, and then I cant sleep at night sometimes!! yes, yes, I know its weirrd!! but I cant help it!!! I think I have NO advice since im not even done with it yet! I havent even started!! :P heheAA! well, a lot of people say that im a fun and bubbly person, who just wants to have a good and fun time! :D

so I gues thats good, riight?? and im really REALLY hyper all the time!! :P so is that a good thing? or should I be all silent, and serious, on my first day ??

help me?! :D AHHA thank youu~!!! :D

Answer #15

leahlechelle first of all anyone who smokes weed needs to die a slow and painful death. this dumb donkey picture belongs to my little brother who is gone right now and I miss him. yes I am a low life loser with no friends but I would rather be that then smock weed ya dork. and if I was as fat and ugly you a would be deathly afraid to post pictures like you have on your profile. how much do you weigh? like 190? if not you look like it

Answer #16

I loved eighth grade. that is the year that I got back in touch with my childhood friend. went to warped tour for the first time. smoked weed for the first tiem. went to san fran for the frist time. and actually felt like I had something to live for , for the first time. just know who your friends are. and keep them you will need them when you start highschool. it can be so much fun , if you try not to worry too much.

Answer #17

the 8 grade is mostly a clicky, evil, demonic, horrid hell that will leave you curling in a ball all night long crying you eyes out because you won’y fit in and feel like a fat loser resaulting in a life of being emo, and listening to MCR the rest of your life…but I am sure you will do fine…NOT

just ignore evry single llifeform. no friends, no boyfriends. don’t try to fit in with the clicks. sit alone at lunch. dress in black so you can hide and…there ya go

Answer #18

Avoid the seniors and juniors, they really dislike newbies.

Answer #19

I need help too I just finished my first trimester and I feel like all my bff’s hate me! they all run away laughing when I try to talk to them :( and they always fill up the table at lunch so I have to sit alone. HELP!!!

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