What to do on a 8-9 hour flight?

Answer #1

Bring your laptop or a portable dvd-player, you can’t use those when the plane’s taking flight though. Definitely bring an iPod, perhaps bring a deck of cards to play with someone (if you’re going on a trip with someone). Any portable gaming device is great. A good book or two to read is also a good time killer or perhaps magazines.

Answer #2

I’ve been on a two flights of that exact length. What I did mostly was watch movies. Luckily, the movies provided weren’t bad. If you have an ipod or similar device you might want to put some movies on it that you’ve been interested in watching. If you don’t know of any, well, that’s another question you could ask on here :)

Definitely bring snacks of some sort (usually crunchy snacks help ease boredom a little) also, it’s a matter of personal taste but I simply could not eat the food provided by the flight.

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Answer #3

Read a good, new book :)

Answer #4

Where are you going? Not that it’s probably any different, but my friend went to Brazil&she said they provided a tv for her, with a big selection of movies, and meals. And that was in coach. Hope this helped.

Answer #5

I’ve only been on 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour flights. On the shorter ones you can’t really do much so i just organize my diary/planner, but on longer flights I have always watched movies, or one time I played poker with the old man next to me. You could bring your laptop and type out all of the correct info for all of your music on itunes (that’s what I do when I’m bored haha, like the correct titles, artists, genres etc). You could get some paper and a pen and draw all of your clothes with the other clothes that match them, then keep it as like a handbook to your wardrobe when you want to wear something but can’t think of what you have that will match. You could write poems or songs or even a story! You could look under a seat in front of you and whisper to yourself ‘was that a snake?’ and watch as everybody panics haha. If you are going with family/a friend you could do each other’s hair, play a truth game, play would you rather, see who can blow the biggest bubble….

If all else fails, keep ordering wine and sing your troubles away.

Answer #6

When I went to Europe 2 years ago, I played Marco/Polo with some italian on the other end of the plane

Answer #7

This is what i did the whole time on my flight to Greece which was about 8-9 hours. Since I liked the movie they put on I started watching that but i also had my portable dvd player, I listened to a ton of music, did some puzzles ( since I was younger i had an american girl book with a lot of puzzles in them, though i know there are plenty of other puzzle books on there), I slept for maybe about 15-20 minutes the whole flight, Look for all the awkward things around you for example my brother had someone in fornt of him who kept putting their seat back which was hilarious, go back to your childhood days and bring a Where’s Waldo book or an I Spy book

Answer #8

That’s funny(:

Answer #9

sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep. oh and make sure your ipods charged, cant get through a long trip without my ipod.

Answer #10

Get an ipad and get gamess

Answer #11

When I fly alone and am lucky enough to sit next to an interesting person I usually talk. I’ve had people tell me their entire life story including highly personal stuff because they figure they will never see me again. Otherwise I’ll watch movies and play games on my phone.

Answer #12

Most likely on those flights they have movies playing, you can watch. I also always bring my IPOD!!! So you can listen, play games and watch movies on tat too. I also buy a book to read, or bring magazines.

Answer #13

most international flites hav a really gud entertainment system…. i watched 3 movies in my flite 2 joburg(it tuk 9 hrs) dey evn hav gud music nd tv shows..’

Answer #14

If the flight is in the morning pull an all nighter the night before and then just sleep the whole flight…

Answer #15

Sleep, play games, bring your laptop and if you have wifi search the net. Read a book, play cards, or any other simple games, or stare out of the plane.

Answer #16

wifi onboard???

Answer #17

wifi onboard???

Answer #18

wifi onboard???

Answer #19

wifi onboard???

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