3 year old girl I baby sit

I baby sit a 3 year old girl and she is spoiled and if she doesnt get her own way she screams and yells and hits her head on any thing around her and he parents wont show her whos boss and she isnt toltet trained like I don’t know what to do with her?

Answer #1

Let her do it. Sit there and let her scream her head off. It may take 20 minutes or 30 minutes… but it will be worth it in the end. It really will. Eventually she’ll prob complain her throat hurts or she has a headache or something but she’ll be exhausted.

Answer #2

I used to house a family with a little girl just like that. Eventually, my husband and I found a way to make her listen to us, but when her parents were around, no matter what we said, they let her run wild. I don’t believe in spanking another person’s child, so we never spanked her. we just made sure that she knew she couldn’t pull the stuff that she pulled on her parents on us. as long as she knows that you’re the boss, and that you can’t be swayed, she will eventually stop throwing temper tantrums. it won’t be an over night transition, and it will be frustrating. you seem to really care about her though, so if you stick to it, she will eventually come around for you. as far as her parents go, they will have to figure that out on their own. maybe you could hide a video camera in the house after you get her tamed, and show them how well behaved she is for you. just don’t let her know that you are recording her because then she won’t act normal. maybe if you can pull this off, you can show them how differently she behaves around you, and they will change their parenting methods before its too late.

Answer #3

If I were you, Id tell her parents that if her behavior continues that you wont be able to watch her anymore. Its sad that the girl has fits but thats on the parents. And you should have to change a lil kids diaper if shes 3 wtf…thats crazy. There would be no way in hell that I would be watching a bad lil girl, who isnt potty trained and shes 3…youre good.

Good luck with that situation.

Answer #4

I’m going to have to disagree… if you hit my kids, I’d have you arrested… do not hit someone else’s kid unless you’re willing to risk getting into serious trouble…

and seriously, this is just the parents of the kids you’re babysitting being messed up parents. my dad never laid a hand on me or threatened me in any shape or form. I knew my dad would never hurt me or allow me to be hurt. I still respected him and listened to him… it is possible to have your kids respect you without fearing you… it just takes good parenting

Answer #5

Ok I’m the mother of 3 pretty well behaved small children and I will tell you what I do.

  1. I tell them what my rules are and (with a smile on my face) say that if they break any of my rules then they will get a Strike 1, a Strike 2, a Strike 3, and then they will see my belt. (And yes you have to show them the belt).

  2. Or quick solution…if they start throwing a fit then I go look for something heavy, usually a book and slam it as hard as I can on the floor (this gets their attention quickly) and then I go for my belt and walk toward them. This puts the fear of God in them and they usally stop.

For note: You may have to ACTUALLY use the belt once or twice, but once she knows that you’re serious then she won’t push it that far again.

Answer #6

but I cant stop baby sitting her like I try and she flipped and turn her self blue and passed out with her parents when they told her I was qiuting

uhm… well the beautiful thing about the human body is that it will not allow you to kill yourself by holding your breath… she wont die no matter how big a tantrum she throws… but that is something you can hold over her, since her parents dont seem to be disciplining her… tell her unless she behaves you’re not going to be there any more… not the best method, but desperate times…

Answer #7

Well I would tell you to spank her but even I don’t believe in spankings unless it’s really necessary. I baby sit a 1 year old and a 3 year old. The 3 year old you baby sit sounds no different from mine. I’m 15 almost 16 and I don’t have a lot of patience so what I do is if she doesn’t eat or drink something because it’s not how she wants it or what she wants, I just let her sit there and scream and cry because I know that if I let her do so, she’ll give in to my way very soon. If not I tell her in a stern voice you know what I don’t have time for this and I pick her up and put her in the bedroom and shut the door and she’ll scream and cry until she falls asleep. The thing is the crying and screaming gets on my nerves but I have to remember that she needs to follow my rules and I can’t give in to her so that keeps me more calm.

Answer #8

but I cant stop baby sitting her like I try and she flipped and turn her self blue and passed out with her parents when they told her I was qiuting

Answer #9

Let them know that if her behavior continues,, That yooh will not be able to handle the chid,, And that they will have to find a new babysitter.

Answer #10

Omg that is horrible. My little cousin is the same way she is 4 now but she is kinda growing up. Maybe you should stop baby sitting her

Answer #11

Well someone needs Nanny 101,, Because that child needs major disipline,,

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