Should I buy a 360 or PS3?

What should I get the 360 or the PS3? I hear that the PS3 has better graphics but lacks in online play. And I have to make sure that it is well worth the 600 bucks that it costs.

Answer #1

THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!: buy the 40 gig one ($400) then add memory externally

ask someone at the store about it ps3 is way better more reliability 3% failure rate 360 has a 16% failure rate hope that helps:)

Answer #2

atari 7200

Answer #3

atari 7200

Answer #4

not worth the $600 to me! I’m using the 1st xbox, not the 360. it is fine with me.

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ps3 graphics are slightly better than 360’s. but that isnt what u shuld buy a system for. sure, no one wants to see polygons on their 400 dollar system (though xbox has stunning graphics. look at oblivion and gears of war). xbox 360 has a lot of material to play around with besides games. movies and things like that. xbox pwns ps3..for now.

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I Don’t Know I’m Saving Up For A 360.

Answer #8

I Don’t Know I’m Saving Up For A 360.

Answer #9

i have played both. Xbox 360 blows the PS3 out of the water. the only thing wrong with 360 is Xbox live is subscription based. u have to pay. and 360 has a lot more games to choose from for now. ‘Crackdown’ is so much fun if u like blowing things up.

Answer #10

find me online. my gamertag on live is aSecretAsianDan

Answer #11

I would buy the 360.

Answer #12

I agree wit kobe!!!

Answer #13

I would soo go with the 360 if I were youuu then you can get ALL the really cool games they have soo many its not even funny. (halo 3, guitar hero) btw guitar hero world tour comes out october 27th!!!

Answer #14

well I’d choose the 360 because of these reasons

1.more games 2.can play the previous console games 3.better graphics 4.some games are cheaper

Answer #15

360, because there are like 10 games for PS3.

Answer #16

I will be absolutely UNbiased here and give you a run down, of reasons to buy one or the other. And I must first point out for the record, (and you should all thoroughly research this before you say I am wrong or flame me in any way shape or form) that the xbox 360 does indeed have a more capable graphics processor/card. Also the PS3 has a more capable processor 8 CPU cores @ 3.2Ghz 1 reserved for repetitive system operations (redundancy)as opposed to the 360’s general purpose triple 3.2Ghz cores CPU . Secondly, xbox 360 has more games, and for the moment, a more in depth online system, (which costs money) but you get what you pay for… PS3 has free online but nowhere near on par with xbox live, but PS3 has Blu Ray if that really makes a big difference to you.

Also unfortunately with the xbox 360 you get “uncertainty” of how long your system will last. Be sure to check the internet to see just how many (and its A LOT!) people are having problems with their xbox 360, how many times they had to send it in, and all the different (and a lot of the same) problems they have been dealing with. The PS3 has also had some problems, but is statistically “very solid” as opposed to the xbox 360 and has had far far less hardware problems than the 360.

End point, if you want a system with a slightly more powerful GPU (which wont make a major difference), more selection of games (at the moment, that could change and it might not), a much better online experience,(at a modest 50.00 per year), an uncomfortable uncertainty of how long your system will last until it will need to be repaired, and if you don’t mind having to send your system in repeatedly to be repaired if it does fail, go xbox 360 for sure.

If you don’t mind having less selection of games (at the moment, could change) if you need or want a Blu Ray player, and prefer free online (without the benefits of what xbox live provides), don’t care about a slightly less powerful GPU (which wont make a major difference) and are concerned with product longevity then go PS3.

Answer #17

Ps3 is the future of gamming but at a price is a bit heafty, games will eventualy come out for playstation but ps3 has greater graphics capabillities

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ps3 is better and this must be an old question cause there not 600 bucks anymore and you have to pay for online play on the 360 and the ps3 is free and they have Home which rocks!!!

Answer #20

I agree with everything erasmus says. but Im not sure if he said this I would like to add ps3=tech nerd xbox=gamer

pretty much sums it up for you.

Answer #21

my opinion you shud get the ps3 but you can also get the Xbox 360 because it has way more games!!!

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well dude it all depends on what your looking 4 if you dont play online go 4 a ps3 but if you want awesome online 360 all the way cuhz d;/

Answer #25

Buy the PS3. It has better graphics. The cooler on the 360 is louder and you can’t play the whole week with the 360. Otherwise it is broken.

Answer #26

I have a 360 and it’s freakin’ sweet. The graphics on the PS3 are cool, but the games for 360 are cooler (Halo3)!

Answer #27

u shud get ps3… both are great systems but my type of playing style is more ps3 like, 360 controller, the better on that is heavier, tilt inward sticks, and the triggers, the rest I like ps3 better and the systems… it depends on what type of gamer you r… great exclusives and others, online has cought up and in my opinion is now better thn 360 and is cheaper for more like that commercial… less(money) is more(what you get)

Answer #28

360 all the way most games on ps3 suck and online sucks even more 360 is a way better choice

Answer #29

Xbox 360… although my 360 is overheating, im sending it in for repair bc its still under warranty. And from what I’ve heard the newer 360’s don’t overheat as easily bc they have an inner-cooler built inside them.

Also, if you want a variety of games to choose from get a 360.

An up side to the ps3 is the free online gaming, but I also do not think thats a big deal, and I’ve also heard that it’s not close to as good as xbox live.

Answer #30

Honestly I have both an xbox 360 and a PS3 and I play my 360 more than I play my 360. But that’s just me, both systems have pro’s and con’s. For example to play online with a 360 you must pay for an xbox live subscription the highest is $50 for 12 months. Now to some of you that is a con but I honestly don’t mind because your paying for a service and that’s what you get, the 360 by far has the best online set up of all 3 next gen systems. You can chat with anyone on your friends list while you are playing the same game or a different game, you can even party chat with as many people as you want and you can all be playing different games. You also have one Universal name to use for any game you play online with and its called you Gamertag. I don’t really play online on my PS3 at all because the service, in my opinion is lacking compared to the 360, but I won’t complain because it is free which might be a plus to some. Now for example a good thing about the PS3 is it uses Blu-Ray discs which allow for developers\publishers to put more content in their games without having to use multiple cds. On my 360 I have Lost Odyssey which has 4 discs which really sucks. The PS3 also has an internet browser which the 360 does not. And if your worried about not being able to play games that the other system doesn’t have don’t be because the majority of games release for both systems. The only really big 360 exclusive games are the Halo trilogy and Gears of War trilogy and Fable 2. The PS3 has, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2 and my personal favorite Metal Gear Solid 4. In the end it comes down to what you want to play and or do with your system, don’t worry about graphics because honestly when I play my 360 or my PS3 some games have better graphics and some don’t. So like I said choose which one best suits what you want and what you can afford. Hope I was able to be a little un biased and helpful!

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Here is a comparison for you. If you want a variety of games and like first person shooter games and you like online play and you like having something you can stream music from your media center PC amongst other things…Get and Xbox 360. IF you want a blu-ray dvd player andfeel like spending a lot of money for a gaming system that will only have a few decent games get a PS3. to further make a point. When the 360 came out they promoted the types of games and the online capabilities. When the PS3 came out, however, they said it has a BLU-RAY dvd player, it has a such and such processor with a such and such graphics card and it is this fast and you can watch movies on it. oh yeah you can play video games on it too. oh wait. they never really said that until 30 games got released for it. they also said (sony) that it will be able to play ps1 and ps2 games. im pretty usre you cant really play PS1 games on it but you can play MOST not all MOST PS2 games. but to do that you need a PS2 controller and a PS2 memory card. on a 360 MOST original xbox games are backwards compatible (meaning you can play it on the system) you can even save, get this, on your xbox 360 harddrive. hmm thats nice. oh yeah. PS3 doesnt use the vibration function in its controllers. xbox 360 does. did I mention that a 360 is cheaper? has more games? better online capabilities? a camera? wireless battery packs FOR the 360 wireless controllers? LEGO STAR WARS!!! you can even rent movies from the xbox marketplace. what can you do with a PS3? well I’m pretty sure it would look cool if I lit it on fire with say GASOLINE!!! then I still couldnt figure out why I paid 600 BUCKS on a crap system with slightly SLIGHTLY better graphics. GET A 360 you douche

Answer #34

I’m actually asking myself the same question. I want to buy one of them with my tax returns, but I’m not sure which yet. The main thing I love about the xbox 360 (aside from Gears of War and Halo 3) is that you can play music while you play games. You can even stream music from your computer through the xbox 360, wirelessly , if you have Windows Media Center (which I do :D). As far as I know, the PS3 cant do any of that.

The main thing I love about the PS3 is the free online gaming, whereas with the xbox, you have to subscribe to xbox live gold ($50/year) to play games online. Its actually not that bad of a price for what you get, but just the fact you have to pay to play other people is enough for me to list it as a con. Also, $50/year is kinda hard to come up with when you’re like me and don’t have a steady job.

Other than that, most of the good games are available for both consoles (Call of Duty 4, Rockband, etc.), PS3 does have better graphics, but for me, I dont even have an HDTV so the graphics are all the same to me. The best graphics I’m going to see is what can be displayed through S-Video. And frankly, unless a console is capable of running virtual reality games, I wouldn’t buy a console based on how good the graphics are. No matter how realistic the graphics look, your still just playing it on a TV.

At this point I’m kinda leaning towards getting an Xbox 360 because it can stream music through the 360 from my computer, so I can make my own custom playlist for whatever game I play. Thats really important to me. and $50/year really isn’t too bad. I may have to save for it, but I’m willing to do that.

Answer #35

Well, I think you should get a xbox it is way better than a PS2.

Answer #36

I think you shound buy an PS3 not a XBOX 360!! From GameWorldMaster!!

Answer #37

360 is the best it would beat any console you put in its way

Answer #38

Uuuummm yeah xbox all the way ps3’s online it’s free we know but online on the xbox is better so I don’t mind paying 4 it I get a 12 mounth card along with a 3 mounth and the was last summer I still don’t have to buy another till aug there’s just so much more that you can do with the xbox that you can’t do with the ps3 the little things just make it better so yeah xbox 360 all the way!!!

Answer #39

well dude it all depends on what your looking 4 if you dont play online go 4 a ps3 but if you want awesome online 360 all the way cuhz d;/

Answer #40

xbox 360 has 120 gig which is well I dont know but I know its a lot cause I’ve got a 360 and a 120 gig harddrive

Answer #41

PS3, heard some kid killed himself because of xbox 360 -_- the PS3 will be safer for you… I think

Answer #42

Ok, I posted earlier when I couldn’t decide. I decided and at the end of March, I bought an Xbox 360. So far I have no regrets about it. AND I haven’t had any problems with it. No rings of death, the console is behind glass doors in my entertainment center so the drive isn’t that loud. I dont even hear it actually. Rock Band songs that play over my 5.1 surround system usually drown it out.

Few points…

The ps3 may have better graphics, but either way, I’d be hooking it up to my TV which only have composite inputs (it’s not an HDTV) so graphics mean nothing. I dont care if its 720i or 1080p graphics, its going to look the same to me.

The xbox live isn’t bad. $50/year isn’t a lot. (can you really not afford $4.17/month?) And most of the new games comes with a free month of xbox live anyways.

I noticed to download songs for Rock Band, they make you exit the game to download the songs, then you have to start the game back up. On 360, you can download them right in the game.

Your “wallet” on the ps3 seems like a HUGE security risk. I’d much rather buy prepaid cards at the store then to have to store my credit card info on the console (which xbox has that option also, but I don’t take advantage of it for this reason). If your console is stolen or even if someone you know comes over and uses it, they can obtain that information. I’d much rather give people access to my 600MSP then to give them access to my credit card info.

Loading times on the ps3 suck. I’ve played many games on both consoles (I live next door to my cousin who has a pos3) and the loading times on the 360 are shorter. My cousin blames it on the 1x/2.4x bluray player.

I used to think that the lack of a built-in wireless internet adaptor on the 360 was a bad thing. but when I downloaded the Cagney update for Burnout Paradise with a wired connection in less then an hour and it took my friend (who has that game for his ps3) 10 HOURS (I’m not lying, Noon-10PM) to download the same update over his wireless network.

Erasmus27: I wish you lived in my city, lol. You quoted what my cousin said about the ps3, about how it has better graphics and a blu-ray player and a great processor… and he went on and on. I’m just like… “ok… so am I going to enjoy playing its games it has to offer or just stare at the hardware all day because I seems like staring at its hardware is more exciting then playing most of the games it offers.”

    But Sony seems to have caught on to the idea of 

renting movies online and having achievements (or “Trophies”), but it seems kinda late for them…

Melovesyouu: Oy… where do I start? One, My xbox doesn’t sound like it’s going to explode after playing for even 6 hours straight, much less one hour. and it’s even sitting on a DVR that’s constantly warm! and it’s in an enclosed entertainment center!!! I have no heating issues. Two, well I answered this in my first point towards the top. Three, I don’t care if it’s a green-ray player, that doesn’t mean that it’s a better game console. Notice “GAME console”. How good or bad a console is depends mostly on how good or bad the games for it are. A few classic games that people love to play, even though they don’t have 1080p graphics: Tetris, Astroids, Zelda, Pac- Man, Paperboy, Duck Hunt (NES), I could go on, but I’m getting tired. And I have experienced my cousin’s ps3 freezing up several times. and he did have to send it in once to get it fixed because his fan failed. he’s turn it on and a few minutes later, it would shut down. my xbox has never froze up on me.

I purchased my Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite on March 26, 2008, and, to this day, I have never had any problems with it. No over-heating, no rings of death, nothing. (Knock on wood)

Answer #43

We have a PS3, but it seems like there are a lot more games for Xbox 360, and I’ve probably read as many people saying Xbox is the best as have read PS3 is the best.

Once there are games that take full advantage of what the PS3 can do, I’m sure it’d be worth it…but for now, I’d look at the games that are for sale for each one before deciding on what platform to go with.

Answer #44

oh by the way, the reason there is a 50 dollar per year cost on xbox live is because when it was free people would bring modded consoles onto live and ruin gameplay for other people

Answer #45

look at the vids on youtube about ps3 vs 360.ps3 kills it in every way 360 only has bout 35 games more because it been out for extra 16 months.not loot more really.

Answer #46

dopeyjir is right.the question should be Should I buy a 360 or PS2?

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Answer #48

ps3 hands down it’s easier to use 360’s harder to use but the graphics are the same

Answer #49

the ps3 is wayyy better especially now its cheaper also the 80 gig is 400 more space and the 360 60 gig is 400 plus the online is better for the ps3 there the same tho but you pay for 360 its like paying to have internet twice

Answer #50

360 pros Lots of games, Online is better,Compatible with Windows media 360 cons Reliability issues, Pay to play online, Lower graphics. PS3 pros Better graphics, Free online, More reliability. PS3 cons, Less games, Online is poor, No Fable 2.

Answer #51


ps3 has better graphics. ps3 is a blu-ray player. you don’t have to play for online play. things you download offline (like map-packs) can be played offline. there is a web browser. even though 360 currently has more games, EVERY GAME exclusive to 360 is also available on PC. Plus, Sony kicks Microsoft’s @$$ anyday.

Answer #52

the mainman doesnt know what he is talking about. get a recharge kit. that solves your battery problem. disks get scratched? dont play the 360 on its side. red ring? FREE to fix from microsoft. HDMI cable broke? take better care of your stuff. but you dont have to be trash talking me on this forum because you disagree with something that I have actually researched and learned about. the only reason you should get a ps3 right now is because of the blu-ray player. but guess what? there is a rumor that is going around that new 360’s will have them installed. so why should I go waste my money on a piss3?

Answer #53

to be honest with you… I’ve played both.. the PS3 has free internet but it doesnt have the same capability as the 360 online wise, but the graphics of the PS3 are much better than the xbox 360. But at the end of the day its your choice what you waste 400 - 600 bucks on. me? id rather have a life =]

Answer #54

erasmus is a dumb friend bought a x-cox because hes not much of a gamer.this was last month since then the batteries have gone twice in the controllers(still uses batteries)the hdmi cable is busted his games have got scracthed,and he now got the ring of death.I admit halo is awesome.but the awesomness ends there the menu is bad the it cost money to go online my friend still hasnt figured out how to get internet browser.whos saying the ps3 lacks online its comparrision buy ps3.x-cox 3shty might seem cheap but if you had to buy accessories its dearer than ps3.stay with playstation.

Answer #55

It really depends on what you want out of a console. Just remember it’s mostly about game play. You can have extreme graphics, but if the controls are bad it is not worth it. I’d rather play with a pixel than look at a lagging HD image (PS3) cough, cough!. And most people don’t have HD Tvs so they cant take advantage of blu-ray but, they can with DVD. So what if it’s $50, if you can afford broadband surely you can afford a subsciption. What’s the point of having Blue ray when you don’t have a HD TV, it’s like have a computer with no operating system.

Answer #56

You should get an XBOX 360 it costs less,cooler games,it has more games,and it is stronger than Sony’s PlayStation 3 so it won’t break as easily.

Answer #57

I’ve read the commens. I ‘ve done the research before my purchase. The winner for me was the PS3. I have one HDTV, and will be getting another. I use it to search the web don’t have to log on the PC, watch all my movies(rgular and Blue ray).I play my old ps1 games like tetris (classic).I play my PS2 games like GTA vicecity. I play the new stuff like burnout Paradise city online free of chage. the controller feels close to the same as all the rest, so there’s no difference there. I did send the extra money at the time for the 80G, no regrets. I feel that playing the game that are available are great. the updates that I have gotten didn’t take 10 hours but around 25 minutes wirelessly. My friend has the 360 I thoought it was nice, just didn’t want to buy a blue ray player later nor did I want to pay for an online service. No you can’t stream the music library during game play for the ps3, but I the game is good you shouldn’t have to modify anything. I paid 60.00 bucks for a game that I have to do the soundtrack for is dumb. And up side for the 360 is the ability to load the old games as well as movies onto a new hard drive just like the xbox. It boils down to what you want out of the system, the money to spend on it, and the amount of time your playing. I have a fulltime job and after work the PS3 is my therapy(games or movies). Stop the debate, make yourself happy 360 or PS3. DUB1000R

Answer #58

I have to say I don’t know why people keep saying the Ps3 has no games it has a better variety than the 360 and all the So called exclusives for the 360 arnt exclusives gears of war bioshock halo3 soon to be are all on the PC also which dostn make them an exclusive and Also the Ps3 has Killzone 2 and I know 360 fanboys will say the first one sucked the game was too powerful for the system so now that they have super awsome system the game is going to kick face PS: Dont bother wit ha 360 it has too many problems adn the 2 so called great games gears of war 2 and halo3 have the worst graphics and game play the ydotn deserve to be called next gen. Hoped that helped any one


Answer #59

get a 360. better online. more games. more variety. marketplace for other types of games that are more cost effecient on the wallet. download and rent movies. play demos by downloading from the marketplace. have 200 friends on your friends list rather then 100 on ps3. 120 gig harddrive. biggest on ps3? 80 gigs. get a 360. it costs less and you get more. 360 has more exclusive titles to games that are really great. gears of war, gears of war 2, halo trilogy, fallout 3, etc…

Answer #60

I agree with you people the ps3 is a lot of money and all it has is better grapics wow thats not even half of it the stuff like head set or blue tooth or any thing like that is a lot more and has few games and it gets very hot fast and has probblems turning off and the cam for ps3 is pixed a lot and only comes with the cables and contorler wow sux if you ask me get the xbox 360 or elite great for more games cheaper better stuff for it so whats 50.00 a year not much but I played x-box a lot and it’s way better and better games and with a better company and more updates and never has a problem turning off or over heating please buy the x-box 360 or elite

Answer #61

ps3 no question.evryone who is saying xbox 360 is clueless about gaming. ps3 has way better graphics(especially on an hd tv) xbox 360 is greatt…for a kindergarden. its gaming interface is aimed towards little kids so it seems. plus, it charges you 50 DOLLARS A YEAR for live when it uses YOUR OWN INTERNET CONNECTION. ps3’s live is free when it has the same features for live as the 360. and for the ps3 you dont have to spend 100 dollars for a wireless adapter where as you do for live on 360.

hope this helps

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Answer #63

a playstation three.

playstations, for one, do not sound like they are about to explode when you play them for more than an hour. second, the graphics are intensely better, not to mention its actually meant for hd. which brings me to my third point, they are blu-ray players. I have never experienced my ps3 freezing on me, yet I was playing a friends xbox, and we couldn’t even turn it on. four, even though ps3’s have a smaller selection, if I wanted an xbox game, I would just buy it for my pc. also, we don’t have to pay for internet on ps3, wheras on an xbox, you have to pay for xbox live.

go ps3. if your worried about the price, just get the 40gb.

Answer #64

yo 360 is great but ps3 is brand new its up and coming it can do everything a 360 can and a ton more. yes it has a few games but all its exclusives r amazing and more are coming out. pS3 is way better. plus itll be aorund for another 5 years at least. WE all know what microsoft did to the xbox 1.

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