2 girls one cup video- cant find it anywhere!

I've been looking everywhere for the actual video

Like Youtube etc, I just keep finding reactions though

So if anyone could send me a like to the page or something?

That would be great thanks.


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Haha That vid make me sick!

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where can you find it then? my friend wont let me leave her house until I see it =[ haha beotch

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ANSWER #3 of 10

www.(removed).com/2008/07/02/2-girls-1-cup-video -

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ANSWER #4 of 10

I would suggest you go to www.(removed).com you will find it there but I hope you havent eaten yet =P

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ANSWER #5 of 10

First- why do you want to see that film! It's beyond me!!

Secondly you will never find stuff like that on Youtube as porn is banned from Youtube.

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ANSWER #6 of 10

yeah I know,
found that out now thanks!!!

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ANSWER #7 of 10

You won't find it on youtube. It's porn.

Why in the world would you want to see that any ways. Ew.

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ANSWER #8 of 10

sif you'd wanna see that
don't waste your time.
it will only wanna make you puke everywhere.

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ANSWER #9 of 10

that is the nastiest crap you will ever see or hear this described in the middle of science class GAG yuck

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ANSWER #10 of 10

omg that is the most nasty vidoe I ever seen in my freaking life... and yeah you wont find it on youtube!!!

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