How long will it take to lose 20lbs eating 400 calories/day?

How long do you think it would take to lose 20 pounds on 400 calories a day?

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yeh I really want to loose weight aswell, I started ana but now bulimic 2 and sometimes I cant restrict my calories to 400 which is my goal 2! I really want to loose another stone so if anyone gives you helpful advice, please pass it on!! thanks x

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I've been 400 calories for 2weeks and 150lb down to 140lb, very tired though. I don't do any excise as such but am active with 3 kids

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HI I am 16 and I eat 400 cals a day, I can't seem to go way over, not sure why. But I am normal weight wise. I want to lose 5 pounds, but my frame is wide from my shoulders so I look chubby even though I am thiner than most people. I am typing this at night, and I keep a food diary and I ate 441.7 calories today and I am STUFFED I feel so full. If you do do this I suggest you drink a lots of water, it cuts down hunger A LOT, if you are not fond of drinking water a bit like me then eat ice cubes through the day it is calorie free, fills you up and you are chewing something! Good Luck

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Definately will lose weight, and fast, but its not maintainable and you will have absolutely no energy so exercise will not be a possibility.

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Probably quite long. The reason being you will be starving yourself, so your metabolism will slow and you will actually burn fat slower. Reducing caloric intake from 2,000 recommended to 1,000-1,300 is appropriate, but 400 calories a day is way too low. You'll end up gaining weight from your slowing metabolism.

The way to lose weight is through healthy diet and exercise. Eat 4-6 SMALL meals a day, consisting of lean meats, whole-grain starches, fruits and vegetables. Set up your plate so 1/4 is meat, 1/4 is starch, 1/2 is fruit and veggies, and there is minimal fat.

If you do this as well as drink 8 glasses of water a day and exercise for 30 min a day a few times a week, you will see healthy results.

Good luck.

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Actually, you'll lose weight pretty rapidly if you eat 400 calories a day. There's a reason people starve themselves and it works. It's really unheathly and you could pass out from have no energy. Another trick is to just burn more than you consume each day. Burn 1000 calories at the gym and only eat 800. You'll lose it quickly that way too. Don't do the 400/day thing - it's too risky. And if you feel sick, just the end, it's not worth it. I heard the 72 hour weight loss pill works wonders...just an fyi

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