What is the #1 best fruit for you?

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Cherries & Strawberries :D oh and Mangos :)

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health wise?

Fruity stuff

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Oranges, Apples & Bananas :)

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lets see.... magos, strawberries, passionfruit, lychee and cherries

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Strawberries and Kiwis :) I use Strawberry-Kiwi body mist, strawberry-kiwi shampoo and conditioner, AND I love eating them XD


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Oh, like, healthwiiiiiiise. XD I dunno D:

southern comfort
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Oh, like, healthwiiiiiiise. XD I dunno D:

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strawberries and watermellon!! yumm:)

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Watermelon :p

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all fruit is good for you, all. the 5 a day thing is just that, 5 a day... as long as you eat 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day.

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blue berry and lychee!

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I love mango or watermelon, yummy.

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I thought of cantalope but why am I talking I hate that fruit. But apples, bannas, tomatoes r good 4 u

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All fresh fruit is good for you.....just eat what is in season, and you'll be doing fine.

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apples ;)

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Lol ya everyone is listing the ones that they like the most.

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Bananas feed the healthy bacteria found in your gut, the same bacteria found in yogurt. Apples have the most antioxidants for your dollar, though blueberries have the most per handful, and most fruits have a lot. Oranges and many, many others have vitamin C. Likewise nearly all have potassium and many other nutrients. So, yeah, you might as well eat whichever ones you like or, um, bananas and yogurt for an added bonus. Everyone is listing their favorites instead of healthiest, but it doesn't matter, they're all healthy.

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