18th birthday ideas

I have my 18th Birthday coming up and I really dont want to have like just a party I want to go out and do something. Can anyeone give me any good ideas on what I should do? I thought about going out to get a pedcure and a manicure and go and get my hair done with really tight curls and go shopping for a cute outift.. then go out to dinner with a bunch of friends to Chevys on the river, but then I dont know what else to do like after. Because I have a guy friend that is in a wheel chair and some of my friends arent 18 yet. Please help me with ideas I have well pretty much one month, my Birthday is November 2nd…

Answer #1

ok well atleast your better off than i am, my 18 th brithday is september 25th and i still dont have any ideas.. but i mean do you have a friend thats a club promoter ra bouncer that can hook you up? becasue the best thing would be for all of you to go to diner, then meet up at someones house (whoevers house is most convenient) pay a limo driver to take you to and from the club and whoever hooks you up with the entrance see if they can also hook it up with bottle specials and all your friends just throw down for some… if your buying bottles they really dont check for id’s all that much (atleast its like that here in Miami) if anything just feel free to hit me up at bfurones3@gmail.com remember i need ideas too* ( the only reason i’m not doing the whole limo thing is because they did it last weekend for my guy friend it was awesome)

Answer #2

happy very belated birthday, I notice I’m a little late on this one, but my 18th birthday is next weekend and I was just wondering what you ended up doing for yours so I can maybe get a few ideas? thanks so much and I hope your birthday was awesome!

Answer #3

well ma 18th aint until november 18th…n i was also thinkin bout having a dinner in the city wit all ma friends..but i wouldnt noe wat to do afta that…i wanna do somethin fun cuz all most half of ma friends are coming dwn from college for that weekend to celebrate ma bday…so can anyone plzz give me any ideas??

Answer #4

it’s my 18th on the 23rd!!and i’m screwed. a weekend away with friends would proove too expensive…i’m thinking a bonfire would be cool…or a champagne picnic in a maze according to my mate XD does anyone have an ideas to make it a bit more ‘different’ happy birthday everyone! x

Answer #5

My birthday is on November 17th, my mum as part of my present booked an apartment for a group of 8 of my friedns and we were going out for tea then just going to a few pubs to celebrate… I had everything booked then 4 out of the 8 pulled out because one has a running race the next day so her and her boyfriend wont come and then one of the others said well I wont go either then… could imagine how annoyed I am now with my bday just over aweek away with no ideas!!!

Answer #6

you should rent a limo and go to like an 18 and under night club!!

Answer #7

my 18th birthday is November 2 too!!! trippy.

Answer #8

heyy my birthday is november 2nd 2..

email me at lovetilldaend@aol.com

and ill help u out!

Answer #9

plan a road trip, or go skydiving…thats what im doing

Answer #10

get a bunch of friends together and go out to eat somewhere

Answer #11

Wooo im 18 in 2 weeks and on my actual birthday im going out for a meal with my family and boyfriend and then the week after going out clubbing woop woop :) How about having a house party ?? or book a party at a club or pub or something, :)

Answer #12

im having the same problem lol im turning 18 in October… i was thinking about doing tthe same thing your doing with the whole go get all dolled up and then go out to eat. but then alot of my friends wont be 18 by thn so what im thinking of doing is haveing two days of parting. the fist day which would be the day before my real birthday i would do what i mentioned aboce but then for the second day i would do it for my friends that would already be 18 and then go out clubbing or have a crazy party somewere…well i hope this was helpfull!!!! good luck and hapy early birthday!!

Answer #13

hm.. I know it is already march. I have an idea I think you will love. I am having a huge birthday bash in my basement for my 2 friend’s 18th. it is a “black and white dance party” . . having the black and white makes it more fun for everyone (because you have to dress special) and then we are having the birthday girls wear hot pink and tiaras! of course, if you are not into dancing, playing poker, foosball, or just talking are options. . and there is always food. and since drinking is still illegal, we are having margaritas and daquiris for fun! hope this gives you some ideas.

Answer #14

okay my birthdays on July 20th. and its already the 1st. ugh I don’t know what I want to do.

cause whatever I do I have to pay for it myself. my actual birthday my guys (which are my boyfriend and all of our friends that are all older than me) are taking me out to the local beach staying the night at a hotel and then their taking me to a strip club.

and then I gotta figure something out to do w. all my other friends that arent 18 yet. and I don’t know what to do, nothing childish or boring.

hmmm.. I don’t know help me out

Answer #15

yeah my 18th is coming up on november 22nd but what i am doing is celebrating it with a friend before, we are sharing a party and having it flapper and ganster themed (1920s), by sharing it we share out the cost so it won’t be as much money for each of us as if we are doing it alone. For that most of my friends are invited regardless of whether they are 18 or not, but if you can’t do that go for a meal and you will be able to buy a bottle of wine and i think the law in the uk states that you can have alcohol while you are eating, and then celebrate with a night out which is what i am actually doing with my mates that will already be 18, that way you don’t leave the ones out that have a while to go but you also have fun too!

Hope you sort out what you are doing!

Answer #16

hey! im having the same problems, my birthday isnt until december 8th, but if im going to organise a party ive got to think now to book a place because of all the xmas bookings coming up. but i really dont want to plan a big party and hire somewhere out, they never seem to turn out as well as expected, but hardly any of my friends will be 18 in december so they wont be able to come out with me to all the clubs, hmmm =/

any funky ideas that will be fun to do?


Answer #17

My friends 18th birthday was a month ago and me and another friend planned out a huge scavenger hunt @ the local mall.. 12 of us girls went. so we divided into 2 teams (make cool team names & make shirts, or write them somewhere where you can see them in the pics)

so there was 6 of us girls on each team, each team had a digital camera & we both had the same list of things we needed to do(examples: take a pic in boys clothes, take a pic on an elevator, take a pic with the hottest guy you see, take a pic with a random stranger..etc)

please make them as CRAZY as you want! but only one person can make the list.. that way all the rest of the people doing the scavenger hunt won’t know what they’re getting themselves into!

We all met at the mall at 5pm, and had dinner reservations at 6:15.. so if you weren’t @ the restaurant at 6:15 your team automatically lost.. each thing on the list is worth a certain amount of points.

at dinner you can look through all the pics & just laugh at some of the ridiculous things you got pictures of (plus if you have facebook/myspace- it adds for a hilarious album)

then at dinner we passed out stupid gifts to the winning team- whoever had the most points/ most accomplished things on the list. (we went to the dollar store and got the most random gifts EVER for the winning team) then you can go to someones house after, make mixed drinks & pop in a movie!

it was an awesome night! & she had an amazing birthday! my birthdays in a month & I’ve already used all my ideas on my friends! ahhh!! Hope everyone who wrote on here ended up having an AMAZING birthday.. hell yeah, were legal!!! hahaaa

Answer #18

really. my 18th birthday is this saturday! and i’m going to spend my day with my friends and my boyfriend. we are going out to a really cool park to hangout, then after that we’re going out to eat. then a hotel party. then maybe clubbing in a week.. i can’t wait!! <3 sammie

Answer #19

My 18th birthday is tomorrow. I’m not having a party, because its summer so almost all my friends are off with family or staying in a different state with step parents. So what’s a good idea for me to just do with my sister or family. I am leaving to college in the next month so spending this day would be perfect if it was just with the family. But I still just need a little last minuet plan.

Dinner is the general idea. But, I don’t know what else would be fun. Movies would be out of the question because I’m getting a boob job for my present, and I’ll be out for a few days, with nothing to do but watch movies.

Any suggestions would be great. If not for me, maybe for someone stumbling across this with a similar problem.

Answer #20

sooo.. it’s July 1st. and my 18th birthday is on the 20th.

and I don’t know what ima do..

I know on the day of my birthday my boyfriend and our guys are taking me out to the local beach (cocoa beach) and we are all staying in a hotel and their taking me to a strip club lol. and but I don’t know what ima do for my friends that arent 18 yet I need a fun crazy plan. thats also cheap cause im paying for it all myself, and my parents arent helping me out. soo I need some ideasss :) please help

Answer #21

my 18th soon aswel, n i dont no wot to do eitha. i reli cant be botherd 2 organise n e thin. but i was maybe thinkin a beer bus, but its abit expensive 4 evry1 soo, i was then finkin about a snowdome or sumfin. i reli dont no…

Answer #22

what about to a pub which is like a local in your area that would allow 17 year olds

thats what i did so you can drink and the 17 year olds can have coke :)

Answer #23

I am in amercia.. in actually California uniited states… you have to be 21 to drink

Answer #24

I think it would be really fun to get dinner at a really nice restaurant, then take a limo and just ride around town, then you could have a hotel party, have some champage (have a friend who’s 21 get the champagne) you could get a hugee suite and all of your friends could be there playing games like truth or dare and stuff and watch movies and hang out. thats what I wanna do!

Answer #25

Someone I know went paintballing on his 18th birthday. Him and his friends had a great time. For my 18th however, I think I went ten pin bowling before having a barbeque back home, as well as a chocolate cake. It usually doesn’t have to mean doing much on your 18th, just as long as your family and friends are there to make sure you have the time of your life. =o)

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