What do you think of the family on TLC that has 18 kids?

Im sure you all know that show on TLC about the family that has like 17 kids and is expecting number 18. What are yourviews on this? Do you think these people have kids just for the publicity? Do you think they are really able to support 18 children? Do you think they just dont believe in birth control and whatever happens, happens? Do you think they try for all these children? When would you call it quits?

Personally, everytime I see the commercials for this show Im just amazed. I cant believe that one set of parents would have that many children. I cant help but wonder if they like the attention and being on national television. It seems like every year that show has been going they are expecting another baby. Although, my grandmother had 9 kids, she was a strict catholic and didn’t believe in birth control - so I see both sides of the story. What are your opinions.

Answer #1

I have always thought that the Dugger family is weird. Their beliefs and everything. I love John and Kate plus 8 because they allow themselves to make mistakes, but the Dugger family just tries to hard to have all of their children be perfect and not let them make decisions for themselves. I am referring to the episode of the son (over 18) only being able to hold his girlfriends hand. RIDICULOUS!

Answer #2

its child abuse

Answer #3

If you can raise them up to have a good life, then yeah its fine, your choice. but I dont think any human being could raise 18 kids. lol It is kinda stupid. you would need a lot of thinking through and make sure you have enough money… a stable relationship, definitely.

Answer #4

if your able to suport all those kids I think go right a head it’s there lifes. but if they cant suport them I would have to say no dont bring a nother child in to this world if you cant take care of them and most inportant dont do it for fame

Answer #5

I thought I heard once that they didn’t believe in birth control (I might be wrong though). If that’s the case and they can afford to have them then good for them. When I’ve watched the show it seems like they’re doing alright for themselves and that the kids are well taken care of. They also seem to be very old fashioned (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and it seems like they feel if they have enough love to go around then why not share it.

As for me personally, 3 is way more than enough but I’ve always felt like I was born to be a mother so if I had more I would be happy and love and take care of them just like my 3 now.

Answer #6

I watch that channel and its crazy they dont believe in bith contorol on condoms!

Answer #7

I have to say that I have strong feelings on this type of subject. I was born into a large family and my childhood was hell because of it. I was the second child and the oldest girl, at age seven I was frequently left alone to care for my younger siblings whilst my parents worked. They were determined to have all the things that other couples do including a large house and very expensive cars. I was an incredibly bright and talented child who consistently achieved A grades. I left school and home at fifteen to live with a horrible man who I didn’t really love but was so desperate to get away from them all. I firmly believe that children in large families suffer, especially older kids who are forced to take on responsibilities that they are not ready for. Women are capable of bearing children every year or so because a lot of our babies used to die in infancy. In the modern world. over 90 percent will survive to adulthood. This means that we only need to have one or two kids. Any more than this is damn irresponsible as it will have a negative impact on the childrens lives and our planet is struggling to support us all anyway. Why do we still maintain this primordial instinct to pass on our genes and reproduce when there is so much else we can do with our lives? Afterall, ther are far greater achievements than procreation, intercourse followed by birth, followed by nurture. Big deal, rats can do it. Maybe we should follow their lead and eat a few babies from time to time to keep the numbers down?

Answer #8

personally, that is something I dont want to do. dont get me wrong, I want kids, but like 2 at the most LOL. I guess if that is something they want to do and well not to sound rude or anything..but if thats what they want to put up with, I guess. whether its a want to or just for publicity, they sure have a lot of guts to do it. honostly the way the economy is, I dont see how they make it, they may get help, but still, I dont see how they can afford it. I kinda feel they have the attitude if it happens, it happens, if it doesn, it doesn. I guess is itf religion reasons, then I reckon. I dont think a religion should tell you how many to have or whatever, but thats just me. like I said, if they want it and put up with it, then I guess do it. and id call it quiets after the 2nd child lol I dont want a house full of kids, thats me, I think 2 be good enough for me!!

Answer #9

I think it’s nuts!! I think they try to have that many kids. If they can afford them, then that’s great. But how can they give each child enough attention when they have so many of them?!

Personally, I want a lot of kids…by a lot, I mean 4 or 5. But I’m not sure how we could afford that. Even my boyfriend doesn’t think we can afford that many…and he’s going into a very profitable career.

Answer #10

I don’t want any kids at all, so I don’t understand it, but I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t really care about it.

Answer #11

I don’t necessarily think that they are doing it for the publicity, but I believe that it is what you said before, “whatever happens, happens.” Maybe, when they do get pregnant, another benefit is the publicity. So what I am trying to say is that, I do not think that they try for more children but if and when they do get pregnant, they have more publicity and they do not see it as a negative thing. I guess they should be free to have as many children as they would like, as long as they are financially able to support them. But on the other hand, I do not think that it is fair to the children. Every child that they add to their family, takes away more and more attention from another. I just don’t understand how you could possibly pay enough attention to each child with so many children. I mean, well what if every child is involved with an after-school activity, such as sports. How can they go to every child’s sports game everytime there is one? I don’t know if it is just me that thinks this way, but it is just my opinion.

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