15 and wanna be pregnent.

im 15 and been with my boyfriend for 4 years and for the past 3 months weve been trying to get me pregnent, and it hasnt been working. what can I do to get pregnent?

Answer #1

Why in the world would you at 15 want to have a baby? Of course, you love your boyfriend—but neither of you are ready for the responsibilities that come with having and raising a child. I was 31 when my daughter was born and I STILL wasn’t ready for everything involved w/ having and raising a child. you guys haven’t even finished school—how do you expect to care for a child financially? Working at Burger King sure isn’t going to do it!! you guys are going to live w/ Mom and Dad forever? Are Mom and Dad going to help pay for everything you need when having a child is involved? Look at this list: Rent Groceries Gas (when your even OLD ENOUGH to drive) Formula Diapers Dr bills How are you guys going to handle all that PLUS anything else I forgot?(Which is probably quite a lot?) you guys need to finish school, get a higher education where you can make good money, live your lives for awhile—just do what you want to do when you want to do it, because when baby does come—there won’t be anynore of that!! spontaneity is gone for a good 16 or 17 years, and that will still be limited. you and your boyfriend need to sit down and think long and hard about this. you don’t need to become another statistic—going through the grocery line using your EBT card (welfare) to buy your groceries.

Answer #2

everyone said…its your choice…but what happen if your plan of bringing happy to your child failed…you are to young…dont you now…your baby 70% will be ‘sick’/‘unnormal’…he will be cripled / mentaly problem or anything…whos gonna support that…dont think about you only…For God sake…your ‘bringing’ a new life here…

Answer #3

WHY DO you WANT TO DO THAT!!!.Have you really thought about this.What would you do if you get pregnent and you’re boyfriend decides to leave u.What then.?? you r still young I know you dont want to hear it but it’s true.So much in life to look forward to and you want to be stuck with a baby in your arms.Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against babies I love them ,but I’ve seen to many young girls lives ruined because of this.Think long and hard over your decision and remember you r the one who’s going to sit up with the baby at night not your boyfriend or mother.

Answer #4

it costs 10,000 dollars a YEAR to raise a baby!! not including toys and stuff!! trying to have a baby at 15 is STUPID!! neither of you are even old enough to HAVE a JOB!! you are defenatly NOT READY FOR A BABY!! IM NOT EVEN FINANCIALLY READY FOR A BABY AND IM 19!!

Answer #5

Wow - I’m getting a little disturbed by this lately. What causes a 16-year-old to think they can raise a living child? I really don’t understand. How in the world are you going to be able to afford a child, let alone provide your child the proper care. Children are so expensive, what if your child suddenly gets sick, who’s paying for the hospital bills?

Because you’ve been dating your boyfriend for quite a long time you think “hey, we are mature enough to have a baby”… it doesn’t work that way. Yeah, congrats on the long relationship but that’s not a flashing sign you should have a baby.

If you love each other that much you should be willing to wait for a better time in your life when you both are done your schooling and have a good career going. Why are you in such a rush to grow up?

If you think anyone is going to tell a 15-year-old how to get pregnant you’re out of your mind, it wont happen, there are already enough child ‘parents’ in this world and it drives me nuts that my tax money is being used on them because they couldn’t keep their legs closed.

Answer #6

Don’t. You’re 15 years old. Who’s going to provide? Who’s going to take care of the baby?

Answer #7

What are udoing???…is there some sort of desprate-inner-mom in your heart telling you that having a baby is great…IM TELLING YOU…your MAN will not be SERIOUS with this…you guys are still young…THERE WILL BE BREAK UP…this global crisis is happening and why do you think that you will be able to carry a LIFE for a BURDEN…NO WAY…IN THIS SITUATION-DONT FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!! THINK LOGICALLY, be real in this situation…why do you need a baby??? maybe you like to hold a baby…but you just dont understand a mothers burden to care a soul hoping that the baby will grow…


Answer #8

well first of all- talk to your parents and conseler( or just parents if you want) about what they think of you having a baby- but also talk about what could happen to the baby since it would have a 15 yr old mother. your child could be forced to be given up for adoption if you cant take good enough care of it for watever reason- also how would you get all the money for a baby? there arent many well paying jobs that would be willing to hire a pregnant/ mother 15 yr old. so think everything through before making your final choice. and good luck with watever you choose to do!

Answer #9

Maybe you are not getting pregnant for a reason, maybe you are abit on the young side…

maybe just maybe you & your boyfriend should enjoy just being the two of you together & enjoy life & even though you have been together it doesnt mean that its okay to have a baby..

you are still very young yourself & having a baby is not like having baby born or baby alive, its a real baby, a huuuge responsibility & your whole life changes & at 15 its a lot to take in,

hey im more than double your age, married with a home and so on & still its hard!!

please re consider this, please thank your lucky stars that you have not fallen pregnant & just enjoy being 15 & baby free!!!

Answer #10

Agree with stephanie.

Look - what’s the hurry? Why on earth should you want to have a baby now, while you are still growing, while you’re still developing and learning, and while you still have to decide how to spend your life.

Without a proper education you’ll never be able to get and hold a good, interesting job. How are you going to suport that baby-toddler-child-teen for the next 15 to 18 years? And what about yourself? What do you want to do with your life?

Having a baby can wait! Now is the time for you to finish your education, finish growing up… and then you can make the decisions.

Answer #11

ok..that ISS disturbin!!!stephanief987 said it all out rightly for me!!! hope your havin second thoughts!!!

Answer #12

Oh no you dont want to do that seriously,your just 15,ya honestly think hes going to be in your life forever.

Answer #13

Best Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, get financially stable, THEN baby !!

Answer #14

Cop on - your only a kid yourself

Answer #15

Well im 15 and have a gawjuss baby girl an to all those people who think im not old enough me and my partner have a jobs and I still do corospodence we live on our own and I love it. People are always acuseing people of taking there tax money but what about those people like me who are doing fine without bein on the benifit.

Now its not exactly easy all the time my Beautiful daughter crys all the time and stuff but if you really wonna have a baby( really really think about it) weigh the pros and cons about your situatuin and then talk with your partner.

You need to save money Find a job A way to do schooling buy baby clothes toys dipers formula bottles cot changeing table

and then pay rent gas money power bills docters groceries and any other bills you may have

also you need to be preared that you will have no socail life for years. well not a real one and you carnt just think about your self you have to pay all your time to the baby you carnt turn it off its a 24/7 job.

To make you really think about this

your man most likely leave you at soem stage not today or tomorow but men dont like it when they carnt do what they wont. Trust me make sure he gonna stay wid you or just wait till your married ( no im not a hypocrite were ingaged )

Peoploe will always look at you like your a slut but its really your decision


Answer #16

it is totally up to you. I know some teen moms who are better moms than any 30 year old I’ve ever seen! yes, you may have financial trouble, but you need to love your baby. good luck and think it through

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