14 yr old to Warped Tour?

Ok,here’s the sitch: Last fall my daughter (13 then) wanted to go to the Warped Tour with a friend (12) was going with her Dad. I told her “no”, that’s def no place for a 13 year old to be (the venue was about 2 hours away from home) I had never met this man although I was sure he was pretty nice (had talked on the phone with him before) Well of course my daughter gets mad and says I’m treating her like a baby when I repeat to her 13 is way too young for her to go to anything like that. I knew from being an EMT that it got pretty wild. As a matter of fact, when Warped Tour and OzFest came through every year, we had to draw straws as to had to work the day or 2 either one was in town because no one wanted to have to be there working those days. . There were OD’S hours before the show started!! Anyway, she will be 14 in May amd I know she’ll be asking again for this summer. The girls father won’t be going and I wasn’t planning to say yes anyways. Can’t take her because I’m unable to sit/sleep on the grounds for so long Bottom line: I think 16 or older is a good plan for most concerts, particularly one like that 1.

  1. Parents— do you think I’m too overprotective and “treating her like a baby? (Please do not answer until you have researched this show and its size and general fanbase attracted. Please!) Thanks for any imput you may givre. {=
Answer #1

Hey hi…!

Sorry to answer this… as I am not a mother yet and you did sound a little forbidding to those who has no experience..

To be very honest with you dear, I don’t have a baby yet, but I have kept under me, my niece..Neha! She was just 11 when she was really tough for me.. she wanted to go for a summer camp… we called it “freelie”..!

I was very protective cause I really love her…and her parents had left her with me for her vacations… I was alone and nobody at home…

You know dear…I was having a hard time convincing her to stay back… I can really understand what you are going through.. But give her a chance to understand you too..! she is young and who knows it better than you that at this point of age till 16 or 17…children grow a little stubborn and protesting…

If you think that the crowd she will be in is not safe for her (like too many guys and the community).. please STOP her.. but if the crowd is all about her (I mean her age and community) then why not??? She’ll learn many things.. 16 is the right age for all these stuff for sure but it’s also an age for one to get carried away easily… that age will be more tough.. cause kids start lying also! Don’t be over protective but being just posesive and a little more protective is very warm!

I bet your girl is very sweet and will definately understand her mom.. Have some patience and and clean things infront of her..that might help…

I did the same to her..occupied her with so many things like…

  1. I took her to the game parlour everyday for an hour
  2. taught her all sorts of hand crafts
  3. asked her to help me in preparing cakes, ice-creams, jellies, etc. (all for her)
  4. bought a pair of white rat… (which ran all over the house OMG)
  5. taught her some music.. (I play violin, flute and keyboards)
  6. took her for some shopping..

Trust me.. it worked.. She loved staying busy… at home and at the parks (I took her whenever possible)

I don’t know how much it works for others but I really worked for me.. As she was too young..

But yes, trusting her means something..

Take care!

Answer #2

Thanks every1, at first I thought I would be outnumbered but its nice to know there are still parents that hold themselves to their beliefs. I took her when she was 10 to see her idol Hilary Duff and broke my neck finding backstage passes for her to meet Hilary!!(BTW. I succeeded!! And we have pics!!) But. Hilary is one thing and Warped Tour is quite another!! I would never be able to bring myself to take her to that one. Almost 2 days worth of screamo bands! No thanks. I’d rather stick hot needles in my eye-would probably be about the same pain in my head!! (: Fionanance, def wasn’t saying no one but parents to answer. I just wanted parents to research Warped Tour and to realize that it is not your regular concert. Most are about an 2 1/2 hrs counting the opening act ans inside. Warped Tour is held over a week-end outside, and with multiple stages with bands playing concurrently. Plus the Gorge Amphitheater is faieluy good size and being there as an EMT we saw knifings. 2 GSWs one year alone, along with several od’s each day. Scary stuff to know that my daughter is there (I trust her with drugs I believe she will leave them alone-I think I’ve scared her into taking anything!she won’t take Tylenol for a headache. At least I hope she stays scared )and might be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get shot, ya know! Once again every1 thxs for your input!! Anyone else, please put your 2 cents in!!

Answer #3

Let her go. Its a matter of trust at this point, and you have to trust she will do the right thing. In essence, “she is innocent til proven guilty” Make a deal with her. One big event a year, of your with your approval til you think its ok for her to attend on a regular basis

Answer #4

Im no parent, but warped tour is not the most unsafe place in the world. Im 15 and im going this year, as I did lastyear. As long as your daughter is with either a parent or a large group of friends, she’ll be fine, and as long as she stays out of mosh pits and heavier music concerts.

Answer #5

I’m not a parent, I’m 19-years-old. I do-not think she’s old enough to be going without a parent, however if a parent you’re familiar with steps up and says “I’ll take them” I think you should let her go.

Its a matter of trust at this point

I don’t think this is the way to test a parents ‘trust’ on a 14-year-old girl, there is no way I would either, especially because it’s not close to home. Too many bad situations could happen that a 14-year-old wouldn’t know how to react in a mature manor, I’m not saying something will happen but that chance can be VERY scary for a parent.

I think 16-years-old would be the perfect age to allow her to go to a concert and things like that (without parental permission).

Answer #6

My brothers are going to the warped tour this year and they’re only 15, but there also going with a big group of people. My advice is to not let her go, too many bad things happen at those kinds of concerts. People do drugs, drink, and when there like that who knows what could happen. Just plain unsafe for a girl that age to go, wrong crowd to be with. Let her go when she’s like 17…I’m 19 and I’m sure glad I never went to one of those concerts that young, who knows what could have happened. You might as well let your daughter play russian roulette with a loaded gun.

Answer #7

I think it’s a terrible idea to let her go. You say that you’ve witnessed what goes on at these shows–if that’s true, you KNOW that it’s completely inappropriate for a girl that young to be there without a parent or responsible adult.

There are body guards and security, but they are NOT looking out for your daughter, and even if they were, they’re very very greatly outnumbered.

It’s better to treat her like a baby than to have her start doing drugs at 14 or get sexually assaulted.

Answer #8

Oh and of course that’s where she wants to be–right up there in the mosh pits! I told her once she was actually looking at a mosh pit–she’d change her mind quickly!! Hey, thxs for answering. We’ve decided to let her go this year. Her Dad is taking her and a friend to the Tour at the Gorge Amphitheatre that I spoke of earlier. She’s really excited about the lineup—loves Jeffry Star, 3oh!3. And idolizes BMTH–I think her Dad is gonna have his hands full that day!! Lol

Answer #9

Well, I’m a grandma…but a hip one…that means I’ve seen plenty of concerts in my life :)…and you are absolutely RIGHT…she’s too young to go with just friends without an adult. However, should an adult volenteer to go, then I think she’s old enough this year, for that. Could you take a folding chair, in order to not sit on the ground?? It’d be a memory she’ll never forget…that her mom took her…

granny phrannie

Answer #10

let her go. this is the FUNNEST shows EVER! I wanted to go last year as well and my mom wouldnt fcuking let me go -.-“. you should totally let her go with a parent still, I mean really. theres only one life to live. and the bands are sweet and nice. look up NeverShoutNever for instance :D. she would probably almost forget about you not letting her go last year. its so fun, I swear. and look on the bright side, its not Taste of Chaos :] that gets way hectic.

Answer #11

yes im 13 myself and went to my first concert when I was 11. what hell are you on! this is my first year going and im excited. let your daughter live a little.

Answer #12

if she was going with parents or older people that you know and trust, then yes if not, then no gigs can be a great expirience for some, for others not so greta there are hundreds-thousands of people there some take drugs, some drink, some are after sex while thats not the majority of those people, it is quite a few and a little girl with an even younger friend alone at a music festivle is not a good idea your not treating her like a baby for not letting her go your protecting her, and taking care of her safety and wellbeing

Answer #13

ok I’m 27. a mother of 3 and of course a daughter. I didn’t really go to any concerts growing up because my lom protected me from them. My sisters and I turned out fine. i have to say I will not allow my children to go to them unless I AM THERE. i know what goes on there. my husband has been to many. no thank you! trust or not. you could trust your daughter but how do you know if you can trust the other people. Or how do you know something wouldnt be slipped into a drink. I’m over protective? fine whatever. But my kids are my life! As you stated, you’ve seen what goes on! Of course you’re worried. but I am in complete agreement. i wouldn’t even say 16.

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