What places hire 14-year-olds?

I am trying to find a summer job, but a lot of places don't hire people that are 14.
any places you know that do hire 14 year olds near vancouver bc?By the way does burger king and those like places hire 14 year olds??

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I need a summer job, and don't know what to look for. Let me know if any suggestions.

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does anyone know who hires 14 year olds in long island new york?? Please I need a job!

What places hire 15-year-olds?

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do any one knwz howz hireing 14 teenz in alabama if so can you write me at mii_s0_brand_n3w@yahoo.com

Will any jobs in Houston hire 15-year-olds?
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Im Vasiliy 14 years and I would like a job like packing thing or landscaping or anything like that
if something just give me a call (360)953-0029

Thank You

Are there real jobs for 14-year-olds?

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paper route
walking dogs
cut the grass

Does McDonalds hire 13-year-olds?
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Just stop by those local stores and ask, is the easiest way - Here's some general ideas:

You'll have to ck the laws in your area - may require a permit..some ideas:

Baby sitting
Paper route
Dog walking
Grocery store
House sitting
City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs
Vacation and Tourism spots
Parks and recreational areas
Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities
Day and summer camps
Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks
Museums, Zoos and Aquariums
Airport concession firms
Childcare and Eldercare providers
Health care facilities
Business services (including)
Moving and packing companies
Pool and spa companies
Lawn care and other maintenance companies
Construction companies
Movie theaters
Fast food and restaurant establishments
Ice cream parlors, juice bars
Clothing and accessory stores
Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

Wish you the best !!

What places in Phoenix, AZ hire at 15 years of age?

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North gate gonzales grocery stores hire just to sweep 32$ and hr.

Can 14 year olds can get a job in Dallas, Texas?
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hi...even thoe im 12..I happen to know that fast food places hire at 14 but theyl only hire you if you do good in skool...

Can a 16 year old girl get a job as a stripper?

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yeah kroger hires 14 to bag grocery

Where can 13-year-olds get a job?
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I Need A Summer Job,Im 14 I Live In Tallaght Dubllin 24 If Any ! Knows Wer I Can Get A Job Please Contact Me On My Email Address loulick@hotmail.com

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What companies hire convicted felons for office work?
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Well I'm currently looking for a job, I am 14 too. Looking for some way to get some money to pay for drivers ed.
But I've heard from many people that we're too young and that we sound not be looking for a job yet.
You know what I have to say,
well you have a job,
your a person,
I'm a person,
why can't I get a job,
just cause I'm younger.
That's stupid.
14 year old's should be able to get a job.
don't let anyone tell you 14 year olds that you can't get a job.
Cause I know you can get a job.
I suggest going to a supermarket like Shaw's or Hannaford.
I'm going to try going to Shaws and apply to be a bagger.
It's not much.
But it pays!

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You can go too job places but frist you need too get a perment from your groverment offices in your area or you can get one from your school that you go too,my friend.

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baby sitting, house sitting, day and summer camps, child care and elder care, pool and spa company, movie theaters, clothing and accessory stores, grocery store, hotels and resorts.

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Trying to find a job at 14 years old can be tough. Check out these suggestions: http://www.akatoo.com/question.html?question_id=1341920 Hope this helps.

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I once ran into a kid that was painting the address #s in front of houses. he had flag stensils n all kind of other junk. 10$ a pop for just the standard black and white. the guy made more than i do in one day.

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The secretively best jobs are found at the recreational parks. You can be a referee for soccer or a baseball umpire or snocone maker. I heard the refs make lots of money. About $20 per game for soccer!

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me and my friends are looking for a job we are 14 but the only place we have found that hires 14 year olds is twisters the ice cream shop we have filled out applications and hoping to get the job but if that dosent work we need a back up plan so if anyone have any suggestions just email me at keketurman13@yahoo.com thank you for your time. good bye kenyda

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