Does he like me?

Okay, so there is this guy that my friends think he likes me, let's call him G. And then, there is another guy that everyone thinks we should date, let's call him D.
So, today G came to me and it was like this:

G: So, how are things with D?
Me: I don't like him.
G: Come on, I know you do.
Me: I don't, seriously!
G: If I were you I would move on, you know before he gets ugly, which will happen in a short time...

Then he started blabbering about how ugly D was going to get, and then:

G: You are going to be like that soon too xD (joking)
Me: No, you are! xD
G: You are with those braces! xP
Me: You are with your face! xP (We were joking xD)

The he started saying that he was going to get his revenge on D and saying how weak he was, almost like he wanted me to lose interest on D? And it was like this:

G: The other day we were playing freeze tag and I pushed D and he just went like, flying xD *then he pushed me lightly, touching my shoulders*
Me: You are 13 and you still play freeze tag? xD
G: I'm 12 xP
Me: You still aren't 13?
G: No, I will be on January, 19th.
Me: Oh cool, I will be 14 on March 6th.
Then his friend came to me and he said:

T: How much do you weight?
Me: 41 - 42, why? T:
You weight as much as my shoe size xD
Me: How much do you weight?
T: 51
Me: Yeah, but you are taller than me! And tallness takes space xD
T: xD
Me: My cousin has a big foot!
T: How much is his shoe size?
Me: 50, I think...
T: How old is he?!
Me: He is our age, only 3 months younger than me.
T: :O

Then we spent the remaining time asking D how much he weighted, and D, like the jerk he always is, didn't answer and walked away with his friend (a girl) (he has been spending a lot of time with her, and once I heard him say: "But what if she doesn't like me?", so I think he is asking for love advice?)

Then I went to my classroom and when I remembered we were going to have Spanish, and because the teacher was taking a lot of time to show up, I returned to their classroom and it was like this:

Me: *pokes G on the arm*
G: *turns around*
Me: Quick question: Did you have Spanish today?
G: Quick question: Yes!
Me: Damn!
G: xD

My best friend says she thinks G is right for me and that D only cares for the biscuits I bring to school. And my other best friend says he thinks that G likes me and is right for me, and that he thinks D no longer likes me. He also said G said "Quick question" instead of "Quick answer" because he was nervous and that he was my type because he was intellectual, funny, and likes the same things I do. When I got home I talked with him on Facebook and it was like this:
Me. I don't like D, I like another boy xP
G: Oh really?
Me: Yup
G: Who is it?
Me: I can't tell, otherwise It won't be funny anymore xD
G: Come on
Just tell me already
Me: I really can't, because, actually, I'm still thinking about it
G: Ahahah It shows.
It smells like something burnt.
Me: Grrr xD And besides, my best friend doesn't really like the guy xD
G: And I am not giving a crap for that. Me: Lol, so why did you ask? xD G: I am not giving a crap about the fact that she doesn't like him.
Me: So, you are saying that I shouldn't care about what she thinks?
G: Yeah, precisely.
Me: Yeah, I think you're right, my best friend (boy) says that he likes me, and my best friend (girl) thinks that too, but I don't think so, It seems impossible for any guy to like me xD
G: Yeah, It is a little xD
I'm kidding
Me: Lol, I got it xD
But I still think it isn't truth.
G: You're silly.
Me: Why? Are you gonna tell me that it isn't truth xD
G: No
Me: So why am I silly?
G: Because it isn't true. Everyone can have one admirer not for the package, but for their personality
Me: Well, I don't have very much of a package to appreciate xD
And if that was true, I would have someone by now
I haven't had a boyfriend since kindergarten xD
G: Ahahha, me neither
Me: Lol, seriously?
G: Yeah, but not because I couldn't, because I didn't want to
Me: Who in the world wouldn't like to have company? xD
G: Me...
Me: Well, I could have had one, actually, but I didn't want to, he was a jerk xD
G: Yeah, right...
Me: Seriously, he is from class C and he told me he like me through facebook But he was an idiot that only cared for the outside...

*Then the "seen at ... " message popped out and he went offline...

Do you think G likes me?
Oh, and sorry for the long text ^^'

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Yeah G likes you. It was a long read but he obviously does if he is trying to throw D under the bus. Why else would he care about your relationship with D? You don't throw a person under the bus for a girl because you want to be better friends with them, but rather to better your standings. Examples of this in the media are shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Hope that helps

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