What is "art" to you?

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Anything that seems creative and you can tell that it's actually had thought put into it.

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Art, is what you see at art,some you like some you don't.some call art for arts sake, but i don't always agree on what is art, I visit the Tate Gallery and what i see is only what i like, if that makes sense. Art, as in beauty,"its in the eye of the beholder"

Would film fall under the fine arts or the preforming arts?

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Anything that may speak out to you in its own way.

What's "airbrushing" in art?
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expression of thoughts in a way that others can sense what you feel, emotion

How can I learn how to do different art things correctly?

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Something created that is pleasant to look at and/or pojects a positive image/message......

How do I get more creativity/ a better imagination for my art?
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In the broadest sense art is anything expressive that we do. When we describe something as artistic we are saying that the art is notably expressive, pleasing, or compelling. When someone claims something isn't art what they are usually saying is that they do not approve of what it expresses rather than it not being expressive. Today we make the distinction between "Fine Art" (what artists do) and crafts or decoration (what artisans do). Everything we do can be art if we express ourselves and our whole world can be art if we appreciate the expressiveness of everyone else.

What scene should I do for art class?

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Sculpting An amazing body
I'm the artist, and my body is the canvas :)

Does anyone admire classic art work?
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Wasn't there a famous piece of abstract art that was nothing more than a nail in the gallery wall?

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Art is the perception of what ever is express.......I use to believe in art as portraits.....but I realize now art can be pokemon.......So....it is what ever you like......thats my expression.....

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to name my new art blog on Tumblr?
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I'm huge fan of cubism. My father is artist, and i appriciate to him, that he was teaching me how to paint, and introduced me in word of art. Art is my life, also i writed article here - cubism art essay

What type of art can I do on glossy boards?
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http://funadvice.com/r/162duvtasjo , hyperlinks don't work here(((

Focusing on the Arts
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Art is the freedom of self expression and the inner workings of a human mind. You don't have to be good at drawing or sculpting or painting to be good at art, you just need to be good at expressing yourself in your own personal way.

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Art isn't the canvas, the paint, the clay, or any medium.. those are simply the tools of a trade: nothing without the human components. Art is found in the viewer. It's the impression and message received by the person seeing the piece. It's the opinion formed by the viewer and how they perceive themselves within it.

(note: a 'viewer' in these terms can include the artist as well.)

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I believe that anything which expresses feeling and also gives an attractive look to the people like Painting could be art. Art is very creative thing which keeps people to be addicted with it.

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