FunAdvice Trivia: Where do Chinese Gooseberries originate from?

A) Australia B) New Zealand C) Fiji D) China

Answer #1

Kiwi originates from Southern China.

Answer #2

In answering this question, you have to look at it analytically. Dont let the first word fool you, just because it says chinese, does not mean it comes from china. The key to answering this WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP is to examine the last word, gooseberries. Now, what country is dumb enough to think berries come from geese? When you look at it that way, i think the answer is- no wait. I think i actually am on to something now. Three of those four answers are in that one place called micronesia or something, whatever A B and C are all locationally close. The only other answer was put there for the deception of chinese gooseberries being from china. Now, by thinking which of these countries houses berries moreso than the other, odds are you will guess the right country. Its only a 1 out of 3 chance now too. I dont think its australia because half the continent is barren rock and what little fertile land there is are huge port cities. New Zealand is very fertile and relies heavy on agriculture so it seems a likely choice. Fiji is tough because i dont know anything about it. However, i seem to think that is has a high population density meaning less agriculture usually. So, by my high school intellect, i deem the right answer to be B. And my word is golden, because i am 0 for 4 with colleen’s trivia.

Answer #3

Without looking it up I assumed Chinese gooseberry was a misnomer and that it was New Zealand because of the name Kiwifruit but I see you are correct. The other big question I have is how to eat them. I cut them in half then scoop out the fruit with a spoon like you would a soft boiled egg. My wife prefers them peeled and sliced. Some people at work just cut the stem end off and eat them whole skin and all.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Peeled and sliced is the way to go. I would never eat the skins!

Answer #6

Can I just point out that none of those countries are in micronesia. New Zealand is in polynesia, Fiji is in Melanesia and Australia is not considered to be part of any of the subregions of Oceania.

Answer #7

The answer is D) China :) … while it was always thought that the kiwi aka “Chinese Gooseberry” originated in New Zealand, it is actually from Southern China.

Answer #8

that would be great because i wasnt sure.

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