If I had a room made of cotton candy, would it be warmer than the rest of my house?

Like if the walls and everything were made of cotton candy. Cuz like wouldn’t it sorta like insulate the room? Theoretically, obviously xD

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I’m never calm >.>

Answer #2

u need some candles ><

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Well, it may insulate the room for a little while, but moisture in the air would certainly put a quick end to that.

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Thermal insulation does not “make things warmer”, it simply reduces the rate of transfer of thermal energy. This means that, assuming the cotton candy did increase the thermal insulation of the enclosed space, it would keep that enclosed space cooler if the surrounding external space was hotter, or it would keep the enclosed space warmer (provided it had an internal source of heat energy such as a fire, or your own body heat) assuming that the external surrounding space was colder. . That is why Thermos vacuum flasks keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot: the evacuated space has extremely low thermal conductivity (like your cotton candy perhaps) thus reducing the rate at which heat gets in to warm up cold drinks, or reducing the rate at which heat gets out to cool down hot drinks. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #6

What’s Cotton Candy?

Answer #7

Us poms call it “candy floss”. It is usually pink and very sweet. it is made by whipping up coloured granulated sugar so that it forms many very thin filaments that can be wound up as a tangled mass onto a stick. It is typically sold to children and other poofters that like to hang around fairgrounds. Aussies ( even the Sheilas ) consider themselves to be too manly to be seen within a dingos walkabout of the stuff.

Answer #8

If you had a room made of cotton candy you could eat it all and go on the world’s most epic sugar high :D

Answer #9

haha i am not sure. but i know it would attract a lot of ANTS! other then that it would be kinda cool to have a cotton candy roomm

Answer #10

I would just eat the room…

Answer #11

Thanks for the explanation, majikthise. Here in Australia, we call it Fairy Floss. It’s dreadful stuff.

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