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I was listening to X-mas Specials on XM Radio and I heard this song "The Twelve Drinkos of Christmas" by Frankie Ford. I was wondering what the lyrics were.

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Scottish Comedian Bill Barclay recorded a version (sometimes titled "The 12 drinks of Christmas"). Each verse contains a stronger drink, with Bill becoming more and more drunk as the song progresses.

* 1st day: wee heavy and a half pint
* 2nd day: two nips of gin
* 3rd day: three black and tans
* 4th day: four Baby chams
* 5th day: five Happy Days
* 6th day: six Carlsberg specials
* 7th day: seven rum & cokes
* 8th day: eight nips of whisky
* 9th day: nine vodka'n'limes
* 10th day: ten creme de menthes
* 11th day: eleven Blue Lagoons
* 12th day: twelve Alka Selzers

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