Don't you think that the term big boned or big woman is misleading?

I am all for people loving their bodies, but I am also all for health and healthy living and feel that the term bigger woman is just making it ok to be unhealthy (i.e. overweight). I have a friend who is really bigger, but she is super healthy and also quite tall. It just seems to me that this is becoming the new in thing and that it will promote unhealthiness i.e. it’s ok to be overweight as long as you like it, forget about the health consequences. But as usual I would like opinions PLEASE (oh and reading my question would be much appreciated)

Answer #1

I had never thought about it like this but yes, now that you have pointed it out, it does seem that people (women and men) are using the term ‘big boned’ to justify their weight. Almost as an excuse to get out of exercise or to not worry about what they eat. Big boned is an actual type of body- some people do have bigger bones than others. But that doesn’t need to mean overweight as well. You can tell by looking at somebody if they are healthy or not, and eve looking at ‘skinny’ people you can tell that their diet consists of energy drinks and pies, it’s just lucky for them that they are young with a fast metabolism. I know many people that are ‘big boned’ and could outrun a ‘hotbod’ easily. I think people need to get to the source of their problems instead of covering them up with trendy words, almost like a label.

Answer #2

Well I know where the source is lazy people would rather eat than get off the a55.

Answer #3

I don’t think it’s misleading. There’s a difference between being structured larger, and being overweight. For example, the friend you mentioned would look much different from someone who is shorter and of the same weight group. A healthy person can be larger, and you can tell when they’re healthy because their flesh just sits on them right. Sometimes it’s just genetic for a person to have a little more meat on them, and I wouldn’t say that being accepting of this is promoting being unhealthy, because it’s not unhealthy, it’s natural, and attractive. There is still a very distinct difference between being large, and being overweight, and we have a sort of primordial consciousness of that difference, even if our societies are becoming less healthy and more inclined to obesity. The health consequences are still very well known, and the difference is still obvious to onlookers. Doctors, regardless of a person’s self-confidence and love of their appearance, will still tell a person that is unhealthily weighted that it’s not good for them, and that something should be done.

Answer #4

I understand what you are saying, and I completely agree. It seems like it’s becoming somewhat of a fashion or trend to be big, like it’s a good thing.

I’m glad that big women can be happy with themselves, and not care what others think… because you shouldn’t put yourself down, and everyone deserves to be happy. However, they don’t seem to be thinking about the health issues that come along with being big. They often say things like “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” or “I’m not fat, I’m PHAT” etc… to show their confidence. They also say things like “If you have curves, you should flaunt them”… but the thing is… some of the women I have seen who said phrases such as that are not just curvy, they are quite over weight.

There is nothing wrong with being curvy, or thick… but once it goes over that and turns into extremely over-weight or obese, I believe it’s time to start thinking about their health. They don’t have to lose so much weight that they are stick thin, but losing a bit to where they are just curvy and not obese isn’t going to hurt… it’s going to help.

Answer #5

I totally understand where you’re coming from. A woman should love her body the way it is, but also be concious of staying healthy. My best friend is short and stout, I’m tall and thin, but we would tell you that my friend is healthier than me. I am challenging myself to change my habits. It depends on the person, their genetics, lifestyle, and activities. As long as your healthy and happy, what your wieght/shape is shouldn’t effect that. As far as woman not liking their body even when they are healthy, I’m tired of bodies being a competition between woman. Who you are is what makes you yourself and younique! Be cinfident with what you do have and enhance it :)

Answer #6

Only about 20% of women are actually big boned or have big bone structures. And I disagree with the doctors things, doctors are human and would rather give medicine because it is too tough telling someone to lose weight. But thank you for your opinion. I appreciate the feedback.

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Answer #8

I know they give being over weight many names, my dad is overweight and I think he is one of the worst I know for the fun little name for it. He is a big boned man but he is still over weight and it causes him issues at his age. I think that being over weight or obese is one of the number one causes of health problems in the USA, and if we don’t stop making excuses and start fighting the problem I feel it will cause more issues in the future.

Answer #9

We laugh about it, but this is a major problem in the US and many parts of the world.

Answer #10

They can’t give them medicine for nothing, they have to tell the patients what’s going on with their bodies and what they’re giving them medicine for. And there really is no medicine for losing weight, even the stuff advertised on television has fine print that says it takes eating right and exercising on top of whatever’s being sold. Doctors are human, yes, but they still have a job to do, it’s what they’re getting paid for. If they can’t keep their patients healthy or alive, at that, then soon enough, they won’t have any patients at all.

Answer #11

To put it simple, people dont think of the inner beauty or “functions” of thing or people, they care about outer beauty which is vain.

Answer #12

So what do you think we should do? Call people fat? P.C. terms exist not to promote or deny anything, but to make people feel better, what exactly is someone with a low IQ but stupid? And yet we don’t like calling people stupid. No one is actually fooled by P.C. terms. So no, I dont think it is misleading or that anyone then thinks that it is ok (they just have to turn on the tv or open up a magazine to be told how terrible it is that they’re fat, don’t worry TVs aren’t going to let them forget). And health effects are the least of women’s problems when they’re fat. However, apparently throwing it in their face hasnt done much. Kinda like how printing warning on cigarette boxes doesn’t do much.

Answer #13

Why is health the least of their problems? The number one killer in America is obesity, not low confidence. I just don’t think people should promote it as being ok to be big. You health can destroy your family. I know, I’m in a situation where my father who doesn’t care about his healthy is destroying our whole family. Why not call something what it is? It’s unhealthy and overweight, not big and beautiful.

Answer #14

Actually not true, patients will rather deal with the effects of the obesity than the obesity itself. It’s easier drinking pills for diabetes than it is to lose weight and put in the effort. I worked in the medical industry for 2-3 years and have never heard any doctor/pharmacist tell anyone that they need to lose weight because that is what causes their problems.

Answer #15

My mother didnt leave the house for years because of body image issues. Oddly enough, it didnt motivate weight loss. Who would have thought. Also my dad’s entire family is fat. No health issues related to weight (no cholesterol, bp, heart issues, and my grandparents lived into their late 70s). Anecdotal stories don’t exactly mean much on a grander scale. Also, there’s one weight loss ad every 10 minutes here. Big and beautiful isn’t promoted by anyone. However, calling people fat and ugly, doesn’t get results either.

Answer #16

I know it doesn’t, I’m just saying that people are focusing more on their looks than their health and by promoting it to be beautiful is the same effect as promoting them to be fat. Neither gets results. And good confidence also doesn’t cause weight loss. Everyone is so obsessed with looks that now they’ve made big and beautifult with the focus on big to be ok. And I’m sorry, but it’s not ok to be unhealthy,because it does not only affect that person. You’re lucky that the overweight people in your family could live for so long, too bad it doesn’t apply to the general population. And 70’s isn’t that old.

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