How often/ When do they drug test in the US?

I always read things on here about people having drug tests before job interviews, or random ones at work/school. In NZ we really only drug test if somebody is driving crazy but they are under the alcohol limit (must be something else…). You guys seem to test a lot haha

Answer #1

Yes, people generally get tested before job interviews, or if they have a job or go to school (especially if they play sports) they may be randomly tested.

Not every single job you work at will do this though,sometimes it depends on the company and people you work for.

For school, mainly when you play sports… it’s to make sure you are not doing any type of dr.ugs (especially steroids) as that would be breaking the rules… and you would not be allowed to play sports anymore.

For work, it’s mainly a safety precaution. If you are on dr.ugs, and you come into the workplace all dru.gged up… you could harm yourself or others. Especially working with machinery.

Answer #2

If you work for a union, such as a carpenter or contractor you have one regularly, usually every 6 months. Most jobs won’t actually do it, even if they have you sign a contract stating you understand they have the RIGHT to. The will only do it if you give them suspicion.

Answer #3

There is no such test here in Indonesia. What is being famous here is Test of Potential Academic. Unless if you apply for position of a police of army. Other than that, no.

Answer #4

When I started working for TeleTech they didn’t test, but them you sit and get yelled at all day being a “customer service agent”, so it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people made it through the day by smoking up at lunch :P.

Before I started at OfficeMax tho, they did make me do a drug test.

Both are national companies, so i guess it just depends on the company.

My current employer is a small business and never asked for a drug test.

Answer #5

I’ve never had a such a test and do not plan on ever having one. I suppose if I was desperate I might agree to one to get a job. Other than the occasional glass of beer or wine I haven’t had any recreational substances in almost 30 years. Basically I don’t believe it is any of your employer’s business what you do on your private time. Many prescription medications cause false positives and force you to disclose medical conditions to your employer that you may not wish for them to know. Even some foods and over the counter medications can cause false positives. Nobody without probable cause should have to suffer the indignity of this test.

Answer #6

Wow that’s amazing. We don’t really drug test at all in NZ lol

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