Why do all guys think that girls are impressed witha big penis?

Answer #1

because you got one

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Answer #3

its in their ego…with guys its pretty much all ‘bigger is better’ and the bigger their pen1s is, the more confident they feel about it, especially if its bigger than anyone’s they know. most guys are kind of idiots when it comes to it though…they think girls only like a huge pen1s, and if they have a big one, they usually send pictures of it to random girls…its like how a lot of girls with huge boobs or huge fake boobs show them off because they think guys only like big boobs

Answer #4

i guess that all of the women i have been with have been glad that i have what i have, i can satisfy my partner because of the size and the technique i have learned to use through experience. many women i have picked up have been amazed once they reach that point of our relationship and have related stories of other guys that just didn’t measure up and they never were stimulated properly, i was amazed at the number of women that have never reached 0rgasm with a guy, before they met me.i utilize my tongue and fingers as well as my pen1s. so i guess if you took a poll i would bet that if a woman had a choice between a below average size, an average size, or an above average size they would choose the average to slightly above average, somewhere in the 5” to 8” range. i am happy with how i am made and my women have been happy as well. unlike a womans breasts which serve a visual and external stimlating role during sex, a larger pen1s when used correctly can create more internal and visual sexual stimulation than a small one. it so happens that i prefer a woman with a smaller A or B cup rack. it is just the way anture intended it- bucks with larger racks draw more of the does attention than the small racks. so blame nature for this.

Answer #5

Yeah I get that and I agree most women would like a bigger pen1s but why do guys brag so much its not cool just annoying

Answer #6

lack of maturity and experience play a role in the bragging- those who are less mature and have less experience believe that they have to play their size up to a girl, and never grow past that. sometimes it is like advertising if they have nothing else going for themselves to attract a mate- they fall back on the “ i have a big pen1s” to try and attract a girl instead of using their wit and charm. most of those that brag are usually exagerating anyway- but not in all cases, it truly depends on the guy. the woman i am gonna be with tonight saw what i carry around and wants it bad, that is just how i am made and nothing i can do about it- but i won’t brag- it is what it is.

Answer #7

I don’t think ALL guys believe this, however, most of them that I know personally do. I don’t quite understand this myself, but I think they’re just naturally more lenient to believing the whole “Bigger is Better” idea. Hope this helps. :)

Answer #8

Because of porn

Answer #9

Because, they have gotten in to this idea that if they are bigger, they will get more girls, because girl like that. Which is not true, just something that started and know wont end.

Answer #10

I don’t know, why di girls think that guys are impressed by big breasts. Think you got ur answer

Answer #11

not all girls

Answer #12

Devyn, I think when a guy expects you to be impressed by his big penis, it’s because he is impressed with it. Nothing to do with sexual pleasure. More like, penis = man-thing; therefore big penis = big man. I don’t say this to be disdainful. When I was a teenager I worried about whether my penis was big enough, and looking back I think the reason was that I was not yet confident in myself as a man.

Answer #13

its because most of the boys have intheir mind that ,,,girls r just attracted to sex …. those people r really immatured ,,,, they dont feel what real love is …..

Answer #14

Well i think it doesnt matter the size if you know how to use it. But yes most guys think bigger it better.

Answer #15

well to my knowledge girls are quite impressed by it.. but you need to know how to use it… and i think it truly does impress girls.. what do girls think? does the size impress you?

Answer #16

It might impress us but i think its annoying if like i will talk to one guy and half way through the converstaion theyre like my penis is _ long. like if we want to know we will ask or wait and see

Answer #17

well i could understand that.

Answer #18

why do i feel this is directed towards me…

Answer #19

It’s not your sort of a example i guess but there are way more

Answer #20

i dont know i never really thought of it but i think that they just want to give a girlmaximum pleasure

Answer #21

In defense of men, women often give that impression. Also, the porn industry usually features men with ridiculous penises. I personally think thats gross. My boyfriend is a wonderful size for me (TMI WARNING: I’d say about six or seven inches full mast, and a nice width as well) and he foesn’t have a “giant” penis. I think guys also forget that girth is just as important as length. If you’ve got a small penis, but its wide around, that can be just as good.

Here is some info: most women have a vaginal canal that is only FIVE TO SEVEN inches in length. That is also the average size of a penis!! We were all made that way because it works biologically. It makes sense that if a womans vagina is that big, the object being inserted into her should be about the same size doesn’t it?

I think often times, we also think things are bigger than they are. I don’t mean to be crude, but when something is going in your vag, it can seem A LOT bigger than it really is. So if you think you have a “small” penis, we probably don’t think its too small.

End of the day, its how you use it that counts anyway!!

Answer #22

I personally think it’s all about the competition with other men and what they’ve seen in porn. It’s subliminally imprinted into their minds that bigger is better, even through television with all of the ads that come on about increasing size and male enhancements. It’s just like the girls who need larger chests because they think it’ll get them farther with men. It’s all about media and the psychology behind what we’ve been given. As stated in the other comments though, it’s about how you use it, not how big it is. I’m more than happy with what my man has, and I wouldn’t change him in any way. Society just likes to try and subliminally change how people think, like with how tan people “should” be, or how thin, or tall, they don’t always say it right out, but through images, they may as well be screaming it.

Answer #23

Why do women get boob jobs? Isn’t it all the same? Trying to make herself feel sexier. I find it kind of gross tho…

Answer #24

lol we just like seeing boobs period.

Answer #25

That esnt answer my questin at all

Answer #26

lol well it answered someones out there lol

Answer #27

their ego, if they dont think that, they’ll think they have a small penis or ask whether its big enough for you. they are idiots if they think its all about penises/boobs or sex for that matter. they just want to show off and tell everyone they’re bigger then their friends

Answer #28

A lot of guys brag about the size because they are pressured by others! Almost every one of my guy friends crack jokes but its not just guys. There a lot of girls who make fun of guys and thats its is small depending on their race or how young they are and these are my friends who have done nothing wrong and they get all depressed. I know and I’ve seen some friends get sad about it and even if I help them they still a little depressed. So its not all boys doing it…

Answer #29

umm yeah, sorry but thats not how all guys are. If you think that then your ur mistaken.

Answer #30

Because thats what guys think all girls want. But honestly its not the size the matters, its how you use it. (:

Answer #31

It’s self confidence they think the larger the better they will be which is not true a smaller man could be faster and more experienced then a per say larger man

Answer #32

because some girls do make a big deal out of it

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