Would you ever date someone that is overweight?

I was having this discussion with friends the other day and I wouldn’t. Merely because I want someone that is healthy and will live long and not be sick all the time. Your opinions?

Answer #1

I would as long as they have good personal hygiene.

Answer #2

As shallow as it sounds, no i could not. I am not atttracted to people who are overweight and i could never be with someone who i am not physically attracted to. I also dont want to constantly be worrying about their eating habits and their health. Obese people have short lives, i dont want to be with someone who chose to eat and be obese instead of living a full and happy life.

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Answer #4

actually, you can be overweight. Because of mussel. My cousins over weight, but hes not fat, hes actually really storng. And he has a girlfriend. =/ hes also tall so hes not ‘fat’ just over weight. (mussel weights more then fat!)

Answer #5

yea i would cause looks don’t matter even “fat” people need to be loved….just cause their over weight don’t mean they eat a lot….and heavy set people has the same life span of any one skinny or over weight….what matters is what the person is like on the inside….some people are so shallow these days….never judge a person for what they look like on the outside its whats inside that counts most…..and btw being skinny or fat doesn’t mean your your healthy or unhealthy just so u know.

Answer #6

I would definitely date someone that was overweight. As long as they didn’t have tons of health problems because of it, I don’t think it really matters all that much. They’d be cuddly :3

Answer #7

Micheal - You obviously dont know much about the human body and life spans. I doubt the person asking the question is talking about people just a few pounds over weight, she is talking about people who are obese or close to it. Obese people do in fact have shorter life spans, more health problems, bad eating habits (its very rare that a person is obese because of a disease), etc. They are not “just as healthy” as skinny or normal weight people.

Answer #8

my ex was overweight, with her for 6 months so yeah, also i know alot of people who wouldent so its realy personal opinion.

Answer #9

Actually, I am dating someone that is over weight. My boyfriend of a year (today is our 1 year anniversary!) weighs about 340lbs. and I’m deeply in love with him. His weight has nothing to do with his personality, and who he really is. Also, I’m quite attracted to him physically.

Answer #10

being obese is bad BUT not all people that is over weight is bad…i mean god didn’t make us all to look a like he made us all in he’s own way….so why pass judgment on other people…now i do agree that people that just sit and eat and eat and keeps adding more weight on is bad….but however don’t sit there and think that a person that is over weight is a bad person cause we all cant be skinny there’s many reasons why we all look the way we do but that’s gods job to judge us not yours or any1 else

Answer #11

Aw :)

Answer #12

Is this how bad the world is becoming obsessed by the words “perfect appearance”. Honestly, surely it is what is inside that counts. I mean if I truly loved a person then it wouldn’t even matter if they looked like a donkey to be honest because inwould see them for what they truly are and NOT their appearance. Anyway surely if you are in love you can see through appearances and look at what you and your partner have for each other!!!

Answer #13

huuh, i dont realy get what your tryeing to say :s

Answer #14

Yes..when you love someone they become the most beautiful person in the world to you.

Answer #15

It depends. There’s the overweight that the doctor tells you, and there’s severely obese. I generally actually like guys that are a tad pudgy, just because I find it more cuddly, but if someone is really overweight, most of the time it’s because they just aren’t taking care of themselves, and that I am not okay with.

Answer #16

This is more than appearances.

Answer #17

i would like to be able to say i could but i really couldn’t :(


Answer #18

What do you mean by ‘overweight?’ A bit chubby- yeah so problem. But morbidly obese? Noo way. I’d rather have somebody who would like to go tramping, camping, walking, running…

Answer #19

no* problem

Answer #20

I never look at the outside… when i say this people wont believe me they are like HOW!iam always soooo busy looking at the inside of the person i would rather date a PRUDENT OVER WEIGHT than dating A SEXY JACKASS!

Answer #21

Yeh. Soz I know. I was just meaning overall but taking in weight etc.

Answer #22

That is sooooo true!

Answer #23

Congratulations on your one year anniversary with your boyfriend!!

Answer #24

I agree!

Answer #25

I agree!

Answer #26

To be honest, I always thought that it’d be difficult for me to date someone that’s overweight, just because I never seemed to be attracted to anyone any more than chubby before. But, in danger of sounding redundant of Angelee27, it’s almost been a year that I’ve been with my boyfriend. Halloween. While he’s a bit overweight, it’s never been much of a problem. His health is mostly fine. He has asthma, but that’s about the extent of it. He hardly eats at all, and I think that’s part of what caused his size, along with the genetics: he’s tall and his brother is about the same size, as was his grandfather. It just works, I guess, I didn’t really think about it at all until now.

Answer #27

True, let me clarify for everyone, I’m not necessarily speaking of physical poundage. I know some people are heavier by nature or rounder or have more muscle, but are still healthy. I’m speaking of the health problems in the LONG TERM that comes with being overweight. To me at 20 being overweight isn’t a problem at the moment, but it will impact on your future health.

Answer #28

Did you read my question Michael? I wasn’t speaking of just a few kg’s overweight, I’m speaking healthwise.

Answer #29

Man, tough question that makes me look into myself. I would say yes, I would. If I really liked them, then their weight wouldnt be that big of an issue for me. Some of my friends are overweight, and family members are, and I love to hang out with them, and dont have a problem. If a guy were overweight, but I liked him for who he was, then I would date him. I would look more on the inside than the outside. At the same time, tho, I do want a guy who is fit and healthy. But, isnt that what we all want?

Answer #30

possibly depending on the person… But i can tell you, its not the first thing i notice.. but even worse is people below their natural body weight, eating disorders work in both directions.. so would be an issue also if they weren’t happy with their bodies or self, It shows and i think that’s a bigger problem over all..

Answer #31

Ohmigosh I know :| super skinny people make me sort of queasy xD I don’t think I could ever date someone with anorexia and be attracted to them…but at the same time I always seem to gravitate towards the people who are hurting the most and have the least self respect because I always want to fix them -.- I can’t help it, lol.

Answer #32

Thank you.

Answer #33

its not about the size mate

Answer #34

Personality is definitely the most important thing, but if your partner is healthy then you can be together for 60 years enjoying that wonderful personality, but if you aren’t healthy you will probably spend only 40 years with that wonderful personality and a lot of that being sick or even in hospital

Answer #35

I would never date someone who is overweight.

I am attracted to people who are active and have active lifestyles and that generally does not go hand in hand with being overweight.

And it is not because I am shallow, I just have a very active lifestyle and want someone who can live that lifestyle with me.

Answer #36

awww thats sweet ^_^

Answer #37

Yes. Am I going to not date someone because they were born with diabetes or born with asthma or born with some sort of genetics that may lead to something (e.g. having family history of cancer or alzheimers), doesnt make sense to me to say that I dont want to date someone because of possible risks of something in the future. They could die tomorrow from a car crash.

Answer #38

I would have to say no, I would have never data anyone that was over weight. I believe that the first thing that brings a couple together is outward appearance. Then after you meet and start a relationship together you start to learn more about that person and there values. I have been married for 13 years and when I meet my wife we where both athletic, highly active people in the military. If she was not in great shape she would not have been able to get involved in the activities we did as a couple, that built our relationship. After 13 years we love the inner beauty we have together, but you still have to have that outward attraction, and it take communication with honesty to keep your partner informed of your need, or wants of them. If either one of us start to get chubby, we are open enough to tell them and we work on this together.

One the other hand you can meet a very attractive person that does not have a lick of common sense, and as a friend once told me, you can’t fix stupid. You can always work on the outward appearance, if the your partner is willing.

Answer #39

different people are attracted to different things. Just because you dont like overweight people doesnt mean other people dont.

Answer #40

every human being big or not deserves love. it is not what is on the outside that one truly loves. look beyond the skin and weight. there pounding like a drum is the heart where all the love truly lies. that is what one seeks in love. i’m a big girl myself and i’ll say love me for who i am inside and out.

Answer #41

i would have no problem with it, if she was a good person. people are extremley shallow these days. it should be about whats on the inside not the way they look. i had a girlfriend that was 300lbs plus, we dated for over a year and remain very good friends.

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