What do you feel is the appropriate way to answer (a) question(s)?

Answer #1

It depends on the question and the manner in which it was asked.

Answer #2

For me most of the time the best way is to at least give a diplomatic answer, however if someone really isn’t thinking or is asking how to get pregnant at age 13, I do think the best way is the harsh truth.

Answer #3

Let’s say questions in general. How would you usually attempt to answer a question. I’m sure you have some sort of process, right? :)

Answer #4

Well, I think about the question, and decide if the answer should be based on facts or opinion. If it’s a factual question, I do some research and come back with an answer. If it’s opinion, I weigh the negatives and positives to try and find a respectable balance (I don’t always succeed - admittedly). However, when the person asking the question is coming off as snarky or rude, then it tends to ruffle my feathers a little too much and I often answer in a manner which is less than acceptable - I’m working on that, lol.

Answer #5

I have the same problem to, but I guess since you’re an admin, and this is a well known position, you tend to get nasty remarks a lot more than the average user. Totally not fair but what can you do!

Answer #6

I believe your answer should be honest, and helpful…without being rude. If I know the answer already, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. If I am not sure, or have no clue about the subject, I will do some research…and then answer based on what I read about the subject. Sometimes, if the question is silly, or obvious…I may point that out. As well as give a sarcastic answer.

Answer #7

I like your honesty and your answer :)

Answer #8

Thanks! :D

Answer #9

I feel bad for not commenting on yours! :/

I have to say, I agree to some degree, I feel that harsh answer can lead to tuning out and that just doesn’t work when you’re dealing with an example you’re presenting. The truth might be harsh, sure, but I do think there’s a way to present it so that the recipent comprehends without feeling attacked, judged, etc… So to speak!

Answer #10

answer with a smile :D and the truth and sometimes with comedy ^_^

Answer #11

It totally depends on the question, on my mood, on the tone of the question. I can be more sympathetic with some than others. It may not be fair, but it is what it is. On a particularly generous day I can be very nice. On a bad day, I’m not as nice. Answers are just as honest either way. I will tend to do a little research on most stuff that isnt purely opinion based.

Answer #12

i think i love you :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Answer #13

The world will judge you, better to hear it on an advice site in my opinion than in the real world.

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