What do you believe?

What is your testimony? I’m writing a book about peoples different faiths. It doesn’t matter what religion, faith, or denomination you are. Just tell me what you are…Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, etc. And tell me your testimony.?

Answer #1

I am an athiest who follows the philosophies of LeVeyan Satanism. I do not believe in any God or higher power, i believe we are our own Gods. I believe that we shouldnt be ashamed of our basic human needs or things that “religion” has deemed as wrong and should be allowed to live as we please (within the law of course) as long as we are not harming another person.

Answer #2

I am Christian. I believe it doesn’t matter. That you shouldn’t try to force religion. In the end, all the religions teach/help you to lead a good life. I believe that God is loving and loves everyone despite anything you do and will always forgive you. So I guess I do not believe in Hell.

Answer #3

I’ve been raised Christian but idk now. To be honest I believe in a God but I don’t believe he’s as active as the bible wants us to believe. Also I believe in a mid point between evolution and creation. I believe that we did evolve from apes but it was God who started the evolution phase. I also believe in a mid point between the big bang and god creating the universe. I believe that the big bang was caused by god. Umm so yea I guess I’m undecided because I’m a big science man so I love the idea of a big bang and evolution but I can’t seem to understand how all of this stuff just happened so there has to be a higher power who set it all in motion ya know? Oh yea and I’m not to sure on the after life, I believe that some come back and some don’t. Like I believe in heaven/hell/purgatory but when I was little my cousin said”be careful uncle Dave this is the street grandma died on.” me nd my dad didn’t think much of it at the time but when my dad mentioned it to my uncle he said they tried avoiding that topic. So long story short my grandma died in a bad car accident, about a year later my cousin was born then 4 yrs later or so she knew she was on the street her grandma died on(even though no one talked about it ).

Answer #4

When I was in Cathlic High school, all my teachers taught that there was a big bang and evolution, only that God had a hand in making it happen.

Answer #5

A christian. Although im different from most other christians. i see nothing wrong with gay marriage, or abort!on, or getting married after uv divorced, and im not afraid to say that some things in the bible may not be true. i also like tattoes, and i dont think dressing revealing makes you a good christian or not. i also never go to church, ive never liked it and probably never will. i dont read the bible that often. i love God and believe in His power and He changed my life, but im not gonna totally change who i am

Answer #6

I believe if you live a good life, meaning you are nice to people, give where needed and do not be self centered, it will all work out in the end. Your specific religion does not matter.

Answer #7

Well, I don’t know if I believe in God or not… Sometimes, I think there must be one. Then I think about the thousands of religions across the world, and think there couldn’t be. And then I think about the state of the world and think there DEFINITELY couldn’t be. And then I think about all the people who have almost died and haven’t, of all the kids who were kidnapped but made it home alive, of all the people who come out of burning buildings unscathed… And I just don’t know.

Answer #8

Please dont be offended about what I am about to say I mean no harm to anyone its just my 2 cents on this post!

If anyone is offended by what I am about to write I apologize in advance! My religion is irrelevant, with that said, I believe in a god…not nec the religion itself…I question a lot about my faith yet I feel like when a religion dictates what is right or wrong to do in whom’s eyes is it really right or wrong to do?! God didnt say even 1/3 of what is written in the bible…so of course we will question so much! other then the 10 commandments what do we have as concrete proof that any of it is true or false in any religion?!

According to what book other then a bible has god given us his laws…in the old testament…when supposedly Moses went up to Mount Sini to receive his 10 commandments…has anyone found proof of it?! why is it that in every civil law there are the 10 commandments regardless of religious belief?

Can it be possible that it just may be true?! Everyone believes in it, even the civil laws around the world…perhaps it is true then?! If so can we question how that came to be?! Think before answering this logically!

Now, can we be realistic & ask ourselves does it seem realistic to be able to be relieved of our sins & go unpunished if we commit a serious f*lony (such as a crime, of any kind) with that, being told ok, go to confession, confess to your sins, say 1000000 hail Mary’s and your free of this so called sin w/o real punishment for committing this crime! Are you serious?! Does that sound like the words of god?! How can you not question it?! Its sounds fake in itself…why would you believe in something like that which is easily manipulated?!

With that said…God said believe in me…that I exist…I am the lord thy god…so I believe that he exists & has the power to be or do anything and I believe in him unconditionally w/o questioning his motives…but as for the religion…all the yes you can do this but not this…you will be punished if you are this way but not if you are that way…you are a true believer if you donate all your money to us & help us fund the w/e!!! In the meantime when you want to visit the temple, church mosque or whatever seating there is there…they actually make you pay for it…i mean come on….this has become a greedy lie to fund this so called faith!
No one needs a special temple, church or house of worship to believe in god & follow some traditions…you need to feel it in your heart!

Its not a matter of what religion it is…w/e it is it has to come from with in your heart for you are welcoming what ever faith it is from inside of you as a way of life…not a dictation!

I dont care if your a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Mormon, or anything in between….if you accept god as a higher being that comes from a good real place not because someone forced it on to you then it really shouldnt change the person you are inside…Atheists dont believe in god do they not deserve the same happiness love respect & unconditional acceptance?

We are all Humans, (I hope..no vampires, ghosts, ware-wolves, aliens or other creatures among us! sorry trying to find some humor so its not dull!) we all deserve to have the same of everything…regardless of race, color, or religion….I have said this many times before…can we all just get along…love thy neighbor…screw what the religion says….just us living together in peace & tranquility…1 united group of people without being divided into some group causing unnecessary drama in the world! Do we not have enough destruction?
Cant we all just live & let live?!

thank you for taking the time to read this… peace & love to all!♥

Answer #9

I agree with you totaly.. Im christian too and havnt been to church in years but im still faithful to God and the bible part is true for me too and just about everything else. (:

Answer #10

Amen to you.. I agree with most of what you say, im christian but dont agree with EVERYTHING they say. But i do still have faith in God and that he works wonders in the world. And the reason we have so much violence is because God gave us FREE WILL which is a blessing in itself and even in all this chaos we still have things that are beautiful and things to look forward to. God bless us all. (:

Answer #11

I didnt even know it was you temp. XP haha i noticed after i wrote the reply

Answer #12

I’m Christian, have been half my life. The other part, I was Atheist cause I was lost in this world and din’t know what path to go down, but my now co-Pastor came to my house and brought me back. Although i didn’t appreciate a bunch of people pushing the religion onto me in parts of my life, I did my best to let that fly past me and look toward the future, cause if you look at the past, how the hell are you going to move forward.

Answer #13

I’m Buddhist and I believe in Karmic Law, right action, right speech, right mind….I’m far from being the perfect Buddhist, but I’m trying.

Answer #14

I’m Wiccan, a Pagan, a witch if you will but I prefer the term Wiccan. Spiritual oaths as well. I believe in the Rule of Three, what you do will come back to you times three. And in reincarnation. Wiccas believe in multiple Gods as well as the main mother Goddess.

But I don’t mind if you’re a Christian or a Satanist, a Buddist or a Muslim. Believe what you want :]

Answer #15

I follow the teachings of Buddha, as do my relatives and family. I’m not too specific, and I do plan on reading up a little more. A mediocre buddhist for now, I just try to live peacefully.

Answer #16

lol, See I am not always b!tchin at smth/sm(meaning something or someone sorry shorthand!) :P I can be fair and reasonable from time to time…but, shhh, dont tell anyone about our little secret, ok?! :P

Answer #17

Haha, i havnt seen you b!tch at anyone yet, and hopefuly im not the one u point it at when u do XP and alright, it’ll be our little secret.. Although just about everyone here can read it too >.<

Answer #18

lol, it was a joke sweetie…dont take me too seriously! (well on some issues of course!) :P

Answer #19

:) just my opinions and the way i am :)

Answer #20

Lol, i was also joking? >.< i think..

Answer #21

lol, its all good. (o,o)

Answer #22

I’m am Agnostic. The only truly strong belief I have is that all people should be entitled to believe what they want to without having the right to force it down on someone else.

Answer #23

*paths, not oaths x]

Answer #24

I believe in God. I believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus came to earth and was all man and all God for His 33 years of life, that He died and rose again for our sins. I believe that God loves everyone,no matter what they have done, and that He is willing to forgive if only we ask. I do not believe that only 144,000 people will get into Heaven, its open for anyone who accepts Christ as their Savior. I believe that the Bible is divinely inspired, that God’s breath is in every word..”every Scripture is God-breathed..” I believe that He cares for us more than we will ever know, more than we can ever care for anyone, or love anyone as much as He loves us. He was tortured for us, and would we go through torture and persecution for Him? i believe He has performed miracles, and that He still does today. I have seen miracles happen, and i know without a doubt that He is alive, and that He lives in me. This gives me unspeakable joy, to know that I have the One and only true God living inside of me. My testimony is that I have been through a ton of emotional crap, and the only reason I pulled out of it was because God pulled me through. Without God, I would still be in a state of depression and misery. But now I am filled with joy every time I feel God moving in me, His Holy Spirit living in me. Ive gone through a lot, and Ive come out so much closer to the Lord than I was before. Its true what they say, “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger” or however that goes lol. Im a non-denominational Christian, and that’s what I believe. Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be happy to answer (:

Answer #25

I am christian and i beleive in the entire Bible. its not enough to just be nice to ppl, do good and not hurt anyone. i beleive that when Christ tells us things like do not commit fornication..he is not just saying it to restrict us. i beleive He tells us to protect us from teh consequences. He loves us and wants us to be happy. i trust Him and thats why i try to be obedient to Him.

Answer #26

Hello:) My name is Heidi and I believe in Jehovah God. (Psalms 83:18) I have been studying the bible for almost three years now with Jehovah’s Witness. I have learned a lot about God and what the bible teaches. I believe that Jehovah God gaved his one and only Son Jesus Christ so that we can have the chance for eternal life. (John 17:3) Everyone has their own beliefs based on how they were raised and what they were tough. I am very thankful that Jehovah God gaved me the opportunity to know about him with this bible study it brings me great pleasure and it gives that satisfaction that I am doing something that Jehovah wants people to do, which is know about him and practice what he likes.

xOxo - Heidi

Answer #27

I am a Creationist. Is there a GOD? Im really not sure; Im still working on that! A few other possibilities for me right now include: 1) Interplanetary beings that seeded the Earth with Life. 2) Humans from our future that have perfected gene-splicing and time travel. 3) We are Avatars in a computer program.

I have read three different versions of the Bible and used Strong’s Concordance to interpret many key verses of the Pentateuch (first 5 books of the Bible) from a Hebrew/English language version.   Most of the Bibles available were translated and interpreted when man had a relatively limited vocabulary.  For example, looking at the creation of Eve from a 17th Century perspective, she was a miraculous creation; from a 21st Century perspective it appears she was cloned from Adam’s flesh (not so miraculous with today’s technology).
I have also read more than a few books on the Scientific view of the Universe.  Science does not nullify the Biblical account; it seems to corroborate it.  For example, The Big Bang Theory.  ‘In the beginning’ there existed nothing but this one super dense particle of ‘matter’ about the size of the nucleus of an atom.  Nothing else existed; no other form of matter nor any form of energy like gravity, electro magnetism  and the weak and strong nuclear forces.  Somehow, with no outside force available to act upon it, this super dense particle that existed for infinity (minus 15 billion years) suddenly exploded.  This alone defies the laws of physics.  
Einstein made two scientifically accepted claims that apply here.  The first is that time is malleable (flexible, alterable).  Basically he said if one person stayed on Earth and another person ventured way out into space they would experience time at different rates.  The person venturing way out into space would experience time at a much slower rate than the person that stayed on Earth.  A hypothetical example is that the person on 

Earth may experience the time it took the venturer to return to Earth may be 80 years while the venturer may experience the same time as 30 years or even less. The important aspect is that the perception of time is different depending upon whether you are experiencing it from the Earthling’s perspective or the venturer’s.

The second is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (approx. 186,000 miles per second) or 669,600,000 miles per hour.  As any particle of matter approaches the speed of light it increasingly gains mass which slows its speed down, preventing it from ever reaching or exceeding the speed of light.
According to the Big Bang, this ‘Singularity’ (the explosion of the super dense particle of matter) happened, the resulting gasses traveled to the outer limits of our Universe (and all spaces between), these gases clustered and solidified into planets of various sizes, some of these gaseous clusters became so dense they self ignited (atomic fusion) and became suns and some of these suns burned all of their available fuel and became so dense that they collapsed in on themselves creating black holes.
According to the existing laws of physics all of this had to happen slower than the speed of light which means the image carried by light for us to see 15 billion years after it happened, should have been long gone.  Yet science says that somehow we are able to look back in time 15 billion years (through the Hubble telescope for example) and see this happen:  A physical impossibility.  However, let us suppose for a second that science is right and it did happen the way it is theorized.  And lets say that the initial super dense particle expanded exponentially by a power of  1 trillion times (1,000,000,000,000) it’s original size (example:  2x2x2x2…1 trillion times) and we are able to view the Big Bang 15 Billion  (15,000,000,000) years later.   If we take the time involved (15 billion years) and divide it by the expansion factor (1 trillion) i.e. 15,000,000,000 divided by 1,000,000,000,000 = .015.  If we find out what part of a year that is:  365 days X .015 = 5.475 days or into the sixth day as the Bible states.  From the venturer’s point of view, according to Einstein it is possible to appear to have taken 6 days, while from our perspective on Earth it took some billions of years.
Answer #28

I believe that there is one God and that He gave His only begotten, (by a woman), Son so that the Holy Spirit that lives within God and Jesus could be released to us here on Earth through Jesus blood. I believe that the only way to communicate to God is through Jesus. I believe that it is imperative to believe this for to do otherwise would be to shun Gods’ sacrifice. Think of the idea of sacrifice. That’s what God did for us. Thats love.

Answer #29

It should not matter as long as I am a human being. I believe in God in any form or formless or even beyond that. I do not limit Him to any holy book or religion or any other description. I know we are all the sharers of immortal bliss, holy and perfect beings. Souls immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal; you are not matter, you are not bodies; matter is your servant, not you the servant of matter.

Answer #30

Where do you think the law came from? Not to lie, not to cheat, not to steal, not to trash your parents, not to cheat on your spouse? Just curious, would like to know your thoughts.

Answer #31

So, if God exists and He gave His only begotten Son to the world to cleanse it, do you think it matters to Him? Would it matter to you?

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