Where do you see yourself in the next ten years or more?

I have a lot of future plans, hopefully I’ll manage all of them. I’m curious thought what do you guys see in your future, or hope will be there?

Answer #1

Photographer (I hope) Married to my girlfriend Possibly have my clothing line have it’s own store - AWESOME

Answer #2

Finally owning a home instead of renting, back to work decorating cakes because my kids will be in school by then, the happy mom of a 12 and 9 year old, married to my love.

Answer #3

i see myself in college with a well paid job and at the club every weekend

Answer #4

Published …..at least 5 novels by then, lol

Answer #5

I’ll be long done with college, will hopefully have a wonderful paying job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and will be married with a child possibly :)

Answer #6

A responsible company secretory helping his dad in his business,married to man who will have my heart,enjoying my life and making sketches for me,myself and i.

Answer #7

How many at the moment?

Answer #8

At the pharmacy updating my Viagra prescription.

Answer #9


Answer #10

I have 3 right now…..one complete, one almost complete, and one just started, lol

Answer #11

I honestly don’t know, but I hope it’s something that I’m happy with. :)

Answer #12

Is it posted on the web by any chance?

Answer #13

Hopefully happy and married lol. Okay maybe I won’t be married until I’m like 30 but I know I’ll be happy and living in an apartment in the city

Answer #14

I want to be a professional photographer by then. I’d also like to have a family of my own. I don’t have to be married by then, but it would be nice too to have that one person to share my life with. xD

Answer #15

Lord of the star Fleet, leading the Darleks to destroy Team Jacob.

Answer #16

College, and driving a hot car :P clubbing on fridays, going to church on Sundays :) :)

Answer #17

No, lol….I’d lose my royalties.

Answer #18

But that doesn’t mean I can’t send a manuscript to some select people, lol

Answer #19

ill be 24 jeezz >.< hopefully teaching in Australia :)

Answer #20

As a Docor o meaby a Therapist or something like that,,, hopefully alredy graduated fom collage… but yeah something like that.

Answer #21

Owning a small house, Ex - Marine, spending my leisure time playing instruments, going to work and just living life to what I feel is right.

Answer #22

Traveling! :) <3

Answer #23

In ten years, I see myself as an Ex-Marine and former Israeli Special Forces, living alone in an apartment, and working many jobs trying to make ends meet.

Answer #24

ill visit, you !!! xD

Answer #25

I’ll probably be living somewhere where no one will ever find me. :) Being all alone will leave me with lots of free time. :D No visitations! >:(

Answer #26


Answer #27


Answer #28

Me neither Moe. Just let me be useful. Being useful makes me feel good especially when I lay my head down at night. :)

Answer #29

I’ll be almost 26-so i will be finishing college and being a successful Dentist.

Answer #30

Maybe you will have twenty! Or at least 5 new york times best sellers!

Answer #31

haha, fine then :P lol

Answer #32

haha, Destory Team Jacob, what about Team Edward too?

Answer #33

I’m not a Twilight fan but Edward deserves it. All Jacob’s done it take off his shirt.

Answer #34

I well be 24 in 10 years, so Done collage with hopefully my Bacholars of Art from the Art Insatute,And have my tattoo artist career going stong, soon to get my own shop started. Family Hopefully married and Have started my family.

Answer #35

haha , Ya! I dislike Twilight. Well he is a “werewolf”. I don’t like it becuase he can turn in to a werewolf when ever he wants. A real werewolf can only turn in to one if caught in the light of a full moon. jeez hehe XD

Answer #36

lol ;)

Answer #37

Hopefully married with a dog and a little girl named Tootsie. Haven’t figured out who I’m marrying yet X3

Answer #38

Aweee Tootsie!! Thats cute.. :3. I want to have 5 kids XD. My childerns names are going to be orginal and olde fanshioned. Like Danke Sabastian.. My first Son hehe

Answer #39

Dante* jeez, why did I put Thank you in german..?!

Answer #40

KYOOT!!!! X3

Answer #41

do you only want to have one child?

Answer #42

Hm I’ll be 25 by then so I hope I will be done university and starting a job in counselling psyshology or clinical psychology. Other than that I am not really sure, I guess I’ll have to wait and find out (:

Answer #43

married hopefully.

Answer #44

Yeah. Children kind of annoy me.

Answer #45

in ten years i will hopefully… or just in my dreams… be married to N. K. and Not have kids and having fun with life!!!!!!!!! hahaha

Answer #46

My kids will both be off in college (younger is 8 now)….hopefully, FunAdvice will be at least 10x bigger then, and we’ll have more algorithms, as well as staff, so I can take an occasional vacation.

Other than that, traveling (more than now) dancing…and maybe living in yet another country, as I find that I’m quite fond of new horizons, which can’t be appreciated nearly as much in short trips.

Answer #47

Done with college! I want a stable career, and to live in a house with 2 very close friends, if not married yet.

Answer #48

I would like to have my PhD, be married with children and working as a post-doc at my university (after spending a few years as a post-doc in the UK, while my boyfriend does his PhD) while my boyfriend (husband i guess?) works as either a lawyer or a lecturer.

Answer #49

In ten years I’ll be 25. I can see myself cancer free, in the military, overseas as an MP. My education will be taken care of from the military. I definetly do not see myself with children or a husband at that time in my life. I don’t plan on getting married, but I do plan on children later on, Or maybe I’ll look at this and laugh when I’m that age. =]

Answer #50

a highschool teacher, married, some young children, a house, and probly some headaches on the way haha :)

Answer #51

RALPHS I see you at the bar trying to hook up with 21 year olds for some reason. :O

Answer #52

I honestly cant imagine myself 10 years from now, but I bet when I turn 27 i’ll be taking a look at my life and thinking of this question. :D

Answer #53

hopefully rich with a hot bf and lots of cars and gadgets :D:D:D:D oh and an army of german shepherds to defeny my mansion :D:D:D:D:D


Answer #54

maybe in college…. or out and dating..maybe even married and probably with a job…ha I really dont know:)

Answer #55

You’ll oly be in your twenties.

Answer #56

yes! an army of german shepherds!!!!!

Answer #57

something … maybe be in a band that would be cool i love the guitar …. and i need to have a dog at the time… so i will have dog for sure … i hope?

Answer #58

uuum, I dont drink. and I am currently dating a 41 year old. You will be 21 in a few years. . ..see ya around. :)

Answer #59

Gaaaahhhh! NO!

Answer #60

haha he wants you michie :P


Answer #61

whats it about ???


Answer #62

EWWWWWWWW! Don’t say that Euey! It makes my tummy feel pukey. :(

Answer #63

NO! You’re son’s name should be Kristof Wolfgang!

Answer #64

well it takes maximum 5 years for becoming a CS,and i will be 25..in my family,25 is a right age,27 or 28 is too late for them.

Answer #65

haha he wants your sweet ass :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P


Answer #66

Managing a major book retailer in Texas (not my current state) married to my wonderful boyfriend of five years. and Hopefully working on my latest novel :D

Answer #67

In my family, 18 and 19 is the perfect age for marriage(why I’m being pressured by every living relative). 24 and 25, is considered too old to get married to anyone. :P

Answer #68

a surgeon

Answer #69

i would be 32 with a 5 year old son and with a husband. living comfortably and not in the philippines.

Answer #70

I see myself dancing at a night club with my boyfriend then the light drops on us… evryone looks at us the starts to shout, “KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS!!!” then we kiss then i faint then my boyfriend takes my home then he is next to me when i wake up then he offers me a cold towel.

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