How do i contact pogo game club customer service. unable to pull up game sites

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So...if they bill you, contact your bank, and tell them to reverse the charges...

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I'm having some Customer Service issues with Club Pogo and Oberon Media.
I just found this site. I don't know if you found an answer on how to contact Pogo, but this is what I found via [Oberon Media can be checked out also.
[Electronic Arts, Inc.
[Phone: (650) 628- 1500
[Fax: (650) 628-1470
[Address: 2 Harrison St. # 350
[San Francisco, CA. 94105
[Additional DBA Names:
[Playfish, Inc.
[EA Games
[POGO/EA Sports.
I have not called the numbers but I am preparing a fax with all of the information I have. I WILL get what I'm after (legally) or I WILL file a complaint at, against both parties. I hope you get this. Don't ever give up. Someone somewhere has the answers we seek, no matter what they are. Good Luck. Mommydearest8589 @ Club Pogo.

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