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  1. Vienna/Mariahilf

    Mariahilf is the 6th district of Vienna. It's border to the north is the most famous Viennese shopping street the Mariahilferstrasse, to the west the Gürel and to the south the Vienna river.

  2. Vienna

    Vienna (German: Wien; Austro-Bavarian: Wean) is the capital of the Republic of Austria and by far its most populous city, with an urban population of 1.7 million and a metropolitan population of 2.

  3. Vienna/Wieden

    Wieden is the fourth district of Vienna. It's north border is the Vienna river, the Prinz Eugen Straße the east and the Gürtel the south.

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  4. Austria

    Austria (German: Österreich, literally "the Eastern Realm" or "Eastern Empire") is a landlocked alpine German-speaking country in Central Europe bordering Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east and Slovenia and Italy to the south. Austria, along with neighboring Switzerland, is the winter sports center of Europe.

  5. Vienna/Innere Stadt

    Innere Stadt is the most inner district of Vienna. Its historic centre dates back to Roman ages and has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  6. Vienna/Alsergrund
  7. Vienna/Neubau

    Neubau is the 7th district of Vienna. Its border to the south is the popular Mariahilfer Strasse, to the west the Gürtel, and to the north Lerchenfelder Straße.

  8. Vienna/Josefstadt

    Josefstadt is the 8th district of Vienna. It is bounded on the north side by Alser Straße, by the "2er Linie" on the east, Lerchenfelder Straße on the south, and the Gürtel on the west.

  9. Vienna/Inner East

    Vienna's Inner East is an artificial island formed between the river and the Donaukanal. The island contains large expanses of parks and forests, including the famous Prater park with the permanent funfair including the Riesenrad ferris wheel.

  10. Vienna/Landstraße
  11. Vienna/Outer South

    Outer South is in Vienna, and includes the districts of Favoriten (10), Simmering (11), Meidling (12), and Liesing (23).

  12. Vienna/Margareten

    Margareten is the fifth district of Vienna. Its border to the north is the Vienna river, to the west and south the Gürtel.

  13. Vienna/Outer East

    Outer East describes the Vienna districts Floridsdorf and Donaustadt.

  14. Vienna/Outer West

    Outer West is the north-western part of Vienna containing the districts Penzing (14), Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus (15), Ottakring (16), Hernals (17), Währing (18), and Döbling (19).

  15. Vienna/Hietzing

  16. Klosterneuburg

    Klosterneuburg is a city in Lower Austria near Vienna with 25,900 inhabitants.

  17. Perchtoldsdorf

    Perchtoldsdorf is in Lower Austria. It is a small town south of Vienna on the eastern fringes of the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald), best known for its wine.

  18. Mödling
  19. Vienna International Airport

    Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat ) is the busiest and biggest airport in Austria, located just outside the city limits of Vienna on the far side of the City of Schwechat. The airport is the home base of Austrian Airlines and Niki.

  20. Baden (Austria)
  21. Tulln
  22. Eisenstadt

    Eisenstadt is the state capital of Burgenland in Austria. It consists of 4 districts: Kleinhöflein im Burgenland, Eisenstadt-Oberberg, Eisenstadt-Unterberg and St.

  23. Wiener Neustadt

    Wiener Neustadt is a city and Vienna suburb in Lower Austria, Austria.

  24. Neusiedl am See

    Neusiedl am See is a city in the province of Burgenland in Austria.

  25. Sopron

    Sopron (pronounced "shop-ron"; German: Ödenburg, Croatian: Šopron, Latin: Scarbantia) is a city in Hungary, close to the Austrian border, with a population of about 61.000.

  26. Retzer Land
  27. Lednice-Valtice
  28. Znojmo
  29. Bratislava

    Bratislava or Pozsony in Hungarian and Pressburg in German, is the capital and largest city in Slovakia. It has a population of almost 415,000 and is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the country.

  30. Slovakia

    Slovakia (Slovak: Slovensko) or the Slovak Republic (Slovenská republika) is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Austria to the west, Czech Republic to the northwest, Hungary to the south, Poland to the north and Ukraine to the east.

  31. St. Pölten
  32. Krems

    Krems an der Donau is a riverside town in the Danube's Wachau Valley tourist region of Lower Austria.

  33. Semmering

    Semmering is an alpine pass connecting Lower Austria and Styria. The Semmering railway is an UNESCO site heritage as it is the first high alpine mountain railway.

  34. Kőszeg
  35. Dürnstein
  36. Pezinok
  37. Weißenkirchen in der Wachau
  38. Mutěnice Wine Region
  39. Spitz

    Spitz is a small town in the Wachau, on the river Danube. Together with the neighbouring villages of Gut am Steg, Schwallenbach, and Vießling it is a major wine-producing centre of the region.

  40. South Moravia
  41. Szombathely

    Szombathely is the centre of Vas county in Western Transdanubia in Hungary.

  42. Brno

    Brno (German: Brünn, Štatl in the local dialect) is the major city of Moravia (a historical region in the Czech Republic). It is the largest city in Moravia and the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area.

  43. Melk

    Melk is a small riverside town (pop. ~5,000) on south bank of the Danube River in the Wachau Valley of Lower Austria.

  44. Emmersdorf
  45. Skalica
  46. Trnava

    Trnava is a town in western Slovakia with a population of over 70,000.

  47. Slavonice

    Slavonice is a small (roughly 2500 inhabitants) historic town in South Bohemia, near the border with Austria. Because of its well-preserved renaissance centre, it is called "smaller Telč".

  48. Telč
  49. Bruck an der Mur

    Bruck an der Mur is a small city located in the north of Styria in Austria. In medieval times Bruck an der Mur was one of the most important trading centres in Styria, nowadays Bruck an der Mur is one of the major train hubs (two international train routes cross here) in Austria, so it's very likely that you come across this city while travelling through the country.

  50. Třešť
  51. Pápa
  52. Jihlava
  53. Žďár nad Sázavou
  54. Graz

    Graz is the capital of Styria (Steiermark) and the second largest city of Austria with a population of just below 300,000 - about 40,000 of which are students of its six universities. It has been a vital urban centre for both Styria, Austria and Slovenia, and has produced a number of talents in many fields, ranging from the inventor Nikola Tesla to the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  55. Leoben
  56. Western Slovakia

    Western Slovakia is in the region including the capital Bratislava, the Slovakian Danube River Valley, and other lower-lying territory, bounded on the north by the Czech Republic, on the west by Austria, on the south by Hungary.

  57. Nové Hrady
  58. Nitra

    Nitra is in Slovakia. It is a beautiful old historic city, with a population of almost 80,000.

  59. Třeboň
  60. Trenčín
  61. Topoľčany
  62. Freistadt
  63. South Bohemia
  64. Steyr

    Steyr is a town in Upper Austria, located at the confluence of the rivers Steyr and Enns.

  65. Partizánske
  66. Linz

    Linz is the third largest city in Austria with 191,100 inhabitants, is the capital of the federal province of Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) and forms the heart of Austria´s second strongest economic region. As a major centre of heavy industry that has been bombed during the Second World War, Linz lacks the picturesque charm of Salzburg or imperial grandeur of Vienna, but has a number of draws, being situated on the Danube (Donau) river.