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  1. Low Tatras

    Nízke Tatry (Národný Park Nízke Tatry (NAPANT), "Low Tatras") is a national park in Central Slovakia.

  2. Central Slovakia

    Central Slovakia is bounded by the Czech Republic and Poland to the north, and Hungary to the south.

  3. Banská Bystrica

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  4. Liptov
  5. South-Western Liptov

  6. Lučenec
  7. Zvolen

    Zvolen (Hungarian: Zólyom, German: Altsohl) is a town in Central Slovakia, situated on the confluence of Hron and Slatina rivers, close to Banská Bystrica. With its ancient castle, the town has a historical center, which represents the seat of an okres (Zvolen District).

  8. Great Fatra

    Great Fatra (Veľká Fatra - Slovak pronunciation: [ˈʋeʎkaː ˈfatra]; also Greater Fatra) is a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in Central Slovakia. It is situated approximately among the towns of Ružomberok, Harmanec, Turčianske Teplice and Martin.

  9. Central Liptov

    Central Liptov is a part of Liptov around Liptovská Mara dam. This area between Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš can be driven through in 10 minutes by car, but provides many places for a detour.

  10. Ruzomberok

    Ružomberok (German: Rosenberg; Hungarian: Rózsahegy; Polish: Rużomberk) is a town in Central Slovakia, in the historical Liptov region. It has a population of around 30,000.

  11. Western Tatras

    The Western Tatras (Slovak: Západné Tatry; Polish: Tatry Zachodnie) are mountains in the Tatras, part of the Carpathian Mountains, located on the Polish-Slovak borders. The mountains border the High Tatras in the east, Podtatranská kotlina in the south, Choč Mountains in the west and Rów Podtatrzański (Slovak: Podtatranská brázda) in the north.

  12. Choč Mountains
  13. Muranska planina
  14. Dolny Kubin

    Dolný Kubín is a town in Central Slovakia, and the historical capital of the Orava region.

  15. Balassagyarmat

    Balassagyarmat (formerly Balassa-Gyarmath, German: Jahrmarkt) is a town in Nógrád county, in Northern Hungary. It was the seat of the Nógrád comitatus (county).

  16. Banská Štiavnica
  17. Salgótarján
  18. Hollókő
  19. Orava
  20. Martin (Slovakia)

    Martin is a city in the northern Central Slovakia, and it is the center of the Turiec region.

  21. Little Fatra

    Little Fatra (Malá Fatra - Slovak pronunciation: [ˈmalaː ˈfatra]; also Lesser Fatra, Polish: Mała Fatra) is a karst mountain range in the Western Carpathians in the north-west of Central Slovakia.

  22. Terchová
  23. Rétság
  24. Gemer
  25. High Tatras
  26. Poprad

    Poprad is a major tourist and economic centre in the Prešov region of Eastern Slovakia.

  27. Rajecké Teplice
  28. Slovak Paradise National Park

    Slovak Paradise National Park (Národný park Slovenský Raj) is a mountain range in Eastern Slovakia.

  29. Žilina
  30. Vác
  31. Ždiar
  32. Zawoja

    Zawoja is a town in Western Beskids in Poland. It's known as the longest town in Poland.

  33. Horné Považie
  34. Belianske Tatras

    Belianske Tatras (Belianske Tatry) is a scenic mountain range in Tatra National Park of Slovakia.

  35. Levice

    Levice is a town of about 37,000 inhabitants in Slovakia, a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is located about 40 km southeast of Nitra, and about 130 km east of Bratislava.

  36. Čičmany
  37. Visegrád
  38. Slovak Karst National Park

    Slovak Karst National Park (Slovenský kras) is in Eastern Slovakia. Known for its caves, together with the Aggtelek cave systems they make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst".

  39. Rožňava
  40. Spiš
  41. Sucha Beskidzka

    Sucha Beskidzka is a historic town in Western Beskids in southern Poland south east of Kraków. There is a beautiful Renaissance Castle there.

  42. Szentendre

    Szentendre (Serbian: Сентандреја, Croatian: Senandrija, Ancient Latin: Ulcisia Castra) is a small town on the Danube River, 19 kilometers north of Budapest, Hungary.

  43. Dunakeszi

    Dunakeszi a town in Pest County, north of Budapest, common limit with Újpest on the left (eastern) bank of the Danube. Nicknamed as "Gate of Danube Bend".

  44. Partizánske
  45. Esztergom

    Esztergom is a town near Budapest in Hungary. Situated on the right bank of the river Danube which marks the border between Slovakia ad Hungary.

  46. Eger
  47. Budapest/Óbuda
  48. Northern Hungary

    Northern Hungary is a region of Hungary. As a region it includes the counties Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Heves and Nógrád

  49. Budapest/North Pest
  50. Pilisvörösvár
  51. Budapest/Pest

    Pest is the eastern side of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. Main tourist places concentrated for downtown, Andrássy út (Central Pest), neighborhood of these, and Városliget area.

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  53. Budapest/Belváros
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  55. Budapest/Central Pest
  56. Budapest

    Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. With a unique, youthful atmosphere, world-class classical music scene, a pulsating nightlife increasingly appreciated among European youth, and last but not least, an exceptional offer of natural thermal baths, Budapest is one of Europe's most delightful and enjoyable cities.

  57. Budapest/Bel-Buda
  58. Budapest/Hegyvidék
  59. Central Hungary

    Central Hungary consists of only one county, Pest County. Budapest, the capital of the country, is the administrative center of the county, but constitutes a separate territorial unit.

  60. Lillafüred
  61. Budakeszi

    Budakeszi (German: Wudigeß) is a town in Central Hungary in the Budapest metropolitan area. It is located beyond the Jánoshegy hill at the western city limits of Budapest , about 12km west of the Zero Kilometre Stone in the city centre.

  62. Spišské Podhradie
  63. Budapest/Újbuda and Tétény
  64. Budaörs
  65. Topoľčany
  66. Stara Lubovna
  67. Cieszyn

    Cieszyn is a medieval town in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. It is one of the principal border crossing points between Poland and Czech Republic.

  68. Érd
  69. Miskolc

    Miskolc, with population of about 180,000 is the third largest city in Hungary, located in the north-east of the country, east of Bükk mountains.

  70. Oświęcim
  71. Kraków/South
  72. Wieliczka

    Wieliczka is a town near Kraków in Lesser Poland Voivodeship in Poland.

  73. Kraków/Kazimierz
  74. Nitra

    Nitra is in Slovakia. It is a beautiful old historic city, with a population of almost 80,000.

  75. Kraków
  76. Kraków/Old Town
  77. Kraków/West
  78. Trenčín
  79. Western Slovakia

    Western Slovakia is in the region including the capital Bratislava, the Slovakian Danube River Valley, and other lower-lying territory, bounded on the north by the Czech Republic, on the west by Austria, on the south by Hungary.

  80. Krynica-Zdrój
  81. Abov

    Abov (also "Košice region") is a region in Eastern Slovakia.

  82. Ostrava

    Ostrava is a city in the borderland of Moravia and Silesia in the Czech Republic. With a population of nearly 300,000, it is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and the centre of the second largest urban agglomeration after Prague.

  83. Košice
  84. Prešov
  85. Bardejov

    Bardejov is a town in North-Eastern Slovakia. It is situated in the Šariš region and has about 33,000 inhabitants.

  86. Šariš
  87. Trnava

    Trnava is a town in western Slovakia with a population of over 70,000.

  88. Tokaj