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  1. Kėdainiai

  2. Jonava

    Jonava is the 9th largest city in Lithuania with a population around 35,000. It is 30 km (19 mi) north-east of Kaunas.

  3. Panevėžys

    People near Kėdainiai

    • Nater Guro

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    • Weightyy

      Friendly, Not Giving Up Fast, 15 Years Old
      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Simonas Sakalauskas

      Cooking, Music
      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • SS

      Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital ...
      Riga, Latvia
    • Oscar

      Math, Photoshop, Web Design
      Riga, Latvia
    • Наташа Жигарь

      Accounting, Finances, Advertising And M...
      Brest, Belarus
    • Mari

      writing, Lawyers, Social Skills
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • TheShadowEye

      Taxi, Jors, Säästu
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • inkognito

      Listener, English, Chess
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • Nick Parson

      Writer, Marketing, Finance Expert
    • mixuwumu

      writing, Education
      Warsaw, Poland
    • avto-lombard

      Avto, Lombard
      Warsaw, Poland

  4. Kaunas

    Kaunas in the centre of Lithuania, is the country's second biggest city with approximately 350,000 inhabitants (2009) in the municipality. For a time it acted as temporary capital and as such benefited from investment and the status.

  5. Birštonas

  6. Tytuvėnai
  7. Bauska
  8. Marijampolė
  9. Daugai

    Daugai is a town in Alytus district in Lithuania. It lies on the bank of the lake of Daugai, thus becoming a holiday resort, and has approximately 1,450 inhabitants.

  10. Dzūkija
  11. Jelgava

    Jelgava (German: Mitau) is a city in Latvia about 41 km southwest of Riga.

  12. Druskininkai
  13. Sejny

    Sejny is a town in Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland 12 km from Polish - Lithuanian border. Sejny was always multinational and multicultural town - Poles, Lithuanians, Jews, Germans, Belarussians and others lived here together.

  14. Vilnius

    Vilnius (also known under its Polish and Yiddish name, Wilno and its German name, Wilna) is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. It lies on the bank of the Neris river and has approximately 560,000 inhabitants.

  15. Žemaičių Kalvarija