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  1. Nivala

    Nivala is a town in the Southern Oulu region of Northern Finland.

  2. Oulu
  3. Vesanto

    Vesanto is a town and municipality in North Savonia. Officially founded in 1871, the town's church was built in 1857.

    People near Nivala

    • H.M

      Dogs, Sewing, Piercings, Cats, Weaving,...
    • Ravintola Fat Lizard

      Lunch, Dinner
    • Coffey_Cat

      Sewing, Weaving, Felting
      Helsinki, Finland
    • Dangelo6

      Helsinki, Finland
    • Mohamed Taayounit

      Heinaevaara, Finland
    • TheShadowEye

      Taxi, Jors, Säästu
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • inkognito

      Listener, English, Chess
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • Mari

      writing, Lawyers, Social Skills
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • Nick Parson

      Writer, Marketing, Finance Expert
    • credit112

      Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Oscar

      Math, Photoshop, Web Design
      Riga, Latvia
    • SS

      Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital ...
      Riga, Latvia

  4. Iisalmi
  5. Ii

  6. Ylivieska
  7. Finland

    Finland (Finnish: Suomi, Swedish: Finland) is one of the Nordic countries in northern Europe. It has land borders with Russia to the east and – in the north – Norway and Sweden.

  8. Sonkajärvi
  9. Rautalampi

    Rautalampi is the west-most village in Eastern Finland. It is located in the district of Northern Savo (Pohjois Savo) and has about 3,400 inhabitants.

  10. Hailuoto
  11. Raahe

    Raahe is a city in the Oulu province, 74 km south of the city of Oulu. With 22,500 inhabitants, Raahe is the third largest town in the region.

  12. Kajaani
  13. Kuopio
  14. Kainuu and Eastern Oulu region

    Kainuu is a region in Northern Finland. For practical purposes also the easternmost parts of Northern Ostrobothnia are included in this article.

  15. Kalajoki

  16. Lappajärvi
  17. Hyrynsalmi
  18. Central Ostrobothnia

    Central Ostrobothnia (Keski-Pohjanmaa, Mellersta Österbotten) is in Western Finland.

  19. Kokkola

    Kokkola (Swedish: Karleby) is a town situated in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland, with a population of approximately 36,000. Officially it is a bi-lingual town with most people understanding and speaking Finnish and Swedish.