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Orangescrum is the open source free project management and collaboration software , helps you to manage projects, team, tasks at one place including time tracking, invoice generation and more. Orangescrum has been repeatedly ranked among the Top 5 Opensource Project Management Tools by Popular Technology Sources.

Product Update: Custom Themes for Cloud Edition

Hello Orangescrummers, as promised we’re back with new updates! With the latest release, you can customize your Orangescrum account theme color to make it truly yours. Recently, we have also released personalization options to customize your left main men

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4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Project Management Software

Entrepreneurs are always booming with ideas. They always seem to have an endless source of creative juices and energy to make that dent on the universe. Ideas need a lot of nurturing, analysis, planning and organized execution to turn them into reality.

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Program Management vs. Project Management

Program Management and Project Management are interchangeably used by organizations to refer to various initiatives that they run. They may sound similar but there are quite a bit of distinct differences between the two. The differences must be well und

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Orangescrum Product Update Roundup - Take a Tour

April was yet another productive month with exciting feature releases. We always want users to have a great experience using Orangescrum.

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How Time Tracking Software’s are Dominating Timesheets

William Penn says, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

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European Agency Achieves CSAT Score of 4.5/5 with Orangescrum at Its ...

The Orangescrum team received an interesting use case from a major European agency (who are now our customers – yay!) a few quarters ago.They are a big organization with a complex hierarchy and a range of strategic & functional operational teams. They have

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Orangescrum Product Update: Manage Quick Links & Customize Your Left ...

Hello Orangescrummers! Here’s another good news for you all our cloud edition users. Now adjust Orangescrum to your expertise and needs by its ‘Quick Links’ & ‘Left Menu’ features. Easy navigation and left menu customization are in your hand.

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Slack Integration with Orangescrum Open Source Edition

Hello Orangescrumers! We’re introducing Slack integration with Orangescrum for the Open Source edition . Now you can send instant notifications to Slack from Orangescrum for all your task and project activities.

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Managing Project Proposals: A Practical Guide

All project or client proposals start with two things; requirement overview and the cost . The entire journey forward is defined by how these two aspects are handled by the client and the service provider.

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What You Should Know About AI in Project Management

According to a forecast by Gartner, artificial intelligence will take about 1.8 million jobs by 2020. However, it will also create 2.3 million jobs, which means that the impact of the growing popularity of AI will be rather positive. AI taking jobs from hu

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Avoid Project Failure with Task Management Tool

Is your desk messed up with thousands of sticky notes? Are you using Google sheets to manage your tasks and to-do lists?

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Top 8 Project Management Software Review Sites for 2019

Businesses that aren't using project management software yet are likely to do more work while getting less profit. It's because of the time wasted on juggling small tasks. If these tasks are properly taken care of, you and your team can have more time to f

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Budgeting & Cost Control

Cost is usually one of the first questions that come up in any project. Making a project budget is an important part of any project management. Various things are there to take into consideration while calculating a budget for the project like employee cos

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Project Manager!

Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has been creating a lot of fuzz the world over for the last couple of years. Organizations are in a race to outdo their competition & generate maximum benefits of being early adopters. Machi

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Dos and don’ts for a Project Manager

Project managers are the backbone of the day-to-day running of many businesses. They are at the forefront of bring out the best from the people, process and technology at their disposal. From managing organization resources, defining procedures to keeping

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Orangescrum Product Update New ‘User Role Management’ Feature For Clo...

Hello, Orangescrummers, we are here with an update for all our cloud users. Orangescrum has released the new ‘User Role Management’ feature for its Cloud edition.

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The Future of Project Management Technology

Rapid technology improvement ensures increased efficiency and higher productivity in every business whether it is small or large. Here we will see how technology is scaling our business and project management in an altered way and what the future plans are

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Communication – Your Antidote to Project Stress! Orangescrum Tutorial

You can never put a value on Communication or the lack of it. Simply put it is invaluable and outright precious to every sphere of your life. More so when it comes to your work and professional success. Take a quick walk down memory lane and you will fi

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How to Cope up Stress at Workplace

“ Often in Business, your most important asset isn’t your clients; it’s your loyal employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients. ”

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What is good time tracking software for my employees

I would like to suggest Orangescrum the project management and time tracking software with advance features to maximize the productivity. Effortless and accurate time tracking and time log that works for you and your team. Resource utilization made easy

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What is the best time tracking software

According to your requirement and team size you can choose a time tracking software among best software’s.I would like to suggest Orangescrum the project management and time tracking software with advance features to maximize the productivity. Effortless

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