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Variety of Perspectives

Student engagement has been studied from a variety of perspectives. Sociologists, psychologists, and economists have offered competing operationalizations of the construct in the high school context. Some scholars even propose discipline-specific models of

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In a place as pluralistic, diverse, and open as the United States, democratic deliberation can be seen as an effective way to mend a balkanized nation and to work toward the public good. A deliberative democracy strives for a shared vision that gets beyond

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Accelerating the Process

This approach to essay writing evolved as the result of teaching academic essay writing to a group of foreign university students who were enrolled at the University of Southern California. An approach to writing referred to as the “Process Writing Approac

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Perspective of Writing Skills

When a balance of assessment types is used, the amount of time available for each type becomes even more limited. In the SAT II writing assessment, for example, only 20 minutes of the one-hour test is allowed for the essay. If the entire test were free-res

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Critical Thinking

Thinking and critical thinking are two different terms. According to Alfaro- LeFevre, thinking refers to any mental activity whereas critical thinking is controlled and purposeful, and using well- reasoned strategies to get the needed results. Ennis elabor

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