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There are two kinds of people. Those that exploit their passions. And those that dont. What does that mean?

I’ve been asking people to write back to me with their passions and skills. And many of you have. In most cases people are interested in turning that passion into a nice little side gig. Something that can make money as they sleep even.

It does not matter what your passion is. It could be plumbing or programming. The way to get exposure and make money for it is to put yourself out there.

You have to put yourself out there.

I’m thinking of installing a pressure pump so it can get to my new underground water tank. Maybe 50 videos later, I knew all about how to connect it up and what I needed.

I’m also a programmer in my day job. The best advice is generally from some other programmer’s blog that walked me through the problem or taught me how to use a new technology.

Both those people put themselves out there.

When seeking new employment, the programmer merely has to point to her blog - which she updates every few weeks. There’s no discussion, she’s getting hired mostly on the strength of that blog.

While the plumber operates locally, if he wants to give references to a new doubtful customer, he can show his channel on his smartphone on his next visit.

If you have a passion, put yourself out there.

The last email I got today, was from someone who likes to write inspiration quotes.

My advice to her was to start posting them on her blog and social media accounts in a nice format. Every couple of days at least. Start a mailing list where members get the latest quotes first.

After she builds up a good amount of quotes (around 100), put the best quotes in an e-book. Make some posters or cards. Advertise these on her blog and mailing list and social networks.


Making money from your passion requires some work – but its not an art, its a repeatable science, and it starts when you put yourself out there.

If your passion is not out there, it really, does not exist.