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You can wear any color you want, after all, what matters is the advocacy and set of principles your group is fighting for. But color does help in making your group more recognized and to have more people aware of what you do. A lot of women groups use the purple color because it’s the official color of International Women’s Day. You can’t go wrong with purple in making your statement because it’s a color that is known worldwide to represent women. Green is also a great color for a women’s group. Not only does it stand for hope, it can also double its purpose as a color to represent your group’s environmental advocacies. Pink is another color that you might consider for your group tees. Pink is often associated with something feminine, and it can also mean youth and health. If you’re a group of young women whose main advocacies are on helping children, volunteering for various causes – pink is a great color. Teejac Sports has pink hooded tops that will definitely help your group get noticed. These hooded tops also come in purple, and what’s great about these hoodies is that you can have your logo embroidered!