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Yesterday I was talking to a group of young women under 20.

And something that came up, was the need to find someone to give their hearts away to. Some of them had their hearts already broken and had one child.

So I asked them, “how are you going to give your heart away when you have not already charted the direction of your lives?”

Too many of us want to give what we have – but in reality, we have nothing to give – at least not yet.

Become a strong person first. Find your passion. Decide what you want to do. And then and only then, you can share your heart.

Not give it away.

Because without you being strong first. Without you being on a path. Without you finding the things you are passionate about. Giving your heart away is only going to put your life in the hands of someone who pushes you in whatever direction that they want.

And when the relationship inevitably ends (as most do), you’ll find that you did not grow.

Be strong first. Then give your heart. Your relationship will be better for it. If not, you’ll end up being resentful of your partner as he or she lives their dream with you on the sidelines.

Now who wants that?