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Yesterday a reader emailed me with their passion. It was cooking and they were a foodie. Here’s what I wrote to the reader.

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Cooking is great! But its a crowded field, how do you stand out?
What are the problems that everyday people have?
How can you solve those problems?

I’m a single dad.

This means I have a 12 year old daughter and myself to cook for every day. I make her fend for herself most of the time and she does ok — but I’m worried about her nutrition.

What if someone could send me recipes (via email) that I could cook for my daughter each day. I’d really love that and share it with my friends.

Once you build up a good number of recipes about “cooking for kids”, you can write the “Cooking for Kids” book. You can put ads on your blog.

Just imagine how cool if I could open my twitter account today and see a little image card with a nice, handy recipe posted there (and in Facebook). Example:

Crap, you’d get a ton of followers. Especially if you made it the same height of a typical smartphone so they can just take the phone and go into the kitchen with it. Or even print it out and paste it up on the refrigerator.

A lot of the cooking shows and recipe books also do not tell us how to shop. What staples to buy. I think that’s crazy.

What if you could prepare shopping lists?

Recently Blue Apron got wildly successful by mailing ingredients and recipes for meals. They’re making a ton of money to this segment of people who would like to cook, but don’t want to worry about what to cook and buying the ingredients.

Provide a shopping list for once a week or month. Then have recipes that go EXCLUSIVELY with the stuff that you bought from that list.

On top of all of that. Setup a mailing list, so your subscribers can get the monthly shopping list, and the list of weekly recipes.

It’s a lot of work, but you can make good money — I’d pay for the “premium” package just so I’m not confused when I face the kitchen or go to the supermarket.

You have to put yourself out there in a convenient, easily accessible, simple way.

Or nothing will happen.


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