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With the latest digitalisation trends, a well-designed website is an absolute must for any eCommerce. This scenario has given a rise in the demand for web designers thus increasing the scope for students who are pursuing web designing these days.

While the written tasks can be taken care of with the assistance of assignment help companies, what does not have a shortcut is the practical process of designing a site.

However, students can use some strategies given by some of the best web designers who also happen to provide Australian assignment help to the designing students. These tips are sure to be helpful to beginners so that they do not have to search for any assignment help services that can help them design a website.

Soothing Colour Combination

Every good website designer designs on a grayscale first and then adds colour to the elements within the layout gradually. Students who are designing a website for the first time must remember this too. They should opt for a layout and a colour scheme that is unique and visually aesthetic.

Simple Navigation

Remember: the simpler the navigation, the better it is. A website that has many layers is usually complicated to use which in turn brings less traffic to the site. So, students must use more straightforward layouts for the website that has minimal navigation involved. They should make it a point to use as few drop-down menus as possible. The menu links on the website page should also include just the vital items that the visitors mostly need to use – the about page, the Home page and the Contact page.

A Clean Layout

A simple and lucid layout is crucial for a good website. Therefore, students who are going to design a site for the first time must choose a layout that does not look too crowded. They should avoid using too many search boxes or buttons. Flashy banners and graphics are a strict no-no, and they should not use sliding carousels either.

Easy-to-understand Font

The font used on the website is vital. Students must select a font that is easily readable. The font size should not be too small so that the viewer does not have to zoom in to read what is written. The font used for the headings and important blocks should be more prominent as compared to the rest of the content so that it grabs the attention. Some of the fonts that beginners can use on a web layout are Calibri, Arial, Cambria and Times New Roman.

Minimal Content

Good content is the essence of a good website. Students must make sure that the content is aligned perfectly so that the website does not look too clumsy. Students should also keep in mind that a site that has a lot of content on it does not receive traffic. So, they should opt for graphics to denote content. Students can get assignment writers or content creators to write the material for a site.

Practical assignments are very different from the written assignments that are given to web designing students of Australia. However, the above tips for a practical assignment will help the beginners to design a website like a professional designer and score better grades in their practical exams.

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