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With a rise in the ecommerce industry and technology taking the lead creating a platform for the businesses to thrive and stay connected to it's stakeholders and clients through the web. Business remaining alongside with advancement in technology is not easy as a pie. Hence it is vital to associate with an internet security provider. Disregard of being a business owner or an individual the security provided to your website should be perfect and complete to defy and deny any hacker's interference. When it comes to secure business website, business owners are not only liable to secure their website and critical sensitive information but also be responsible for to build customer trust. This can be ensured only when there is a right SSL certificate to protect the website information that are communicated between the website and user

SSL Certificates to build online security

SSL Certificates also called Digital Certificates, binds a cryptography key digitally to the entity's details. When SSL Certificates are installed on a web server, it triggers the padlock and the HTTPS protocol, which then initiates a secure connection between a web server and a web browser. The SSL connection secures all the transactions that deals with important data like financial information.

The main objective of SSL is to secure the web connections and to protect sensitive information that are transmitted across the internet and ensures that the information can be only viewed by the recipients. The SSL Certificates are provided by the Certificate Authority to individuals or organizations by validating the identity. SSL encrypts a connection between the server and the browser. This gives space for communicating private information without eavesdropping or any other hassles. SSL underpins a server name, domain name and the identity of the organization.

When the website implements normal hypertext transfer protocol there is no encryption involved however with SSL certificate there is an encryption involved through HTTPS protocol which changes the address bar turn green.

The visitor can see a padlock sign on browser. There is a trust mark that is available for the visitors to check if the entity is genuine as it provides the details of the organization and the CA which has delivered the SSL Certificate.


SSL Certificate helps to build customer trust and increase business revenue by folds. Choose the right SSL for your business and execute it with cogent tools for better business and happy customers