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Why you're poor

They’re many reasons why people are poor. Today we’re gonna focus on one of them.

It’s because you have a job.

I know, that sounds counter-intuitive, right?

But to really succeed, you need to have  2 or more streams of income. Your job is only one. You have not diversified. There’s only one paycheck. And I don’t mean working your ass off at 2 more jobs – many of us have parents or friends who do that and they just sleep through the weekends (if they’re not already working on the weekends).


We can do better. We have skills, we can start a side business.

Think of problems that people have, your friends have. Do you have a way to solve them? If you do, put a price on it and offer that service or product.

Don’t start with something expensive or hard to create. Start with something easy that you are easily capable of doing.

Need some ideas?

Email me with something that you can do, a skill you have and I’ll tell you how you can easily and cheaply turn that into a small business that’s better then getting another minimum wage job.

I’ve started answering a lot of emails like this recently. Just hit reply to get started. No cost. Confidential. Free.